Cate McGregor threatens me with bankruptcy

Yesterday I wrote about Andrew Bolt. And I highlighted some truths about Australia’s most prominent transgender cheer leader, Cate McGregor.

He sent me this message a short time ago:

Have had surgery Bernard. But facts don’t matter to a mind poisoned by hate do they Pharisee? I wonder how much of your tendentious nonsense you actually believe? The long litany of couch fainting complaints about my sins against you and your soft couch fainting daddy ( Mum) is amusing to me now. You have no capacity to hurt my feelings. You have failed at everything that matters in your life and will be bankrupt with a large family in due course.You and Maguire started this totally unprovoked. Then squealed when I retaliated. And your father was compensated for hurt feelings. Soft. Always has been always will be. The latest diatribe merely shows me how obsessed with me you are. At AA they call it
Living in someone’s head rent free. I am running you like a herd. And you are of no consequence to me. Look at trajectory of our lives since you declared war on me? I’m happy and going from strength to strength. And you keep losing elections. Do your worst. You will never sit in an Australian Parliament. And bankruptcy beckons. Good luck. I mean it. You’re a really sad sad case. Catherine McGregor

And he followed it up with this:

Don’t reply champ. I’m blocking you. And handing the inference that like Chelsea Manning I’m a traitor to Senior Counsel. Xx

McGregor’s not the first person to threaten me with bankruptcy. He’ll need to take a card and sit in line behind New South Wales’ most offended homosexual and serial complainant, Garry Burns.

And, just like Burns, McGregor seems to think that threats of throwing my wife and seven children onto the street will make me run and hide. He should think again.

McGregor’s words speak for themselves. But some points need making.

Firstly, my father was not compensated for ‘hurt feelings’. Defence chose the soft option of paying up because it could not bring itself to do what it should have done and charge McGregor with breaches of the Defence Force Discipline Act. After all, Defence threw the book at me. And when the pages stopped turning the judgment was that I had no case to answer.

Why were they not prepared to place McGregor under the same scrutiny?

Like McGregor, I think this situation is outrageous. Taxpayers are entitled to know why Defence will cough up taxpayer dough instead of disciplining senior officers who disobey lawful general orders. I’d be more than happy for this scandal to be investigated.

Secondly, I have never stated, insinuated or implied that McGregor is a traitor. They are entirely his words. And my article made it very clear yesterday that McGregor was probably seen by people like Andrew Bolt as a far better person to promote the transgender cause.

However, McGregor has written to me in the past to claim that I ‘cannot accept orders from legitimate authority’. Unfortunately, McGregor’s claim does not stack up. Like I said above, every charge that I had disobeyed orders turned up empty.

Thirdly, even if McGregor has had surgery, it still does not change a thing. A man cannot become a woman.

If I hear any more, I’ll be sure to let you know…

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of eight children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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