18C complaint against Labor MP Linda Burney

Yesterday, Federal Labor MP, Linda Burney stated:

“It astounds me that the people that are advocating for the removal of 18C are basically white men of a certain age that have never experienced racial discrimination in their life.”

These words are clearly racist and they make offensive and insulting connotations about white men. So I have lodged a complaint of racial vilification with the Australian Human Rights Commission. And I expect Gillian Triggs to take it seriously.

Let’s start with Burney’s claim that white men opposing 18C have never experienced racial discrimination in their lives.

On this point, she is clearly wrong. In fact, a report stamped with the Department of Defence logo and released in 2013 states this about Anglo-Australian males and the large numbers of them who sign up to serve this nation (as I did):

“Such a demographic profile is no longer desirable or sustainable”

Yes. You read that correctly. A Department of Defence report states out loud and proud that it is undesirable for so many Anglo-Australian males to join the Australian Defence Force.

That government-sanctioned statement is discriminatory against all white men, regardless of whether they oppose 18C. It is also an insult to the many Anglo-Australian males who sacrificed themselves for Australia.

And with statements like that, I am prepared to bet that targeted persons are actually receiving enlistment bonuses to join the Australian Defence Force because they are either non-white or non-male. And I don’t make that bet idly because that is exactly what the ‘DiggerNet’ is reporting. But even if it’s a mere rumour, the words in that report are still racist and discriminatory against white males.

So all white men have experienced discrimination and similar discrimination is not hard to find in other government agencies, businesses, and in media reporting.

In fact, the entire PC world operates on the assumption that white men are somehow evil and to be removed from all positions of influence and power.

Linda Burney’s statement carries all sorts of other offensive and insulting connotations about white males.

It blatantly advocates for the complete disregard of the political views held by white males.

It even insinuates that white men are racist and for that reason oppose 18C.

And it is ageist and sexist to boot.

Further, it racially discriminates against non-white persons who oppose 18C. And there are many of them. Opposition to 18C is not a race thing; it’s a freedom thing.

Now, I want to make some points about my complaint.

Firstly, I hope it fails. In fact, like many other Australians, I will be cheering when the Australian Human Rights Commission is finally abolished and such complaints can no longer be made. I hope that this complaint will assist in the process of highlighting why 18C is such an inherently bad law.

But it must fail for the right reason.

It should fail because Linda Burney should be free in our democratic nation to make such statements, regardless of the offence they cause. If she wants to build political support by opposing white males, then our democracy should let her. And voters, rather than an activist human rights organisation, should cast judgement on her political leadership.

In other words, this complaint should fail not because it is deemed trivial but because it is deemed that 18C itself is an unlawful law that infringes the implied constitutional protection of freedom of political communication.

However, just because I hope this complaint fails does not mean that I am not taking it seriously either. And it is not a trivial complaint under the parameters of 18C. It is also a litmus test of Gillian Triggs and the activists running the Australian Human Rights Commission.

That brings me to my second point: if we are to live in a nation with laws like 18C, then they must protect everyone equally.

At the moment they are used as a political weapon against those who express conservative views. And as there is no guarantee that Malcolm ‘Other Priorities’ Turnbull will actually do anything to dismantle the political police force that goes with these laws, then conservatives must start doing whatever they can to even out the playing field.

The sad reality is that activists believe that these laws are only there to protect them.

They have built a narrative where they are the only ever victims.

They have crafted a story in which only their emotions count, and where the only emotion conservatives can be labelled with is hate.

All of this has occurred because conservatives, for understandable reasons, decided that they would not contest the world of human rights. In effect, this has allowed them to be stripped of human rights altogether.

It’s time to fight back and end this one-sided game. That’s why I lodged this complaint.

It’s all well and good for the Australian Human Rights Commission to accept complaints from Aboriginal women and against white males. But will this same commission accept complaints from white males against Aboriginal women?

Who knows, is the best answer I can give at the moment. When I find out more, I’ll let you know too…


UPDATE: Cartoonist Paul Zanetti has also lodged a complaint against Linda Burney and it seems he was even quicker off the mark than me, writing this earlier today:

This morning at 7:30am AEST, I lodged a formal complaint with the Australian Human Rights Commission against the Labor MP Linda Burney for public comments she made yesterday designed to intimidate, humiliate, offend and insult myself, and very likely others, on the basis of my sex, race, colour and age.

Paul goes on to write:

If you’ve also experienced racial discrimination in your life, and you’re opposed to section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act, and you’re a white, middle aged male, I encourage you to google ‘Australian Human Rights Commission Complaint form’.

You can easily do it on your phone while waiting for a bus, train, Uber ride, in line at the supermarket checkout, in your GP waiting room, during TV ads…fortunately the AHRC has made the complaint process a very quick, painless, simple exercise.

It takes just minutes to click, fill and submit.

I encourage you to take advantage of it.

After all, this is what Racial Discrimination Commissioner has publicly advocated we all do if we’re offended.

There’s no cost and an officer of the AHRC will contact you shortly to assist you.

Read his full article here.

(Thanks to readers Henry and Robert).

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of eight children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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