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Some people claim that Islam is peaceful.

One of them is Ali Kadri, the Vice President of the Islamic Council of Queensland. Indeed, this is what he told the Courier Mail in 2014 about Islam in Queensland and its network of mosques:

“Our mosque and those around the nation are about peaceful co-existence.”

Very nice.

Strangely, however, Ali Kadri refused to sign a pledge stating that the violent verses of the Koran were not applicable today at a recent counter-extremism meeting he attended with several government representatives and Harry Richardson (the bestselling author of The Story of Mohammad).

A transcript of that meeting is available on the Pickering Post and part of it is detailed below:

Harry: So, we have a declaration here today for someone to sign and say that they understand that there are commands in the Quran which compel Muslims to kill, behead, crucify or commit unprovoked violence against non-Muslims, Jews, Christians, atheists or apostates from Islam. I fully, completely, unequivocally, 100% reject, and refuse to believe, practise or teach any of these commands. I believe these commands from Allah are not applicable, not relevant and should not be practised in any form in today’s world by anyone.

Signed: Witnessed Dated… Now we would like members of the Islamic community to sign this, just to say that they don’t believe that those commands…………….

Government Representative: Ok, so you do realise that a lot of the radicalisation is not from the masalas or the mosques. The radicalisation is online from children who are at home, that…..

Harry: Yes, I think so, so I’m hoping Mr Kadri would be happy to sign this

(This is when Ali dropped his bombshell. He looked me in the eye and said:)

Ali Kadri: Are you asking me to renounce Koran, is that what you are asking me?

Harry: I’m asking you to renounce the violence in the Koran

Ali Kadri: Are you asking me to declare that I don’t believe in my faith because you have obviously misinterpreted the Koran. Like the terrorists have.

And a little later in the meeting  this was said:

Harry: Do you believe that these verses are relevant today?

Ali Kadri: These verses are out of context, they are in a time and a place.

Harry: So, they are not relevant today?

Ali Kadri: They are in a time and a place and they are not relevant for Australia no.

Harry: Right, so you wouldn’t mind signing it then, because it says that you believe that these verses, that these commands from Allah are not applicable, not relevant and should not be practised in any form in today’s world by anyone. And no one should murder the unbelievers today.

Ali Kadri: Absolutely, nobody should,

Harry: Have you got a pen?

Ali Kadri: Again, again Harry, Harry, Harry……..

Harry: Hang on, I’ve got a pen here (reaching into bag)

Ali Kadri: You are asking me, do you think that declaration, or whatever (unclear) that declaration and me reading this and me signing it will solve the problem of terrorism?


So there we have it. A leading figure in the government’s counter-extremism program won’t sign a document stating that Islam’s violent teaching is no longer relevant or applicable today.

This should not come as a surprise.

After all, the Australian National Imams Council actually wrote to the parliament a few years ago complaining that laws prohibiting the advocation of terrorism infringed the free speech of the ‘moderate’ imams, muftis and mullahs they represent.

And if you have your eyes opened to Islam, it won’t be a surprise.

Unfortunately, for many others it won’t come as a surprise either. If they haven’t woken up by now to the reality of violence that is inherent within the largest ‘religion’ on this planet to have been started by a warlord, nothing will surprise at all.

Not even when the terrorist attacks get real personal…or if they are the product of the government’s ‘de-radicalisation’ program.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of eight children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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