Now Garry Burns wants the taxpayer to bail him out

The Australian today is reporting that Garry Burns has asked the New South Wales government (that would really mean you) to pay for his legal costs:

Serial litigator Garry Burns wants taxpayers to foot the bill for his failed High Court action under NSW anti-discrimination laws against two interstate residents.

In April, the High Court unanimously dismissed an ­appeal from Mr Burns, who had been seeking to pursue Queensland-based former army officer Bernard Gaynor and former Victorian political candidate Tess Corbett in the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

The action was part of a campaign by Mr Burns that included more than 100 complaints to the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board against people who had made public homophobic comments.

The High Court ruled that under the Constitution, state tribunals that did not have the status of a court could not resolve disputes between people from different states. In doing so, it upheld a unanimous ruling from the NSW Court of Appeal, and made a costs order against Mr Burns.

Mr Burns wrote to NSW ­Attorney-General Mark Speakman last week arguing he could not afford to pay a $575,000 bill he had been hit with after losing his High Court challenge.

In an email to Mr Speakman last week he said: “In relation to the High Court costs my lawyers have written to the Crown Solicitor’s Office asking that office to cover those costs because I don’t have the funds of $575,000 to pay those costs and as this was litigation in the public interest those costs should be covered by the CSO.”

He said his actions were “public interest litigation where I’m seeking remedies to promote tolerance and understanding of ­homosexuals and not seeking personal compensation”.

Mr Gaynor, a conservative blogger, has so far been the ­subject of about 36 homosexual vilification or victimisation complaints lodged by Mr Burns with the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board, resulting in at least 18 NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal cases, and litigation in the NSW Local Court, Supreme Court, Court of Appeal and High Court.

He has spent more than $200,000 fending off the legal complaints and has been forced to sell his house.

Mr Gaynor said he would be pursuing cost orders where he had received them, but it was “outrageous” Mr Burns expected NSW taxpayers to “bail him out” because his litigation had been unsuccessful.

Who knows? Perhaps Burns might be successful. After all, the New South Wales taxpayer has already stumped up millions over the past four years to find the New South Wales Anti-Discrimination Board to oversee this farce.

Indeed, therein lies the real problem. It is not an obsessive serial litigant who clearly lacks the self-control or awareness to live normally in this society. It is the ‘Thought Police’ that are happy to use and abuse him for their own ends.

The more complaints Burns lodges the more money and power the Board has. And when Burns is all used up and discarded? They’ll just find another loser to abuse.

The only way these sort of scandals won’t occur again in the future is if the ‘Thought Police’ have to pay up themselves for the mess they’ve created…

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of eight children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. I have consulted the tea leaves this morning and I do not see the PC Apparatus of the government being made to pay costs awarded to failed LGBTwhatever Offensives against the Australian heterosexual population, such as Garry Burns was enabled to conduct.

    Somewhere Over the Rainbow, if Our Betters in the government, such as the CSO are forced to wear it, they will just stick it to the Australian taxpayer selectively. According to my reading, none of the Muslim enablement and preference funding for their jihad will be cut back for the failed LGBT Offensive tab. Pensioners who now pay $.50 on the dollar for every dollar they earn over subsistence will get to foot the bill with a tax increase.

    Unfortunately, this issue is about sex, politics and religion.

    All major political parties have contributed more than their fair share to the construction of the extra legal PC Apparatus.

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