Build your own bloody schools and leave ours alone

The ALP and their not-so-buddy buddies on the radical left, The Greens, have used a federal senate committee to continue their attack on Christian schools.

The committee recommended that Christian organisations should no longer be free to only hire employees who themselves are Christian. In other words, the government led by Australia’s most-loathed atheist, Julia Gillard, has moved a step closer to forbidding Christian schools from being Christian.

Let us remember what happened last month, when I was roundly condemned for daring to suggest the education system was headed in this direction. There was plenty of frothing at the mouth over my unwillingness to send my children into the care of a gay teacher for the better part of each school.

Apart from the hatred, death threats and wishes for general ill-health, many other truly juvenile responses were flung my way. Some retorted, for instance, that I had no right to say gay people couldn’t teach (I never said that). Others offered this advice: I should send my kids to a Catholic school.

All of which is to say that most ignored my slightly-longer-than-140-character explanation on this blog that formed the basis of my tiny tweet.

I already send my kids to a Catholic school and I do so precisely because I know the teachers there and because this Catholic school actually teaches the Catholic faith.

As a parent, this is how I exercise discretion over who is fit to teach my children and mould them into productive members of society.

Now the government is planning to take away my right to be able to send my kids to a school with Catholic teachers and Catholic values.

For all those who pooh-poohed my statements about attacks on Christian schools as some kind of conspiratorial over-reaction, now we have proof that I was right and they were wrong.

Unfortunately, I don’t expect I will receive any apologies in the near future. That is because those who attacked me actually want to see the destruction of the Catholic school system.

I have a suggestion for The Greens and the left wing of the ALP and their loony supporters. How about they take their nose out of my school and, instead of trying to change it to suit their values, why don’t they build their own schools.

I really think they should. When I googled ‘Catholic schools Australia’ today, there were heaps of results. Just like when I looked up Catholic hospitals. It seems that, despite all easy criticism of the Catholic Church, it has been busy helping to educate children and assist sick Australians for some time.

But when I plugged in ‘secular schools Australia’ I got crickets. I can only imagine that the loud-mouthed progressive movement in this country is not into practical results like Catholics are.

If they did take my advice and start a local committee to form a school, the intolerant bleeding hearts would need to get used to a few things along the way.

Fortunately for them, they would qualify for government education grants. That is a bonus. Unfortunately they would also have to dig into their own pockets. The government doesn’t fund private schools to the same extent they do the public system and they don’t provide a tax rebate for private school fees either. I guess the private education system is win-win-win for bureaucracy and the treasury. Better results, more efficient service and parents pay up on their own as well.

After they get over that hip-pocket hit, the new-found members of an actual school P&F would have to deal with the greater requirement for parents to stump up their time. You see, the Bunnings barbeques and school fetes are necessary to keep school fees down and to raise funds to pay for classroom renovations and air-conditioners that the taxpayer won’t.

Finally, these new-age community education volunteers might find the time to develop their own whale-friendly, carbon-neutral, gender-non-specific curriculum that conveniently neglects any mention of God. I would think they are wrong but I wouldn’t get in their way.

Why can’t they do the same with Christians?

The answer is simple and staring us in the face: They don’t want Christian schools.

End of story.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of eight children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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