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Welcome to random certainty (or don’t mention Islam)

The official response to Islamic terrorism is insane.

And if it continues there will be an unofficial response. It will be a bloody mess.

What does Islam have to do with abortion?

A nation that has lost the confidence to have its own children will never withstand Islam…

I’ve been doing it wrong (part 1)

I’ve been doing it wrong.

Instead of conforming I believed in standards…

Please help

It is humbling to rely on the support of others.

And I need your help now.

Defence pulls advertising from Breitbart, focuses on LGBT communications

Defence is pulling advertising from Breitbart and other conservative websites but increasing strategic communications to LGBT communities because core values…

Beyond 18c

There’s no point repealing 18c if it will just send activist complainants into the arms of even worse state-based anti-discrimination bodies.

Graham Perrett, payments & Defence hypocrisy

Hypocrisy anyone?

Defence has signed-up a Labor politician while ‘ordering’ conservatives that it’s against policy for them to express political views – even privately. And then there’s the question of payments…

A difficult week

The first week of Lent has seen a number of legal decisions go against me. But the fight goes on.

Vale Bill Leak

Bill Leak died aged 61 today. His passing is Australia’s loss for he was a champion of freedom and thought.

Defence at war with our democracy

Uniformed political activity is unlawful. The Mardi Gras requires all participants to sign up to its political goals.

So why is the Australian Defence Force marching again in 2017?

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