Defence declares war on conservative webpages

We all know the Australian Defence Force hierarchy have gone PC-mad.

The Chief of Army has admitted that the female recruitment program is a failure likely to result in less women in the military.

Yes. Less women.

And less men too. I’ve been informed by recruiters that they are not allowed to place keen, young and fit blokes in the ever growing number of ‘female only’ slots. That means less soldiers overall.

In corporate speak, this is called a ‘capability gap’. Ordinary Australians would simply describe it as bloody insane.

Speaking of insanity, the Chief of Army mentioned it in his speech letting the cat out of the bag on female recruitment. He described insanity as continuing to try the same old failed methods over and over again. And then he proceeded to push the program that he knows is a dud.

To make this situation even worse, Defence is now seemingly removing advertisements from ‘conservative’ websites. Apparently, advertising to conservative readers is ‘bigoted’, even though Defence’s own internal research shows that the majority of people who sign up to serve Australia have conservative political views and even – shock – believe that Islam is inherently violent.

Defence needn’t have paid for that ‘research’.

The loony ‘Left’ has always hated Defence and you don’t need to be Einstein to grasp an important reality: new age rainbow lovers have a less than tender attitude towards Australian culture, institutions and values. So don’t expect many of them to put their lives on the line for the nation anytime soon. It is conservative Australians who shoulder the load when it comes to defending Australia.

But I digress.

On 24 January the Defence Jobs Twitter account was alerted to Defence advertising on Breitbart, a conservative news website.

Defence Breitbart

However, to be fair, Defence Jobs was told that Breitbart was ‘racist’, ‘sexist’ and ‘homophobic’.

I think the digital dobber forgot to mention ‘Islamophobic’ as well, but hey, there were only 140 characters and I guess Defence instinctively grasped that ‘fact’ anyway. After all, just days earlier Breitbart was prepared to report that the driver behind the wheel during the ‘Melbourne incident’ had proclaimed himself to be a ‘Greek Islamic Kurd’.

Most news outlets in Australia were not so keen to report that fact. And the Victorian police even ordered a reporter to remove footage of a witness reporting that the words ‘Allahu akbar’ were shouted from the car.

Melbourne allahu akbar

But I digress again.

Back to the issue at hand: once alerted to the Breitbart advertisement Defence Jobs responded that they were now ‘getting this sorted’. One can only guess that Defence has now pulled all advertisements from Breitbart and similar sites, or from third parties that advertise on them.

I have asked Defence to confirm this. However, I think the email was automatically directed into the ‘Islamophobic/Homophobic/Racist/Bigoted’ spam filter because I didn’t get a response.

That’s not surprising. Breitbart readers might think a little like me. And the last thing embarrassed Defence head-honchos want is another person taking them to court and proving that they are breaking the law.

However, in the interests of helping Defence meet its goal of recruiting ‘diverse’ soldiers, I will point out that its current emphasis on Islam is not likely to meet the required audience. If Defence really does want fit, young Muslims who are keen on getting behind a gun it should cease with the warm and fuzzy stories about how recruits who can’t drink water are great soldiers.

Instead, it would probably have more success if it simply took an ad out in Dabiq, the Islamic State’s monthly magazine of love. After all, the Islamic State is having more luck than Defence recruiting Muslims from Australia…

(thanks to @Chronic_Remorse for this story)

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of eight children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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