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These men have courage

Here come the Fun Police

Less than a week after the postal survey was announced, ‘Tranny Bingo’ has been banned.

No one is free from the clutches of the Fun Police…

I hold Bill Shorten responsible

Bill Shorten has a lot to answer for.

Even church vandals are mimicking him…

Bullecourt war grave saved

Dan Tehan deserves credit for helping to protect the unmarked graves of Aussie Diggers in France.

The planned wind farm at Bullecourt will no longer go ahead.

Why hasn’t the Abbott/Pell painter been charged?

It seems that a general state of lawlessness can be added to the consequences of ‘marriage equality’.

No charges have been laid against the man who depicted Tony Abbott and George Pell engaged in an indecent homosexual act, even though it breaches the New South Wales criminal code.

We now live in a world where there is equality of the law according to your sexual orientation…

The national security risk will only come if Pyne’s claim is not investigated.

Security clearance vetting checks sexual behaviour to determine trust and extortion risks.

So if Pyne’s claim that his ‘gay porn’ Twitter hack is untrue it does not magically make the Defence Industry Minister’s national security problems go away…

In dark times leaders stand tall (or Bernardi strikes back)

in dark days for conservatives, Senator Bernardi has shown leadership.

Encouragingly, it has been supported. A number of government ministers have backed him in parliament on abortion, White Ribbon, GetUp! and communism.

Investigate the Mincing Poodle’s hack

Here’s a tip for young players: if you’re going to ‘like’ gay porn on Twitter make sure you’re logged into your very personal account…

It’s day one of the campaign for Sharia marriage equality…

It’s already started and Australia brought this upon itself…

We’ve just given the barbarians control

We’ve given the barbarians the keys to the nation.

What follows will not be good…

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