Andrew Hastie should be Defence Minister

The Defence ministry has been a political suicide vest for years. It’s the place where dud politicians go to die.

And Marise Payne is proving that rule.

She has brought absolutely nothing to the role and the only reason she is there is because it was the price Malcolm Turnbull paid for her support during the anti-Abbott coup. But her time is almost up and she will rise no further.

Payne might have helped get Turnbull to The Lodge. But she is not helping to keep him there. Her performance has been lackluster (and that’s being charitable). She is the Defence Minister who is prioritising sex-change operations, genderless officer cadets and female-only recruitment at a time when major capabilities such as the tank landing ships, joint strike fighters and helicopters are failing.

We continue to face serious threats in the Middle East and now from North Korea. Australia cannot afford yet another useless factional warrior or PC warlord running the military. The attitude towards this important role must also change and the government needs to get serious on Defence.

Our nation needs a competent politician to be the Minister for Defence. One with military experience and courage.

That person is Andrew Hastie.

He should be put in that role now.

The only reason Turnbull won’t do it is if he is more concerned about putting his own factional self-interest ahead of the national interest.

Here is Andrew Hastie yesterday tearing apart the PC policies within Defence:

And here is Hastie in The Weekend Australian doing it again:

Former SAS commander ­Andrew Hastie has criticised the Australian Defence Force for spending more than $1 million on treatment for staff experiencing gender dysphoria, and revealed he left the military because of ­“aggressive social engineering”.

The West Australian Liberal MP, who was an army officer ­before entering parliament, said taxpayers should not have paid for 27 ADF personnel who underwent sex changes and treatment for gender dysphoria over the past five years.

“The ‘no fail’ mission of the Australian Defence Force is to win Australia’s wars,” Mr Hastie told The Weekend Australian. “I do not see how these surgeries ­enhance our war-fighting capability as a nation. It’s a bad joke. Why is the ADF now a ­vehicle for radical social engineering?”

In a speech delivered to the Defence Christians Dinner last month, Mr Hastie said he left the force because of its support for “social engineering”.

“I repudiate the aggressive ­social engineering that has been taking place in the ADF, particularly in the army,” Mr Hastie said.

“The military is no place for the latest academic fad or trendy political orthodoxy. We have lives at stake every time we send our people in the field. Commanders particularly need to be clear-eyed about the threats they face and how they can defeat them.”

If political correctness is forcing SAS veterans out of the Australian Army, our nation has a serious problem. And we need a man like Andrew Hastie to be given the power to fix it.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of eight children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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