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I hold Bill Shorten responsible

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I hold Bill Shorten responsible

Here is a photo of Bill Shorten at the announcement of the postal survey results:

Bill Shorten

Pay particular attention to the symbol he is making with his hand.

And here is a photo of a man who decapitated statues outside the St Paul of the Cross church in Dulwich Hill, Sydney, last night:


Again, pay particular attention to the symbol this Bill-Shorten imitating vandal is making with his hand.

This is a satanic symbol. And here is Anton Levay, founder of the ‘Church of Satan’ explaining just that:

True, most people who mindlessly parrot this symbol have no idea of its meaning. For them it just represents a primeval and rebellious ‘I will not serve’. And we all know who said that first.

Prior to the marriage vote, protestors held signs up calling for churches to be burnt and churches were inscribed with graffiti demanding that Christians be crucified.

Burn churches

Crucify no voters

And since then we have had churches sacrileged in Sydney. In Brisbane last Sunday my own local parish was subjected to an intimidatory, aggressive and foul-mouthed tirade. It was directed mostly at children from a man who refused to leave and who instead unleashed expletives and foul gestures.

Those present believed that violence was likely and stepped in between him and children.

Police needed to be called.

For the first time in my life, the church is no longer safe. It is now a target.

Whoever imagined that this would be the state of affairs in Australia in 2017?

At the start of the marriage postal survey, Labor’s Bill Shorten ranted in parliament the following about Malcolm Turnbull:

“I hold you responsible for every hurtful bit of filth that this debate will unleash.”

It’s time for Bill to have a good look at himself. Violent low-lifes are crawling out from under the rocks and bringing Shorten’s arrogant and contemptuous hatred of traditional marriage supporters into churches.

An onslaught of hatred has been unleashed.

And it’s been unleashed by those who mimic Shorten’s own hand gestures.

While people were still voting, Shorten stated:

“I can give this guarantee to the Australian people: I and Labor [will] not support legislation which impinges upon religious freedom in this country.”

Yeah, right.

And now that it has been decided, Shorten’s tune has changed. The current bill put forward by Dean Smith has no protections for religious thought, belief or speech. Yet this is what Shorten says now:

“I don’t see the case is made for massive amendments.”

Shorten has been two-faced on his position. He now refuses to protect religious freedom, even in the midst of a wave of anti-Christian thuggery. And his arrogance and contempt has given wind to the wings of those who seek to destroy Christianity.

I hold him responsible for the filth that is come. This persecution has only just begun. And we will see churches burnt to the ground before it ends…

Bullecourt war grave saved

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Bullecourt war grave saved

This is good news:

The remains of thousands of Diggers who died in the brutal World War I battle of Bullecourt in France will remain at rest after plans to build a giant wind farm at the historic site were abandoned following a campaign from the soldiers’ families.

The company that wanted to install six giant turbines at Bullecourt in northern France, where Australia suffered 10,000 casualties, now says the battleground should “remain undisturbed” more than two years after it first put forward the idea…

…In a letter obtained by The Australian from ENGIE’s Australia and New Zealand chief executive, Michel Gantois, to Veterans’ Affairs Minister Dan Tehan, Mr Gantois confirmed the project would “not proceed”…

…Mr Tehan personally spoke to French officials, including his counterpart in France, Genevieve Darrieussecq, the secretary of state to the French Minister for Armed Forces, and the French ambassador to Australia, Christophe Penot, to express his strong opposition to the project.

Today, Mr Tehan thanked ENGIE Group for its decision.

This website is proud to have participated in the campaign to protect the war graves of thousands of Australians who died in the intense fighting at Bullecourt in 1917 and who now lie in unmarked graves.

The Minister for Veterans’ Affairs, Dan Tehan, deserves credit for doing his duty on this issue.

Why hasn’t the Abbott/Pell painter been charged?

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Why hasn’t the Abbott/Pell painter been charged?

Last week an offensive, pornographic, putrid and reprehensible image of Tony Abbott and Cardinal George Pell appeared on the wall of a Newtown pub.

Abbott Pell pornographic image

The offensive image after it was ‘defaced’.

It depicted the two men engaged in an indecent homosexual act.

The mural was supposed to show support for homosexual marriage and homosexuality, while at the same time denigrating two key figures from Australia’s Catholic community.

And then the media took up arms after it was ‘defaced’. When I say defaced, I mean that the offensive image was covered in paint, so that it was no longer so offensive.

Let’s unpack this a little.

There are two points to make.

Firstly, this image is a reflection on the depravity of the ‘Yes’ crowd.

These people hate themselves.

On the one hand, they claim that homosexual behaviour is something to be esteemed, applauded and respected.

And on the other, they insult those they hate by hitting them with the greatest slur they can: depicting them engaged in homosexual acts.

Anyone who was involved in the marriage campaign knows what I mean: I have never been a called a ‘faggot’ so often in my life as in the past two months.

It is bizarre and twisted. It is akin to ‘No’ campaigners putting out flyers to ‘insult’ the leaders of Australian Marriage Equality by depicting them as happily married men tending the front gardens of their white-picket fenced homes.

True. That would not be much of an insult. That’s because the idea of heterosexual family life has an inherent ‘goodness’ about it.

So it is interesting to unwrap why pro-homosexual activists seek to hurl abuse that is based on nothing more than the very nature of homosexuality itself at defenders of traditional marriage.

And there is only reason why it is insulting: the very nature of homosexual behaviour is degrading. The insult is the attempt to infer that people like Tony Abbott and George Pell are somehow tainted with this same degrading behaviour.

It is an admission that there is something off about homosexuality. Yet those making this admission are the very same people cheering it on.

It is twisted and it reflects twisted logic and morality that expresses itself so profoundly in the sneering rejection of the idea of ‘straight’.

That’s point number one. It’s philosophical.

Point number two is straight out of the New South Wales criminal code.

It is against the law in New South Wales and most other places in Australia to publish images without consent that depict personal sexual activity, or that are altered or doctored to do so.



(1) A person who intentionally distributes an intimate image of another person:

(a) without the consent of the person, and

(b) knowing the person did not consent to the distribution or being reckless as to whether the person consented to the distribution,

is guilty of an offence.

Maximum penalty: 100 penalty units or imprisonment for 3 years, or both.


(1) In this Division:

“distribute” includes:

(a) send, supply, exhibit, transmit or communicate to another person, or

(b) make available for viewing or access by another person,

whether in person or by electronic, digital or any other means.

“engaged in a private act” means:

(a) in a state of undress, or

(b) using the toilet, showering or bathing, or

(c) engaged in a sexual act of a kind not ordinarily done in public, or

(d) engaged in any other like activity.

“intimate image” means:

(a) an image of a person’s private parts, or of a person engaged in a private act, in circumstances in which a reasonable person would reasonably expect to be afforded privacy, or

(b) an image that has been altered to appear to show a person’s private parts, or a person engaged in a private act, in circumstances in which a reasonable person would reasonably expect to be afforded privacy.

Yet that is exactly what happened to Tony Abbott and George Pell. ‘Artist’ Scott Marsh distributed an intimate image in a public place of them engaged in a private act.

It would seem on every count that this image violates section 91Q of the Crimes Act 1900 (NSW) – a section that carries a penalty of imprisonment of up to three years.

New South Wales police, over to you. Do your duty and enforce the law.

Or are we to add a perpetual state of lawlessness to the consequences of ‘marriage equality’ as well…

The national security risk will only come if Pyne’s claim is not investigated.

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The national security risk will only come if Pyne’s claim is not investigated.

It seems no one really believes Christopher Pyne’s claims that his Twitter account was hacked. Hence, no one really wants the investigation that Cory Bernardi has called for either.


Because it seems no one really wants to hear what investigation might uncover.

From Andrew Bolt:

But I cannot see how it is anyone’s business to pursue this issue any further if the national security concerns seem non-existent.

To go any further down this track would be to appeal to the wink-wink nudge-nudge crowd, and especially a homophobic one.

From The Australian’s Caroline Overington:

You may have missed in it the hurly-burly of the same-sex marriage debate last week, but Pyne’s Twitter account “liked” a gay porn site at 2am last Wednesday. Most decent people would have looked the other way but not some journalists, who should have known better, and not Bernardi.

And from The New Daily:

Bernardi is stoking rumours that Christopher Pyne is gay. Not only is Pyne’s sexual orientation none of Bernardi’s business, it’s also demeaning to use anyone’s sexuality as the punch-line for a joke…

…The real ‘national security’ issue here isn’t about Twitter hacking. It’s about unrepresentative, undemocratic and un-Australian conservative politicians serving the narrow agendas of their own privileged elite in a nation that we now know, beyond all doubt, is fair-dinkum progressive.

Reading between the lines, it is reasonable to conclude from this that many in the media believe that:

  • the Minister for Defence Industry was being far less than truthful when he explained away the Twitter ‘like’ of a gay porn as ‘hacking’;
  • that an investigation would only uncover the embarrassing personal sexual preferences of someone who had access to Pyne’s twitter account; and
  • there are no national security implications anyway.

Let’s deal with the last point first.

There are national security implications if Christopher Pyne’s claim is true. And there are even greater national security implications if the Defence Industry Minister has been less than truthful.

There are two ways you know you’ve been hacked: your internal security systems identify it and stop bad things happening, or bad things start happening.

Given Pyne’s account had bad things happen to it, it is obvious that internal security systems did not identify the hack. So the question remains: how far did this hacking go?

If Pyne’s Twitter account had been prised open it is also possible that other systems were as well. A prudent approach would be to identify all the devices that his Twitter account had been operating from, all the systems that also operated on those devices and all the devices and systems that they interacted with.

In a worst case scenario, far more than a Twitter account may have been compromised. And given Pyne is the Defence Industry Minister, it is a national security concern.

Did any of his personal devices also operate or link to Defence systems? Did he ever operate his personal Twitter account from Defence devices?

That would be an important question any investigation would ask. But there has been no investigation so it is impossible to know the answer.

It may well be that the ‘hacking’, if it did occur, did not compromise national security. But we won’t know unless there is an investigation to determine that.

Consequently, claims that the ‘hacking’ does not impact national security are nothing more than premature assertions without substance. And they seem to be based on an assumption: this was a private stuff up and we should all pretend it away.

Unfortunately, that does not end the national security implications.

The website specialises in providing advice to job seekers looking for employment in areas that involve classified data. It is focused on the United States but its advice is broadly comparable to Australia and it has this to say:

An applicant for any sensitive national security position is required to demonstrate they can protect classified information under the 13 adjudicative guidelines, both during the initial investigation and periodic reinvestigations.

Sexual behavior is the fourth guideline. If anything manifests under Guideline D, the applicant may have issues that demonstrate risk to national security and require mitigation. Sexual behavior issues can include illegal acts, legal activities between consenting adults, or acts, though not involving sex, which have a sexual nature. The issue is always the concern to national security and whether the applicant can be trusted.

That last sentence is key: can a person with access to national security information be trusted.

And all of a sudden, the refusal of Pyne and others to properly investigate the alleged hacking have turned this into an issue of trust.

Security clearances will not be given to people who put themselves in sexually compromising positions, or if their sexual behaviour reduces trust (even if that behaviour is not illegal).

Apart from those hiding criminal sexual offences, think those who have secret affairs, engage in prostitution or who are in the closet: they all present an extortion risk. This is the lever that has been used many times before, including for the greatest Soviet spy ring to operate in Britain during the cold war.

Interestingly, closeted gay politicians in Australia have also been extortion targets in recent times.

If the assumption that Pyne’s Twitter ‘hacking’ was simply an embarrassing excuse for an embarrassing failure for whoever had access to Pyne’s account (and I think it would be safe to assume that most government ministers have a number of staff who can post on social media on their behalf), then the national security implications of this incident are not diminished.

Instead they are amplified.

Because if that is the truth, then someone in Pyne’s office represents an extortion risk. And Pyne’s office also looks after Australia’s Defence industry.

Spinning a porky over this scandal does not make the national security risk go away.

And those who want it brushed under the carpet should have a good hard look at themselves.

Finally, the biggest scandal of all is the complete trashing of Australia’s security policy and Pyne himself must take responsibility for that.

He’s the one claiming he has been hacked.

Yet he’s also claiming that there is no need for an investigation.

However, the publicly available Defence Security Manual policies make it clear that investigations must be conducted into all security incidents that may impact Defence.

Yet Pyne, as Defence Security Minister, is setting an example where he claims that his own security can be compromised without investigation for nothing more than what appears to be the political expediency of his own office.

In dark times leaders stand tall (or Bernardi strikes back)

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In dark times leaders stand tall (or Bernardi strikes back)

Wednesday was a dark day for Australian conservatives.

The nation overwhelmingly turned its back on the principles that have been the bedrock of Western civilisation.

A tad under half the nation voted for ‘marriage equality’. And another one in five Australians could not even take the planned revolution of the basic family unit seriously enough to vote at all.

True. Marriage has been dying a thousand deaths since Henry VIII’s time. So it’s not so much that the LGBT Brigade has single-handedly destroyed this institution. To be fair to them, as a legal concept marriage had pretty much been killed off before they even showed up.

In fact, if marriage was still revered in this nation this ‘debate’ would never have occurred at all.

So if there is an analogy that is apt, we should look at this as the vultures turning up to feast on the remains of the rotting carcase of marriage more than anything else.

Nevertheless, for the nearly 40% of Australians who do take marriage, family and life seriously, it is still hard to stomach. It would be easy to be demoralised.

That was Wednesday.

And on Thursday one man gave Australian conservatives hope: Cory Bernardi.

While other conservatives around him appeared to give up the fight, he charged at the enemy in parliament and, in doing so, rallied those around him.

It is the mark of true leadership.

He targeted abortion, turning his sites particularly on gender-selection abortion and White Ribbon (the group supposedly leading the campaign against domestic violence while also campaigning for abortion for any reason at any time even up until the day of birth).

He targeted GetUp! which has ties to George Soros and campaigns for left-leaning parties such as the Greens and Labor while refusing to disclose its donations as required under legislation.

He targeted communism, calling for Australia to recognise its many victims as the United States is doing under Donald Trump.

He targeted the hydra-headed variants of ‘Safe Schools’, backing the New South Wales government for abandoning its radical theories about gender and sexuality in the classroom.

And he targeted the political process itself, noting that since 2007 our nation has been led by those without fiscal responsibility, ministerial accountability or any stability at all.

Simon Birmingham

Education Minister Simon Birmingham abstains from voting on Cory Bernardi’s motion on White Ribbon and its support for abortion.

At a moment when conservatives could have been forgiven for giving up the fight, here was a lone Senator in Canberra taking it up on multiple fronts.

It was a counter-attack at the most unexpected of times and it caused confusion. It also separated the pretenders from the contenders in the Senate.

Because Cory might have started this fight alone. But he did not end it that way.

A number of Coalition Senators joined him: in particular Eric Abetz, Matt Canavan, Anne Ruston Barry O’Sullivan and Zed Seselja who all backed his motion to deny Medicare funding for gender-selection abortion. He also had the backing on One Nation.

Indeed, the majority of Liberal and National Senators also supported his motion calling out White Ribbon for its position on abortion.

We are living in times of chaos and confusion; anarchy seems to be reigning supreme.

Hard Labor seats in Western Sydney were the home of ‘No Central’. And government ministers are backing a Senator from South Australia over the government’s own position on abortion:

The government’s formal position was to oppose the motion. But nine other senators backed Senator Bernardi’s move, including Coalition frontbenchers Matt Canavan, Zed Seselja and Anne Ruston, and One Nation. 

It shows two things.

Firstly, the current system inputs are crumbling and out of touch with the people on the ground. We should expect the unexpected.

Secondly, there are signs of fight and hope. Cory Bernardi is providing leadership but he also has supporters within the Liberals. All of them need backing.

How this plays out only time will tell.

But one thing is certain: without Cory Bernardi’s leadership the day after the marriage plebiscite would have been a lot darker.


A quick word on media coverage.

This are the words of Judith Ireland, who covered Cory Bernardi’s Senate motions for Fairfax:

Abortion law in Australia is a state and territory matter and Medicare does not specifically fund sex-selection abortions.

She wrote them even though Medicare funding of abortion is a Commonwealth matter.

And she wrote them even though if you specifically walk into an abortion centre and specifically request an abortion because your baby is specifically the wrong gender Medicare will specifically cover specific amounts for the termination of pregnancy.

Nevertheless, she still wrote them. That’s called journalism these days.

Investigate the Mincing Poodle’s hack

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Investigate the Mincing Poodle’s hack

It was probably her greatest contribution to Australian politics. On 23 February 2009, then Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard rose to her feet in parliament and stated:

“In a choice between macho and mincing I would have gone for macho myself.

The leader of the Opposition faced with the choice of a doberman or the poodle has gone for the poodle.”

And that is how Christopher Pyne obtained his nickname.

The ‘Mincing Poodle’ is back in the media for all the wrong reasons. Sometime in the night after Australia voted for homosexual marriage, his Twitter account mysteriously ‘liked’ gay porn.

At first glance, it would seem that the Minister for Defence Industry was putting into practice what Defence preaches: gender bending and diverse sexualities.

Indeed, there’s are a whole army of committees, networks, support groups and diversity commissars within Defence at the moment planning for the next Mardi Gras and Defence’s official participation in a parade of pornography down Oxford Street early next year.

As such, ‘liking’ homosexual pornography is a clear demonstration that one is onboard with the new cultureless agenda. And a Minister ‘liking’ it would also explain why Defence is focused on these things instead of capability.

However, Christopher Pyne has made it clear that he was not joining in the action online and a tad early. Instead, he claims that his account was hacked:

Taking Pyne at his word, it seems that some nefarious online vigilante with the ability to hack his way into the accounts of the powerful then used his enormous skill on the Defence Industry Minister’s Twitter feed to ‘like’ a single, solitary video of two men getting it on.

Consequently, the general attitude to this ‘claim’ appears to be:

However, two people have come rushing to Pyne’s rescue.

One of them was Bill Shorten. He ‘helped’ the Liberal Party’s resident ‘GetUp Liaison Officer’ by claiming that he believed Pyne was hacked but that no investigation was necessary.

I don’t think that Bill’s help really helped all that much.

The other, of all people, was Cory Bernardi. And he rightly pointed out that Pyne’s claim of hacking was serious and must be investigated. After all, he is the Defence Industry Minister:

And Pyne’s claim must be taken seriously. The risks to Australia’s security are too great to have this swept under the carpet. And so are the risks to Pyne’s reputation: a failure to get to the bottom of this ‘hacking’ will leave Australians with the reasonable conclusion that Pyne is a liar who is living in the closet and using our military as a shield for his own personal failings.

We wouldn’t want that, would we…unless an investigation would do nothing more than confirm it.

And we wouldn’t want that either.

So I’ll leave the last word on this to Mark DiStafano, who first noticed the explicit ‘hacking’:


In other unrelated news, young players on Twitter should probably be aware of some of the features of the micro-blogging network to avoid embarrassment.

It is very easy to post something on the wrong account.

All you need to do is have two accounts. You log into the first and post away there. You then open a second tab on your browser and log into your second account and start madly ‘liking’ all the gay porn you can find.

And then, after a few banana daiquiris celebrating society’s acceptance of rainbow love, you check back in on the work account to see if they’re any messages praising the liberal Liberals for their part in the destruction of Australia’s concept of family.

Nup. The bloody rainbows don’t even care. They’re still going to vote Labor anyway.

So you flick back over to the other browsing tab for one last video forgetting, however, that you remain logged into Twitter as a cabinet minister and not as ‘Mr Bojangle’s Cat’.

And then when you ‘like’ that video the next 24 hour news cycle is suddenly rewritten to be all about hackers.

Very embarrassing.

It’s day one of the campaign for Sharia marriage equality…

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It’s day one of the campaign for Sharia marriage equality…

Less than an hour after news broke that Australia is to be lumped with homosexual marriage, Richard Di Natale’s Senior Media Advisor posted this on Twitter:

Thanks for confirmation that key players in the ‘marriage equality’ debate have been knowingly pretending away the consequences.

Many ‘yes’ voters only did tick that box out of weariness and in the vain hope that it would make the culture wars go away.

They were wrong.

Today is day one of the campaign for Sharia marriage equality…

We’ve just given the barbarians control

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We’ve just given the barbarians control

Australia has just voted for this:

Burn churches

The barbarians have been given the keys to the nation.

Australia will come to rue this day.

It is telling that in just the last 24 hours the Prime Minister and a host of others have explicitly ruled out laws that will allow people to express the view that marriage is a union between a man and a woman.

The implication is clear: those who hold this view will not be able to express it in the near future.

This website and others will soon face the prospect of being unlawful.

I confidently predict that in my lifetime Christians will be jailed for holding Christian belief. I can also confidently predict that it won’t be the bishops. With few exceptions, we heard more from them about cutbacks to government funding for private schools than we did about marriage. Collectively, this lot have put money before morality.

They’ve lost the latter and it’s only a matter of time before they’ll lose the former unless they sign up to the church of the state. In the process, the catechism of the Catholic Church will be outlawed in this nation.

The persecution of Christian thought has been ongoing for sometime. However, the real pain is just about to begin.

But fight on we must.

We must do it to protect what little we have left for our children. More importantly, we must face seemingly insurmountable odds to provide an example of courage for our children.

They are going to face enormous difficulties. How can we possibly expect them to stand tall and fight hard in their hour of tremendous persecution if we could not do it ourselves in relatively benign circumstances?

So fight on we will.

The next legal battle will be on 5 and 6 December. The High Court will decide if one state’s anti-discrimination laws can be used against residents living in another state entirely.

We are only here because the highest profile anti-free speech activist in New South Wales complained about a post I wrote in Queensland condemning naked homosexual men who exposed themselves to children at the Toronto ‘Gay Pride’ Parade.

The New South Wales Anti-Discrimination Board decided that this complaint had merit. And every state except South Australia is supporting the case. It shows how far we’ve fallen already. It shows where we’re headed too.

I have been advised that I need upwards of $50,000 to cover the legal fees for this hearing. If you can chip in it would be most gratefully accepted. It will be an investment in your children’s future.

And you might pray for a miracle. We surely need one…

We must prevent extreme Labor in Queensland

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We must prevent extreme Labor in Queensland

Let’s make one thing abundantly clear: a vote for Annastacia Palaszczuk’s Labor government is really a vote for Jackie Trad and extreme Labor government.

The Queensland Premier has spent most of the last three years fending off threats from Jackie Trad. It was surprising that she managed to last this long and it will be even more surprising if she’s leading Labor come the next election.

Every political leader only has a limited time at the top and Anna’s time is coming to end.

And there’s one thing we all know about Jackie Trad: she’s gotta do her best to keep Greens voters happy. They’re breathing down her neck in South Brisbane.

Hence her obligatory nod to Islam; she claimed Pauline Hanson’s maiden speech was a disgraceful hate speech.

Hence her rabid support for abortion; she led the charge for unrestricted abortion for any reason up until the day of birth.

Hence her love of Safe Schools:

And hence her love of sucking up to loony inner-city voters by trashing the prosperity of the regions, even if it also meant destabilising the Premier (or perhaps that was just an added bonus).

Cory Bernardi’s Australian Conservatives are not contesting the Queensland election. It’s unfortunate but not unexpected. His party is still building and its first test will be in South Australia in March next year.

But doing nothing in Queensland is not an option. Moderately bad Labor under Annastacia Palaszczuk will become extremely bad Labor under Jackie Trad.

That will mean more Safe Schools, more Green lunacy, more draconian anti-free speech laws, more mosques, more abortion, more taxes and more of everything that is already destroying this nation.

There are only two serious alternatives in Queensland: the LNP or One Nation.

I am not advocating a blanket vote for either. Instead, I urge all Queenslanders to check their candidates and support those who are worthy. Both parties have them and there are some decent independents and Katter candidates as well.

One Nation’s Queensland leader, Steve Dickson, is a good man but he will face a fight for his seat. Malcolm Roberts will also face a tough ask in the Labor stronghold of Ipswich. If you are on the Sunshine Coast or west of Brisbane you may think about lending them a hand.

Likewise, the LNP has some standouts. Mark Robinson is probably one of the few Australian politicians to truly understand Islam and the threat this ideology poses. He is also rock solid on family and life issues. If he ever becomes Premier, Queensland will be far the better place for it.

If you really want to help, it would be best to contact your local candidate directly. I know both One Nation and LNP candidates are looking for volunteers. Give your best option more than your vote – give them an hour or two as well to make it count. Because if you don’t campaign, the result will be won by those who do. And GetUp! is doing that right now.

Conservatives have the biggest untapped support base in Australia and they’ve really only started this caper. However, we managed to turn the marriage vote into a real contest. We can’t afford afford to stop now.

Finally, remember you have to number every box in Queensland. So place Labor and the Greens last.

40 Syrian jihadi veterans are roaming our streets – it’s time for internment

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40 Syrian jihadi veterans are roaming our streets – it’s time for internment

This little whopper seems to have passed under the radar:

ACTING Prime Minister Julie Bishop has warned the 40 terrorists who have returned to Australia from Iraq and Syria — many of whom aren’t behind bars — remain a serious security threat, as a flood of foreign fighters are returning to the region.

You don’t say.

Let’s unpack this a little.

These people went to Syria.

They fought there with the Islamic State.

And now they are back here, roaming the streets.

This is insanity on steroids.

These jihadis should not have been allowed back into Australia. And they should certainly not be allowed to roam free. Next thing we know, we’ll probably find out that they’ve been hoovered up and placed in charge of the ‘de-radicalisation’ programs that are working such a treat.

A grand total of two returned foreign fighters have been charged. And no one even seems to know what has happened to them. Knowing the legal system, which systemically failed in the case of Man Haron Monis, even these two could be kicking around.

I have said this before and I’ll keep saying it until I am blue in the face: you can’t win a war with peace time policing.

And we are at war.

Consider this: 41 Australian soldiers gave their lives in Afghanistan, meaning we lost one son for every 588,536 Australians.

Now consider this: 87 Muslims (as best we know) from Australia have given their lives in Iraq or Syria fighting for the Islamic State, meaning Australia’s Islamic community has lost one son for every 6,944 Muslims.

The Islamic Community’s war time casualty rate is 87 times higher than the rest of Australia’s. As a community this lot is far more committed to the fight than the rest of us.

They’re paying a price in blood because they believe that they are war.

If you add all the Muslims from Australia who have died, fought, been imprisoned for supporting Islamic terrorism, or subjected to security or surveillance measures you start reaching a point where it becomes statistically likely that if you are Muslim, you personally know one of these people.

And that’s only dealing with the terrorists and their sympathisers that we are aware of.

Yet we think that we can deal with this danger by treating it like some common crime with all the legal privileges that peace-time civilisations bestow on criminals.

Only one side is taking this thing seriously and it’s not the side we have entrusted with the responsibility of protecting the nation.

There’s a good reason these 40 psychopaths are free: to charge them with a criminal offence you need evidence that will meet the standards of a criminal court.

It’s a bit hard sending Constable Plod off to Syria to start taking witness statements.

We’re being played for fools by a mob that know our rules don’t work on them, but only work to tie us up.

It is time to rethink internment.

It is a war time solution to a wartime problem: an internal community that represents a threat to the security of the nation due to an allegiance to a ‘foreign power’.

Yes, there’s that term that’s been thrown around so much lately.

Unfortunately, our legal system is so messed up that Barnaby Joyce, who happened to commit the crime of being Kiwi without his knowledge, is deemed to be more of a problem than Jihad Joe who’s returned home from Syria with combat experience and hatred in his heart.

I wrote back in April 2013 that Syria was Australia’s ticking time bomb. It’s about to go off.

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