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A gay man states why he’ll vote no

Not all homosexuals support the redefinition of marriage. But it take courage to speak out.

One such courageous man has done just that.

Gaynor v CDF before High Court on Friday (and I need your help again)

Several articles have commented on the importance of my case against the Chief of Defence Force. It will hopefully clarify freedom of speech in Australia.

The High Court will hear argument on Friday to determine if it goes ahead.

If you can assist with prayers or a donation, I’d be most grateful…

Raising the White Ribbon

The Chief of Army was unable to answer questions about Iraq today. But he did give a speech about domestic violence.

And it was all part of an accreditation requirement for the pro-abortion lobby group, White Ribbon…

Koran memoriser new face of Defence recruiting

One of the faces of Defence’s latest recruitment campaign has travelled far and wide in uniform.

Including to Saudi Arabia to participate in a Koran memorisation contest…

Save Australia Day!

It’s not enough for the PC mob to demand ‘marriage equality’.

Now they’re after Australia Day too…

More evidence the push for female infantry is a failure

On the day the Chief of Army gives a speech to ‘combat’ domestic violence against women, it’s been revealed that the organisation he leads is putting females through training programs that see them injured at rates four times higher than men…

A female Indigenous soldier speaks her mind

Following revelations that Defence is prioritising women and Indigenous males in its recruitment processes, a female Aboriginal soldier speaks her mind.

Defence hierarchy would do well to pay attention…

The road to Sharia and polygamy

Redefine marriage for one minority and you will need to redefine it again for another.

That’s the lesson from Italy. Less than six months after homosexual marriage was legalised, it now faces a campaign for Islamic polygamous ‘marriage equality’…

Graham Perrett’s class…

Graham Perrett claims he is against the vile abuse of homosexuals.

The only problem is that he vilely abuses homosexuals (if they don’t support ‘marriage equality’…)

Eyes on Sydney – Muslims to vote yes to redefining marriage

Eyes on Sydney reports that the Islamic community is quietly being advised to back the ‘Yes’ vote to redefine marriage…

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