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A lounge room chat with Tom Massey

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A lounge room chat with Tom Massey

On Monday I was interviewed by Tom Massey for his recently launched podcast Lounge room chats.

It’s great to see new conservative and Catholic content and Tom asked me some questions that no one else ever has. He also managed to get me to tell a few war stories over a bottle of wine…

If you want Catholic discussion or interviews that find the interesting things in every ordinary person’s life, then follow him!

The full interview is here.

I was lucky enough to share a glass of wine with Bernard Gaynor, a Catholic who has never shied away from standing up…

Posted by Lounge Room Chats on Tuesday, 9 June 2020

Diversity makes us dumber

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Diversity makes us dumber

Remember the cliche parroted by every Australian general ever interviewed that we have the smartest and most well-trained soldiers in the world?

Well, in this time of diversity Defence has decided that it needs to give a powerpoint presentation explaining that a woman is different than a man…

If our soldiers really are the smartest in the world and the top brass is feeding them this rubbish, then we have got the dumbest generals in the world.

NSW Anti-Discrimination Board fights for the ‘human right’ to lodge vexatious complaints

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NSW Anti-Discrimination Board fights for the ‘human right’ to lodge vexatious complaints

The New South Wales Anti-Discrimination Board (ADB), or Anti-Discrimination NSW as it has just expensively renamed itself, has gone off the deep end.

It is using taxpayer funds to argue to the New South Wales parliament that it must be allowed to keep accepting, investigating, conciliating and referring vexatious complaints to the New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT).

You read that correctly: the ADB believes that vexatious complaints are legitimate and that the New South Wales taxpayer should pay for this bureaucratic body of anarchic activists to process them.

In February this year an inquiry into the Anti-Discrimination Amendment (Complaint Handling) Bill 2020 was introduced…

Posted by Anti-Discrimination NSW on Sunday, 7 June 2020

In other words, if you have an enemy or simply want to help yourself to someone else’s cash, the ADB is fighting for your ‘human right’ to lodge vexatious complaints. All you have to do is meet the strict criteria and terms and conditions* necessary to make someone else’s life miserable.

* The only criteria for lodging a complaint is that you must be homosexual.

The ADB’s submission to the inquiry into Mark Latham’s bill to end vexatious complaints explicitly rejects the proposal to change the current law that says vexatious complaints ‘may’ be declined to one that requires that they ‘must’ be declined.

Instead the ADB argues:

This proposed change would remove the President’s discretion to decline complaints under section 92 and replace it with a strict requirement to decline complaints if the President is satisfied that any of the section 92 conditions are met.

ADNSW is concerned that removing the President’s discretion in determining when to decline complaints could limit existing rights and deter people impacted by discrimination from making complaints.

The ADB’s submission could not be clearer.

It means two things.

Firstly, the ADB wants to continue processing vexatious complaints.

And, secondly, it means that the ADB is already knowingly allowing vexatious complaints to be lodged and processed. Its submission admits as much.

This is truly outrageous.

Vexatious litigation is an abuse of the legal and justice system. And the ‘Thought Police’ have proudly announced to the world that they are on the side of injustice.

There is no surprise in that. The ADB is the very embodiment of systemic injustice.

It oversees legal looting. This is worse than mob violence. At least you are (in theory) legally able to defend yourself against looters.

In contrast, the ADB abuses the very law itself to destroy those it wishes to target through vexatious complaints. The cops won’t show up when a ‘conciliation officer’ pressures you with the power of the state to hand over your assets to settle a vexatious complainant.

There is also no surprise that the LGBT lobby is backing the ADB. Rainbow lawfare ends in a pot of gold – your gold – and these ‘human rights’ activists do not want to see this asset stripping regime dismantled.

They’ll lose their power and you might find your voice again.

So ACON supports the ADB’s position. So does the NSW Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby. And so does the Public Interest Advocacy Centre.

There is no surprise in any of this at all.

But what is surprising is that the New South Wales Bar Association and the Law Society of New South Wales Law have both also lodged submissions demanding that the ADB be allowed ‘discretion’ to accept and process vexatious complaints.

These are the bodies that are supposed to ensure that the legal system in New South Wales is professional and free of corruption.

Instead, these bodies have just made every lawyer joke you’ve ever heard real.

To make matters worse, it is clear that the parliamentary inquiry is being shaped to reject Mark Latham’s bill.

There were 190 submissions to this inquiry from individuals and organisations.

Of the 160 submissions from the general public, all but two supported reform. Both of those were from Garry Burns. And he had good reason to do defend the current law. His livelihood lodging vexatious complaints is on the line.

On top of this, over 2,000 people signed my petition supporting the bill. The overwhelming evidence is that the public is fed up with this rotten system.

Unfortunately, none of these voices will be heard by the inquiry.

My submission was not even published in full.

I was not called as a witness. Nor was any other person subjected to a complaint from the world’s most offended man.

And Burns has been let off the hook as well. I’m sure that pretty much anyone who is involved in this farce is desperate to prevent him from speaking.

Instead, the inquiry will only hear from legal and activist groups.

But it will not hear from my solicitor. Instead, the vast majority of hearing time will be devoted to gay activists and ‘human rights’ lawyers from groups that oppose this unjust system being cleaned up.

I hold out little hope that the vexatious complaint gravy train overseen by the ADB will be stopped in its tracks any time soon.

If you want to watch this unjust farce unfold, hearings will be online from 10:15 tomorrow and Thursday.

Link to the video stream is here.

They’re casing the joint

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They’re casing the joint

Right now, organised revolutionaries are probing and testing the law enforcement institutions that keep America together.

And, tomorrow, they’ll do the same in Australia.

Make no mistake about it. They’re casing the joint.

Given what we’ve witnessed over the last week, organised, funded, trained, equipped and motivated groups like Antifa who have been waiting to tear America (and by extension Western civilisation) apart must be thinking that it’s almost time.

The key financial centre of the world has literally been sacked.

The key political centre of the world has been brought to its knees.

And the response clearly shows that this civilisation – our civilisation – has all but lost the will to restore order.

It’s happy times for the revolutionaries.

At the national level, it seems that opposing President Trump is more important than coming up with a plan to stop the violence.

Local politicians are not only hanging the cops out to dry but also advocating for the abolition of the police.

Within the security agencies themselves there is division. Those on the corporate ladder are speaking in woke and those on the front line have no idea if they’ll be shot at from protestors or sacked for responding. Meanwhile, America’s peak internal security organisation, the FBI, is tweeting about ‘Pride Month’.

So, in this confusion, some police and national guard have taken to humiliating themselves and kneeling before the mob.

Others are close to quitting.

The media is egging all of this on.

And pretty much everyone who is anyone is celebrating.

Basically the last week has seen the mob burn down American cities and then dance joyfully around the flames. The rest of society has been left with no choice but to assess the situation and conclude two things.

Firstly, they need a gun.

And, secondly, now that all the shops have been looted, boarded up and then looted again no one really knows where they’ll be able to get food from when the cupboard is bare.

America is fast becoming a nation where it’s every man for himself. It took just a week to get to this point from what we remember to be civilisation.

Whatever the government is in America, the average husband and wife with three kids and a mortgage cannot rely on it to do anything at all when someone tries to burn everything they own.

In fact, half the politicians refuse to back the police and provide tacit, if not open, support to violent mobs. And half of the other half have spent so much of their lives trying not to offend the pronoun police that they have no idea how to do anything useful at all. They have become institutionalised losers and are not about to break that habit.

So most normal Americans are probably concluding that if the government does anything at all it will probably somehow manage to make things worse.

America is teetering on the edge. It will get through this crises but no one can be sure that it will get through the next. Other crises will come as tension builds up for the presidential elections. Of that, you can be sure.

And this is the real issue. America is at war with itself already. What we’ve seen in the last week is not anger at the murder of George Floyd. Everyone agrees it was wrong and the cop responsible has not been let off but is sitting in jail awaiting trial. That is about the only thing that has happened in America in the last week that accords with any understanding of how justice is served in a civilised world.

Instead, we are watching the pent-up hate from two generations of brain dead idiots who have been taught to loathe Western civilisation unleash itself on society.

It won’t stop with defunding the police. It is about cutting off all ties with Christian civilisation and ushering in woke world, whatever that may be. The only thing we do know with any certainty about this brave new order is that, just like all the other brave new orders, it will never be satisfied.

There are always new sins that can only be atoned by setting the mob on a new target.

You might say, so what, this is in America.

You might be like the many new age Australians who are cheering this on.

But if America goes, what will happen to us?

Every Australian who values our own nation should be fervently hoping and praying that President Trump successfully keeps civilisation going. Because if the lights do go out in the White House the darkness will be felt here too.

And the truth is that Australia is not all that much different to the United States. There is a war underway for the soul of our nation too.

This war is felt in many ways. But one of the most striking is that ordinary Australians have been fined for eating kebabs recently because it posed a public health risk but now crowds can protest for a radical ‘socially-progressive’ cause.

Our institutions do not believe in equality of the law. Instead, they already cater for the mob and it has not even shown up yet.

Tomorrow, all over Australia, thousands of people will be protesting in solidarity with violent hordes in America. And you can be certain that there will be organised groups in our crowds who will want to test the reaction to violence here too.

The reaction from the police.

The reaction from the mob.

The reaction from the politicians.

They’re casing the joint. But they’re doing it with the approval of many of those who have the keys to front door.

What’s missing?

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What’s missing?

This list of very important military, religious and cultural dates was recently provided to those working in the Royal Australian Navy.

What important date has the Navy decided is not worth mentioning?

If you can’t work it out, here are a couple of hints.

It’s not Ramadan. The Navy is all over that. But it is a religious date and it’s so important that every Australian state recognises it with more than one public holiday…

The BS-o-meter has just exploded

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The BS-o-meter has just exploded

Alright, alright. I know.

COVID-19 has seen politicians all over the world say stupid things. It’s like this disease has also destroyed the functioning brain cells of those running the joint.

But Chairman Dan Andrews, the Chinese Lord Vizier of Victoria, has just topped the lot.

In a speech today he outlined increased restrictions, forcing workers to remain at home under threat of new fines. And he’s even set up a hotline so that informants can dob in their boss.


Well, in his very own words, this is why:

And we know that if just half the people who normally use public transport start driving to work, we will see our freeways and other major roads grind to a halt.

The number of people on the roads and the transport network is already starting to increase and we cannot let that creep continue.

If we do, then we’ll see commute times worse than anything any of us have ever experienced – two hours from Werribee to the city, 90 minutes from Reservoir and two and half hours from Mulgrave.

So, in other words, new state wide restrictions on work travel are necessary because of the traffic in Melbourne.

Normally, bad traffic is a reason to vote a government out. In this case, the mere thought of a traffic jam is enough to allow the government to lock you in.

And it is just a mere thought. The reality is that traffic has plummeted with Transurban reporting a 50% drop in traffic volume in April. Melbourne just happened to have the greatest fall in all of Transurban’s toll networks.

The truth is that Dan Andrews is a control freak who enjoys overseeing every aspect of your life. COVID-19 has been the answer to this tyrant’s dreams.

Bad traffic is not a reality now. Yet it was a constant daily feature of life before Andrews seized this opportunity to let loose his inner dictator. And it has nothing to do with addressing a pandemic.

I know that Dan Andrews is not alone in this shameless grab for ever more power.

Western Australians can now be legally detained and forcibly vaccinated without permission, defying the very basic medical principle that patients must give consent. Queenslanders are enduring a closed border and ridiculous rules that allow more people to enter a church for a property sale inspection than for a service.

But Dan Andrews has grabbed just a little more power than most.

So it is no surprise that Dan Andrews, who signed up to the Communist Chinese government’s ‘Belt and Road’ initiative, has decided that the answer to his infrastructure problems is to take people’s freedom to travel away.

Pinning tits on the bull

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Pinning tits on the bull

About ten days ago it was reported that US combat simulations showed that it would lose a war to China by 2030.

2030 is ten years away. That’s not a long time and the first of our new $50 billion subs won’t even be wet by then.

Yet five days ago the Royal Australian Navy responded to this alarming and ‘eye-opening’ finding by asking sailors to study ‘Gender, Peace and Security’ at Monash University in Victoria.

So I guess it’s safe to say that if all hell does break loose in the Pacific, either now or in the next decade, the Royal Australian Navy will be of no use to anyone at all. But it will be able to tell the Americans why their sinking aircraft carriers are symbols of the patriarchy.

This won’t be the fault of the brave and patriotic sailors who have signed up to serve this nation. It will be the fault of their admirals who are still sculling the PC cool-aid.

Basically, and I mean no offence to those busy studying gender theory at the moment, the Navy is beavering away pinning tits on a bull while the entire global security order is being revolutionised.

You can read all about the Navy’s latest PC fiasco below:

The Graduate Certificate in Gender, Peace and Security costs a cool $12,100. Defence will shoulder this cost (thanks to the taxpayer) and I’m sure Chairman Dan also extends his gratitude on behalf of the Chinese Dictator for this vote of confidence in a Victorian education.

There are two units in this course.

Gender, security and conflict draws upon feminist theorising in international relations, security studies and global political economy to provide a thorough gendered critique of the theory and practice across the areas of conflict and security.

And Gender-based policy and planning introduces students to innovative established and new methodologies for generating evidence and developing evidence-based policies that are gender-sensitive, gender-inclusive and gender-responsive.

The course is overseen by two highly qualified academics, Professor Jacqui True and Associate Professor Katrina Lee-Koo. Naturally, because both of these people identify as feminists, they are well placed to mould the thinking of Australia’s future naval officers. No doubt they are also chuffed to have been given the responsibility to shape the defence of the realm.

Jacqui True’s writing has focused on dealing with the effects of COVID-19, Brexit and climate change.

In April she wrote that:

…countries with some of the most successful responses to COVID-19 and with a lower morality rate (~ 1 percent versus global ~5 percent), such as Germany, New Zealand and Norway, appear to have one thing common: women leaders.

The COVID-19 plans in women-led countries are working because their leaders are behaving like true leaders, unlike others.

Australia’s mortality rate from COVID-19 is lower than Germany, New Zealand and Norway despite being lead by a bloke but there is no doubt that if Sco Mo slapped on some lipstick and identified as a woman less people here would have succumbed to this disease.

True has also warned that COVID-19 affects women more than men. She argues, therefore, that our response needs to be gendered: after all, the majority of nurses are women and their workload has increased because selfish men are far more likely to die from this disease than women.

In 2019, True complained that international climate-change gab-fests are ‘too male, pale and stale’. Who knew that women are some kind of global air-conditioner? Well, True knew.

Four years earlier she wrote an article titled, ‘Why we need a feminist foreign policy to stop war’. Hey, I guess if women can bring global temperatures down they can also secure world peace.

But True’s best work deals with Brexit. In 2016, she co-authored a working paper for Monash University that stated:

What becomes clear through a feminist political economy lens is that Brexit is a politically construed crisis, manufactured not only by a generic male-dominated British political elite but in this case quite literally by men who happen to have gone to the same elite schools and have been competing with each other since adolescence. That their own private conflict could be transformed into a public issue of such magnitude – into a scandal – was only possible by keeping others – women and immigrants – outside of the discussion, disallowing their participation and transforming them into objects rather than subjects of the debate. Brexit is a product of gendered intra-elite conflict that has been simmering in Britain for decades.

However, due to the ineptness of the male political elite during the Brexit campaign and referendum, women leaders are now at the heart of Europe’s fate. By the end of 2016 – another year marred by violence, political extremism and racism, and desperate cries for help by millions of refugees – it is very likely that the world’s greatest powers and its most important financial institutions will be run by women.

If capitalism, as Jens Beckert (2016) persuasively argues, operates as a future-oriented project based on fictional expectations than it is very important how distinct population groups envision that future and their own identities within them. It is the breakdown of these expected roles, themselves based on racial and gender assumptions, which have been richly supported by the media pumping air into neoliberal fantasies that has led to such massive disappointment of the “middle England” and found its expression in the Brexit vote.

I particularly liked how this paper hinted that the Islamic State was merely the inevitable reaction of ‘criminalised refugees’ to the militarised British economy.

Importantly given the priority that gender and security studies place on diversity of thought, Jacqui True’s colleage, Katrina Lee-Koo, is a perfect partner for this course.

While both of these women identify as women and also claim to be feminists they could not be more diverse. Just look at Lee-Koo’s last name. It oozes diversity.

Naturally, however, Lee-Koo does have all the other requisite qualities that are important for shaping young military minds.

Her Twitter feed makes it clear that she doesn’t like Cardinal Pell but she does support abortion and homosexual marriage.

And her recent articles focus on the state of toxic masculinity in the Liberal Party. As such, I’m really not sure why the Navy hasn’t sent its sailors off to learn from her words of wisdom sooner.

Lee-Koo has noted that the only reason Julie Bishop wasn’t elected leader of the Liberal Party after the demise of Malcolm Turnbull is because:

The combination of revenge-seeking, ego-centric and opportunistic politics on display…demonstrates that an aggressive masculinist politics continues to destabilise the leadership of the Liberal Party. And in the fury of this politics, the party room has simply overlooked Bishop as a legitimate and credible leader.

Ultimately, Julie Bishop is the collateral damage of the Liberal Party’s macho politics.

She’s also gone on to argue that the language that emanates from the Liberal Party is, well, pretty much straight from the Patriarchy’s handbook of human rights crimes:

Third, we must be more attuned to the gendered use of language in policy debates. Revived electoral campaigns to be tough on borders and “stop the boats” or criticising the lack of grunt of electric cars arguably rely upon gendered (and nationalist) constructions of masculine strength and protection in favour of feminine weakness.

Fourth, we must address the gendered structures that govern access to political leadership. Morrison’s election catch-cry that ‘those who have a go will get a go’ cover overs the deep, structural discrimination that exists in this country around more things than just gender.

Sorry. I’ll be the first to apologise for not knowing that the concept of a fair go was sexist.

It is this fierce desire to address the scourge of toxic masculinity that has Lee-Koo promoting the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe’s ‘Gender and Security Toolkit’.

Tool 3 is titled ‘Defence and Gender’ and it boldly asserts that physical strength and things like infantry soldiers are not all that necessary on the modern battlefield before waffling on about the Dutch military’s gay pride boats. It goes on to wax lyrical about what a ‘gender diverse’ military would look like:

All educational and training curricula are designed with input from qualified Gender Advisers* and gender subject matter experts. Where relevant, they include guidance on how to apply a gender perspective to the subject matter as a learning objective and assessment criteria. As a result, all defence personnel have the capacity to apply a gender perspective to their specialized areas of work. Military exercises are conducted in a way that highlights the benefits of working in diverse teams and requires teams to apply a gender perspective to succeed. A network of Gender Focal Points supports the continuous integration of a gender perspective by their respective teams, while identifying knowledge gaps and lessons learned to Gender Advisers and senior leaders.

These feminists, who between them have zero operational experience, believe that the modern military must rid itself of gonads and replace them with GENADS, or gender advisors. Only when there is a gender perspective applied to all aspects of the military’s operations – presumably including decisions about who gets bravery medals – will it be able to defeat the enemies of peace and justice.

Anyway, whatever the patriarchy is, I’m sure it’s far worse under a communist regime. Strangely, I didn’t notice that Monash Uni’s course would delve into that tricky area of study.

As for the Royal Australian Navy, Australians don’t want an outfit that can explain why the phrase ‘as useless as tits on a bull’ is basically a crime against humanity.

They just want an outfit that isn’t as useless as tits on a bull when it comes to conflict in the Pacific.

Yet, unfortunately, at this rate we’ll have all the gender advisors we need to man a submarine by 2030 but we just won’t have any submarines…

Support Mark Latham’s Bill to end vexatious complaints

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Support Mark Latham’s Bill to end vexatious complaints

Mark Latham has introduced a proposed law to force the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board to:

  • reject vexatious and frivolous complaints; and
  • reject complaints against people with brain damage.

This bill also clarifies that the ADB has no power over people who do not live in New South Wales and closes a loophole that allows vexatious complainants to bring matters to the New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal, even if they have been rejected.

The truth is that none of these changes should be necessary. However, the ADB has become so drunk on its own power that it is out of control. So much so that it needs to be spelled out in black and white writing that vexatious complaints must not be processed.

The ADB has allowed one man, Garry Burns, to lodge hundreds of complaints against me to bankrupt me (even though I don’t even live in New South Wales) and to destroy a brain-damaged man, John Sunol, who has mostly been unrepresented in the legal system for over a decade and fined over $50,000 for his incoherent commentary.

This is an enormous scandal.

You can lodge submissions in support of Mark Latham’s bill here until 26 April.

You can also sign my petition below which will be sent to the parliamentary committee conducting this inquiry. I will also include it in my detailed and lengthy submission.

Support Mark Latham's anti-discrimination amendments


For too long the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board has allowed activist complainants to harass people with disability or to target conservatives and Christians with expensive complaints in order to bankrupt them.

This same body also acts beyond its power to 'investigate' people who do not live in New South Wales.

This has cost the New South Wales taxpayer millions and clogs up the legal system with complaints that serve no public good.

There should be an inquiry into this organisation for its liability for the damage and suffering that it has caused by refusing to reject vexatious complaints. This abuse of process has stemmed from the political activism of the Anti-Discrimination Board, apparent in its association with events like the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras (a political protest) and its support of controversial political agendas and organisations. In truth, the Anti-Discrimination Board is systemically biased against conservatives and Christians, is akin to a political 'Thought Police' and has no place in a democratic nation.

The Anti-Discrimination Amendment (Complaint Handling) Bill 2020 is a common sense amendment to the Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 (NSW). I strongly support it and call on the New South Wales parliament to enact this bill into law at the earliest possible time.

**your signature**

2,784 signatures

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2,783 Mr Jared A. Smithfield 2164 Jun 28, 2020
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The end is nigh for Burns…and now the attention turns to the ADB

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The end is nigh for Burns…and now the attention turns to the ADB

Yesterday it was reported that the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board (ADB) has rejected Garry Burns’ complaints against Israel Folau.

And they’ve been rejected because they were deemed vexatious.

I cannot tell you how relieved I am to finally hear these words.

On the vexatious scale of one to ten, Burns comes in at eleven. He gets off on dragging people into court. He describes this as ‘work’. He makes a living out of complaining to the ADB.

Burns lodged three complaints against Folau in late 2019 – about a nanosecond after he was hit with bankruptcy proceedings for failing to pay costs to me and Tess Corbett resulting from his rejected High Court case against me.

He must have thought that a cashed-up Folau would be the solution to his problems.

Given the ADB has made a habit of rubber-stamping Burns’ complaints and then flicking them on to the NCAT and the five months of silence, I believed that Folau must have paid Burns his ‘go away’ money.

After all, that was the stunt Burns tried to pull with me.

But I was wrong. And I have never been so happy to be wrong.

The ADB’s decision is good news for Folau. And me. And you. It effectively ends Burns’ ‘career’ dragging others into court.

There is one person who must be thanked for that: Mark Latham.

Burns’ first cottoned on to the ADB gravy train before Sydney hosted the Olympics. Facebook wasn’t even a thing when he started lodging complaints.

In the two decades since, Burns has ramped up a campaign of terror.

John Sunol, a brain-damaged man from Newcastle has borne the brunt of this vicious, vexatious onslaught. He has almost been destroyed and was on the brink of jail due to Burns’ efforts.

Others have been dragged through years of costly litigation.

Burns has boasted that he would lodge complaints until he bankrupted me. My wife and I have had to sell our home. He started on me in 2014.

Yet not one single politician in New South Wales has batted an eyelid at this. Except Mark Latham.

Last year, Latham raised Burns’ campaign of terror in parliament.

And early this year, he introduced a bill to force the President of the ADB to dismiss vexatious complaints. The speech he gave with it is a must read.

That bill is not yet law.

Lo and behold, all it took to get the ADB to act with sanity was scrutiny. Mark Latham’s scrutiny. Any other politician (and apparently the state of New South Wales is run by the conservatives) could have done this.

But they didn’t.

So thank you Mark.

Burns is all but finished. And just as I’ve always predicted, now that the ADB has realised that Burns is all washed up they’ve dropped him like a mangy dog.

The cockroaches are scuttling for cover. Grab the popcorn and watch as the ADB attempts to shift all the blame for this sordid, scandalous affair onto Burns. He deserves it.

But I’m not going to let the ADB get off that easy. This mob, who once complained when I likened them to Dr Evil, have spent the better part of the past decade making Dr Evil:

  1. look like a good guy, and
  2. seem competent.

This is the beginning of the end of Burns. However it’s just the start of the beginning of the world of hurt headed the ADB’s way.

The reality is that Burns is not the real evil in this story. That responsibility rests fairly and squarely on the shoulders of the taxpayer-leeching, do-gooder bureaucrats at the ADB who’ve made careers, complete with long-service leave, out of pandering to Burns. And they’ve done it because they are just as much ‘gay activists’ as he is, except they exercise the power of the state to destroy the people that Burns whinges about.

And while people have lost real jobs due to Corona Virus, this mob is still beavering away accepting Burns’ complaints. I had to respond to the latest one just last week.

The best part about yesterday’s news is not that the ADB rejected Burns’ complaints against Folau. It’s the implications that come with it.

The ADB just nuked itself. It has given up the pretence that it was administering the law with Burns and this politically-correct charade has been exposed for what it is: a monumental abuse of office by those inside the ADB who decided that 1984 was the manual for their ‘jobs’.

This is what the news report states:

But ADB president Annabelle Bennett this week wrote to Mr Burns “declining” the complaint because she was satisfied it was vexatious and “a flagrant abuse of process such that no further actions should be taken”.

She found Mr Burns had not pursued the complaint under the state’s Anti-Discrimination Act “in order to avail himself of the processes afforded under the ADA but for a collateral purpose, as a means to pressure the respondent to settle with him”.

The president wrote that the inference was that the settlement sought by Mr Burns was “directed to the payment of money”.

She noted the activist had disregarded the confidential nature of the process by issuing a media release which stated, in part: “Fellas, I’m just like a vicious Alsatian dog. Once I grab hold of the leg, I don’t let go until the bone is bare and bloodied. One way or another, I will get that remedy from Mr Folau.”

Dr Bennett also wrote that Mr Burns had sent numerous “inappropriate” emails to Mr Folau’s lawyers.

Now it’s time to find out why the ADB has so completely changed its tune. After all, the ADB has been happy for Burns to act like this with me since 2014. It’s even decided that I have to jump through hoops after Burns complained about his own press release that he posted on my Facebook page.

Why has the ADB refused to even investigate whether Burns’ complaints against me are vexatious?

Why has the ADB removed my evidence that Burns was lodging complaints to bankrupt me or that he was using the process as a form of extortion, labelling it ‘of limited relevance’?

Why has the ADB ignored the hundreds of vile and harassing emails that Burns has sent me?

Why has the ADB ignored the similar emails that he has sent to my legal team, including calling on people to assault them, and me, at NCAT hearings?

Why has the ADB ignored the fact that Burns lodges complaints simply so that he can put out slanderous ‘media releases’ about me?

And why has the ADB done this 37 times and still allows it to continue after almost six years of serve after serve of vexatious drivel from Burns?

This farce has cost the taxpayer millions.

It has also cost me my home and all my assets. It has imposed a huge burden on my family and destroyed our lives. This suffering, caused by the ADB, demands restitution.

When this process is over these questions will be answered. Those responsible for allowing this to occur, including the current and past ADB Presidents and their cronies who have harassed me since 2014, better get their dancing shoes on because the music has just started…

According to the SBS, being innocent is a mere ‘technicality’

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According to the SBS, being innocent is a mere ‘technicality’

This appears proudly on the SBS’s webpage today:

And this is what the High Court said yesterday:

…there is a significant possibility in relation to charges one to four that an innocent person has been convicted.

I know the SBS does multicultural stuff but, all in all, I’d prefer it if this taxpayer-funded outfit wasn’t such a champion for foreign ideas, such as innocence being a ‘technicality’ when it comes to criminal charges…

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