A boy can’t be a girl

Over the weekend came the sad news that a young boy, living on Southeast Queensland, is dressing as a girl and heading off to school.

It has become news because the boy’s mother is upset that he can’t use the girls’ bathroom.

This story is sad for so many reasons.

Firstly, this little boy himself, is troubled. His mother admits to his problems at school and difficulties with Asperger’s Syndrome.

Unfortunately, going to school in dresses and calling yourself a girl is not a real treatment for anything. It is an imaginary treatment. An attempt to escape from reality.

This little boy’s father lives apart from his child, too. However you think about this situation, this is also very sad. It is always a tragedy when children and parents are separated. For all involved.

The mother also confesses to sadness. She says she has lost her son. No doubt, she loves her child and wants what is best for him. But supporting this ‘treatment’ is not going to help the situation.

Then there are the teachers. How can you teach a child the reality of the world when his own family denies it? It is bizarre that the teachers have been put in a situation where they are expected to treat a young boy as if he was a girl. It is also an impossible thing to achieve.

For a boy is not a girl. He never can be one, and no amount of manipulation of the truth will ever make him one.

And a boy should not use the girls’ bathroom. This is where it is sad for the other parents and children involved.

What parent would be happy to allow their daughters to share school bathrooms with a troubled boy? And every parent of a child in Grade 4 knows that soon afterwards they will be in Grade 5 and quickly approaching puberty.

If it is not a recipe for disaster, it is a mixture that will bring discomfort, confusion, trouble and further misery.

No doubt, the taxpayer will take a hit as well. Just like they already are with the Australian Defence Force’s crazy policy to fund ‘sex-change’ operations. Now this school will probably be required to build or establish a new toilet facility for one perfectly functional little boy.

While the media loves spinning stories about troubled men who wind up as well adjusted women, the actual truth is much different.

Walt Heyer should know. He was born a man, underwent a sex-change operation and supposedly lived as a woman. But he eventually accepted the fact that his surgery didn’t change his masculinity and that the only things that changed were the words on his documentation and medical records.

He realised the whole thing was a fraud. It was only after this that he was able to find happiness.

Walt was also lucky. As he writes, over 30 per cent of people like him commit suicide. The number of those who have attempted to do so reaches closer to 50 per cent.

This is an untold tragedy.

Walt also writes that it is the media who are largely responsible for perpetuating this tragedy because they refuse to publish the reality that many, many people who undergo a ‘sex-change’ operation end up abandoning the fraud. There is an extensive list of sad examples on his website.

Those who don’t often end up taking their lives.

Obviously, if someone has trouble accepting their gender, they need help. Providing them with a lie and a fraud is not going to substitute for reality and will only prolong or increase their suffering.

Unfortunately for this little boy, it seems like he is headed down this destructive path.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of eight children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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