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The Thought Police are the Fun Police

The Fremantle City Council is scrapping Australia Day and spending up big on a diversity celebration some other time.

Sounds like fun.

Siding with the feminists

The Women’s Liberation Front is going after the Tasmanian Equal Opportunity Commissioner.

And I back them 100%

Nagging edulactation

School kids are being asked to write about breasts. No wonder there is little appetite for grammar – even in the assignment hand outs.

The Diversity Police

The Thought Police are taking on all the big issues…

The ALA on hold; new opportunities ahead

The Board of the ALA has put the party on hold. However, this does not mean the Queensland campaign team is packing up. There are new fights ahead and opportunities to support our goals, particularly to defeat the rise of Islam in Australia.

Sold out

It’s time to ban foreign political donations. At the very least, it will end the unedifying appearance that our political leaders have sold out.

Stirring the pot…

According to the ‘Left’, I’m nasty for pointing out the truth behind the mechanics of homosexuality.

Meanwhile, they run emotional and baseless articles about my, ahem, masculinity. Apparently, that’s ‘progressive’.

I need your help

In the legal battle to defend free speech, money is the bullets.

I am running out of ammunition and need your help again.

GetUp! and Soros

Leaked documents reveal GetUps’ link with George Soros and his funding of open borders and Islamic immigration.

A do nothing government

Turnbull leads a do nothing government that takes its orders from the ABC instead of Australians.

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