2016 starts with a bang!

Well, I guess it’s fair to say that 2016 has started with a bang.

In just the first week of the year, Conservative Australia has been able to (1) expose publicly the truth about one of the most undeserving finalists ever for the award of the Australian of the Year, and (2) shut down pro-Islamic propaganda within the Australian Defence Force. This comes after the Federal Court ruled in December against the Chief of Defence Force for his decision to sack me for my private political views.

Shindy McGregor

The ‘golden gals’ of the Defence Force have both come unstuck in the last week. Transgender officer, Cate McGregor, is unlikely to be awarded Australian of the Year for his abusive behaviour, while the Chief of Navy’s Islamic Advisor has been stopped from using Navy resources to promote pro-Islamic political views.

The first cab off the rank was the front page revelation in The Australian on 2 January that the Australian Defence Force was prepared to pay $25,000 for the unacceptable behaviour of transgender officer, Cate McGregor.

McGregor publicly abused my father. In just one example, McGregor tweeted the Chief of Defence Force in mid-2013 to claim that my father, who has served this nation for almost 40 years and deployed to East Timor and Afghanistan, has defective DNA. It was a surprising turn of words from a bloke who believes that he is a woman trapped in a man’s body.

But it’s not surprising that my father complained about McGregor. The Chief of Defence Force received McGregor’s tweets and promptly sacked me.

And then, after my father’s complaint was lodged, McGregor was ‘counselled’ and just as promptly promoted. This occurred even though the Defence investigation found that McGregor had engaged in unacceptable behaviour towards my father. This investigation also found that my father did not provoke this abuse, and nor did he respond.

And then my father was ridiculed and ostracised by the chain of command because he referred to McGregor as a man in his complaint about McGregor’s conduct.

Undeterred by the PC pressure, my father pursued his complaint, demanding to know why the disciplinary action against McGregor was weak, limp and flaccid. Taxpayers will be pleased to know that Defence now believes it is more efficient not to take disciplinary action against abusive behaviour like that displayed by McGregor and to instead offer large sums of money in order to buy silence.

I suppose the effectiveness of this tactic was on display on the front page of The Australian shortly after the offer arrived.

I also suppose that the chain of command should be given some sympathetic understanding for not using the disciplinary system against McGregor. Quite simply, it was too busy laying charges against me for my private political and religious beliefs. And they kept failing, which kept the chain of command busy finding new, agile and innovative ways of turfing me out of service. They were just a little too agile and innovative for the Federal Court, which is why it overturned the Chief of Defence Force’s action against me.

It’s also not surprising that my father referred to McGregor as a man.

These are the words spoken by McGregor, while in uniform, when he appeared on the ABC’s One Plus One program in late 2013:

“I don’t consider myself a woman.”

Then, just to clarify it further, McGregor said:

“I haven’t been gendered the way women who have lived their entire lives have been gendered.”

McGregor later told The Australian Women’s Weekly in January 2014 that he agrees he has male chromosomes and he isn’t a woman, but just lives as one (whatever that means). He also went on to state that he will not change his birth certificate because his parents gave birth to a little boy. In what must also be a first in the proud history of the Australian Defence Force, a photo of McGregor in uniform also appeared right next to a paragraph respectfully explaining that if McGregor ever gets a vagina, it won’t be self-lubricating, but that at least he may one day be able to sit down to use the toilet.

McGregor - Women's Weekly

An excerpt from the profile run by the Australian Women’s Weekly on Cate McGregor in January 2014.

And then it was reported in the Herald Sun, specifically after McGregor clarified a story about Defence funded sex-change operations (whatever they are), that he had not had any sex change surgery. That story came out late in 2015.

If McGregor doesn’t think he’s a woman, then it seems a little strange that Defence has ordered my father to pretend that he is. And all credit to my father for enduring ignominy and persecution in silence for over two years because he refused to participate in a lie.

I have written extensively about this farcical situation many times previously. And it is farcical from top to bottom, not least of all for the fact that McGregor is now one of eight people in the running to be named Australian of the Year.

In normal circumstances, the revelations about McGregor would probably mean that his chance of being named Australian of the Year sits somewhere between Buckleys and none. And let’s all pray that this is the case. The last thing Australia needs right now is an Australian of the Year who is also unapologetically pushing the barrow for Islam, as McGregor did in this article just a few days ago.

However, we don’t live in normal times, hence the fact that McGregor was nominated in the first place.

In fact, there can be little doubt that the Australian of the Year award is being used to promote a farcical and hypocritical political agenda.

McGregor is the Queenslander of the Year. Former Chief of Army, David Morrison, is the Australian Capital Territory winner. And former Sex Discrimination Commissioner, Liz Broderick, won out in New South Wales.

All of them are closely connected in this farce.

Morrison is there because he gave a speech in which he claimed that the standard you walk past is the standard you accept. McGregor is there because he wrote that speech. And Broderick is there because she worked closely with both to improve ‘respect’ for ‘females’ in Defence (I use the word female in its inclusive-of-males sense).

In other words, the former Chief of Army gained accolades for ‘respecting women’ by reading the words of a person who thinks that men can be just as female as the ladies. He then talked tough about ruthlessly ridding the Army of abusers, only to do nothing about the abuser who was standing right next to him – McGregor – who, shortly after writing that speech, decided to abuse my father. And all of this occurred under the watchful eye of the Sex Discrimination Commissioner.

Not even George Orwell could make this stuff up.

In the other news of interest, it has been widely publicised over the last few days that Captain Mona Shindy has been counselled and the @navyislamic twitter account has been shut down.

Captain Shindy decided that it would be a good idea to retweet abuse of the next-probable Prime Minister of The Netherlands, Geert Wilders; attack the Australian Liberty Alliance; go to town on former Prime Minister, Tony Abbott; and claim that a mufti who condemns the phrase Merry Christmas always speaks wisdom. And she did all of this from an official Royal Australian Navy Twitter account.

I am proud that the Australian Liberty Alliance has defended Australia from a politicised military. Defence Minister Marise Payne cannot say the same thing. She has allowed Defence resources to be used against the Australian Liberty Alliance and Tony Abbott. It is disgraceful.

There is much more to come in this story and Defence’s response will ensure that.

It won’t give a straight story about what happened and it is defending Shindy’s sinking ship. It refuses to admit that she did any wrong, even as it is running from the Twitter account she operated. It’s hypocritical and I mean every word I spoke to Channel 7 on this issue: if I had been a Muslim, I probably would have been promoted.

But it’s clear that in this battle, the Australian Liberty Alliance has blasted a significant victory over the politicised and pro-Islamic Defence Force hierarchy. Stay tuned for more to come.

Tweet anti-ALA

Captain Shindy’s statement about the Australian Liberty Alliance and Geert Wilders. Defence has shut down this account but it still refuses to accept that Shindy did anything wrong. This story is not over yet.


The views expressed in this post are my personal political views and are made in response to political activity (which includes politically correct activity) within the Australian Defence Force that has been reported been reported publicly and is now part of public debate. I make these comments as the Australian Liberty Alliance Senate candidate for Queensland so that all Queensland voters can understand my views and make an informed choice when they vote at the next election.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of eight children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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