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Freedom of speech: stand tall, or fall

I spoke about the concept of freedom of speech at two forums on the weekend.

Reclaim Australia speech

My speech to the Reclaim Australia rally on the Gold Coast.

15 things the Chief of Navy’s Islamic Advisor has to say

First Defence appointed an imam that publicly supports Hizb ut Tahrir.

Now the Navy’s Islamic Advisor claims the government should provide more mosques.

Transitioning to stupidity

Transgender, transabled and transracial are meaningless terms.

They demonstrate that society cannot handle truth or reality.

Hizb ut Tahrir sympathiser appointed as Defence Force imam

Apparently, the military would be more capable if it opened its doors to a community that fights for the enemy.

Halal certification and legal battle update

An update into the halal certification inquiry and legal battles I face.

Another son!

Thank you for all your support following the birth of our sixth son.

Mishka Gora’s Wellspring

Mishka Gora has featured on this webpage before for her defence of life an truth.

Now I interview her about her novel, Wellspring.

NCAT Deputy President has questions to answer

The NCAT appears to have serious problems in the division which handles homosexual vilification complaints.

History? No, just anti-Catholic bigotry

If the West is to regain its cultural pride, it must understand what really happened in the past, rather than relying on cultural vandals to tell the story.

Gold Coast Australian Liberty Alliance speech

The Australian Liberty Alliance held its first meeting in Queensland last night on the Gold Coast.

This is my speech.

The extent of the failure…

The truth is that Man Haron Monis should have never been allowed to walk...

Promoting Islam with taxpayer dollars

I wrote just last week about the exorbitant funds our government is...

Birds of a feather flock together

The Grand Mufti has some more questions to answer. Why was he hanging out...

There’s Turkey, and then there’s turkeys

According to the Guardian, Turkey has criticised Australia at the UN,...

Gold Coast Australian Liberty Alliance speech

The Australian Liberty Alliance held its first meeting in Queensland last night on the Gold Coast.

This is my speech.

The real Muslim Party has been at work for many years in Australia

The Labor Party is the real Muslim Party.

And Malcolm Turnbull wanted to join it.

Launch of the Australian Liberty Alliance

I am honoured to be the Australian Liberty Alliance Senate candidate for Queensland.

This is the speech I gave at the party’s launch.

Malcolm Bligh Turnbull: A profile in treachery*

Malcolm Turnbull has cheered the Greens and the Labor Party. But conservative Australians are as unimpressed now as they were a month ago.

Scrambling back aboard the Titanic

Turnbull’s only ever had one policy position: he should be PM.

It doesn’t say much for his colleagues that they believe voting for this self-interest would improve their polling. Instead, the Liberals are headed for disaster.

NCAT ruling protects freedom from LGBT attack


The NCAT has dismissed Gary Burns’ complaints against me.

A weapon most powerful

A surprising weapon was used to defeat the Islamic Caliphate at the Battle of Lepanto.

Tolerance police in action

The tolerance brigade brooks no dissent. If you oppose them, you will be referred to the police.

LGBTQandA: Feel the diversity and love

The homosexual movement claims to be about love and tolerance.

That claim is a lie.

Gay press applauds the sexual provocation of a young boy

It is no wonder that sensible parents want to keep their children from homosexuals.

From soapbox to spears

Adam Goodes will never grow up when the politically-correct elite pander to his offensive and intimidatory behaviour.

Reclaim Australia speech

Gold Coast Reclaim Australia speech.

Why is Junaid Thorne on bail?

Less than three months after the Lindt Cafe terrorist attack, Australia’s insane approach to bail is putting lives at risk.

Junaid Thorne has been released even though he is preaching violent Islamic jihad, and despite the fact that his supporters are practising what he preaches.

The ADF, Islam and Australian Values

Bernard Gaynor speaks about the ADF’s flawed understanding of Islam. Must watch.

Abortion in rape cases? Hear the truth from someone who knows

Abortion in rape cases. It is the premiere argument used by...

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