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Where’s the ‘marital fidelity’ round?

The AFL is reeling after corporate adultery scandals.

Yet it is promoting homosexual marriage – even though over 10% of older homosexuals have more than 1,000 partners…

Why we need a strong minor conservative political party

The LNP looks set to adopt of policy partially banning Islamic immigration.

It shows that minor conservative parties are very important – they create debate and provide space for conservatives inside the LNP to act.

The Fun Police’s war on everything

We might be facing the decline of the West.

The ‘Fun Police’ have responded by proposing a ban on drinking straws, balloons and coffee cups…

Yassmin Abdel-Magied: Best we forget

Yassmin Abdel-Magied simply doesn’t understand Anzac Day.

She offended the nation on the day. And then she showed that she has no idea that it embodies a spirit of ‘never give up’ by running away.

Bury your head (or radicalise the military)

Two weeks ago I warned that the push to recruit ‘devout Muslims’ into the ADF was dangerous.

And we have just received more proof of that…

Desptaches from the Field: A warm-inner glow is better than real heat

When it comes to the ‘Left’ that warm-inner glow of moral vanity is more important than keeping the heaters on…

Losing like losers

Omar Khadr has hit the jackpot.

He might be a killer. But he was born in the West that hates itself…

Teaching Islam

The Australian National Curriculum does not have a subject for Christianity.

But work is underway to have it cover Islam…

Dancing as the world burns

Will the West survive?

Not if it outsources reproduction to others…

I have joined the Australian Conservatives

Many readers have asked if I have joined the Australian Conservatives.

The answer is yes (and Cory is coming to Queensland too)…

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