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As the Liberals fund Islamic AFL & talk gay marriage, Bernardi swoops again

Christopher Pyne is celebrating the rise of the wets even as the Liberal Party implodes around him…

Waleed Aly credits 9/11 for his success

Waleed Aly has credited 9/11 for his success…

The Royal Australian Navy is advertising for ‘devout Muslims’

The Australian Defence Force is competing with the Islamic State for devout Muslims…

Halal certification – the unpalatable facts documentary

The Q Society’s must watch documentary on halal certification has gone viral – it’s already been viewed over 12,000 times.

Watch it now…

There are no rainbows in homosexual behaviour

There is a reason homosexual activists won’t describe homosexual behaviour.

Even they find it too disturbing to speak about publicly…

Off to court (again)

The High Court has granted leave to Gary Burns and New South Wales to challenge my win earlier this year in the New South Wales Court of Appeal.

So I’m off to court (again).

In the navy…

The Navy’s two largest ships won’t go and the $50 billion submarine program may be dead before it starts.

Not to worry. The Navy now has a ‘Diverse Sexuality Advisor’ and it’s holding weekly consultations across all naval bases about transgender policies…

Halal certification documentary to be released tomorrow evening

The much-anticipated documentary into halal certification will be available free and online on Friday evening…

Malcolm Turnbull’s Liberals are not conservative

On ABC radio today a left wing political commentator praised the Turnbull Liberals for being to the left of the Rudd and Gillard governments.

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