Guest post: The price of freedom is eternal vigilance

As readers may be aware, the Bendigo Mosque has recently been approved, despite strong community opposition.

The local government has been supported in its decision to ignore its duties towards the people of Bendigo by corporate entities, the main culprit being the Bendigo Bank. It pretends to be a diverse and tolerant organisation, but shut down the accounts of the the local concerned citizens group because it exercised its democratic right to oppose a building application.

This post from Melodious Ocean highlights how Bendigo Bank is now in the business policing thought.

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If you would like more information about the proposed mosque in Bendigo, please visit this Facebook site.


On 18th July 2014, 250 Bendigo Bank employees ‘gathered out the front of the Bendigo Bank building holding colourful balloons and signs of letters that spelled out ‘#It stops with me Bendigo’.”