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Dealing with ‘The Stupid’

Dealing with the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board will probably give me PTSD…

Catching up…

I’ve been busy preparing for my legal challenge to the constitutional validity of anti-free speech laws in New South Wales and so haven’t been writing much lately.

But you’ll never guess who popped up in high heels the other day. It could not go without comment…

Eyes Left!

Defence’s new policy on political activity destroys all notions that the military is apolitical.

Swearing on the Koran

Salim Mehajer has taken ‘swearing on the Koran’ to all new levels…

Nothing to see here (or Bill Byrne’s a first class goose)

If politicians continue to wilfully ignore the link between Islam and murder, people will end up taking the law into their own hands.

Katter calling

Bob Katter has changed his tune on Islam but it is four years too late.

Homosexuality breeds contempt

The lid has been lifted on the homosexual community’s treatment of women.

And it is not pretty.

The Thought Police are the Fun Police

The Fremantle City Council is scrapping Australia Day and spending up big on a diversity celebration some other time.

Sounds like fun.

Siding with the feminists

The Women’s Liberation Front is going after the Tasmanian Equal Opportunity Commissioner.

And I back them 100%

Nagging edulactation

School kids are being asked to write about breasts. No wonder there is little appetite for grammar – even in the assignment hand outs.

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