Defence’s ‘genderless’ officer cadet…

I’m sorry to report this. I really am.

If you hoped a vote for ‘marriage equality’ would make the LGBT crowd happy and that they’d simply disappear into the nearest wedding reception centre for an endless party, then think again.

Already the battle lines for next ‘progressive’ social crusade are being drawn.

And that means even if homosexual marriage is legalised, you should not get your hopes up for some peace in the anti-culture wars.

The next conflict will be the gender wars. And the Australian Defence Force has already entered them with all rainbow glitter-guns blazing.

The Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) now boasts its first ‘genderless’ cadet.

Genderless cadet facebook

The ‘genderless’ officer cadet’s Facebook page is currently promoting a petition to allow edits to be made to ‘genders’ on birth certificates at any time. SOURCE: Facebook.

This follows news that ADFA has also established an official ‘LGBTI community’ and released an LGBTI guide for instructors last ‘Wear it Purple’ Day – see Facebook posts embedded below:

Defence has also helpfully issued a policy guide for transgender school cadets, although it has also just as helpfully decided not to release that to the public either. No one wants the Upset Mothers’ Brigade that is dismantling the Safe Schools program to turn its sights on the nation’s military.

I know who would win (apologies to all the soldiers out there trying to do their jobs in the midst of this insanity).

The ‘genderless’ officer cadet is biologically female and in her second year of training. She wishes to be recognised as neither a man nor a woman.

Instructional staff that I have spoken directly with have stated that they have concerns about providing the cadet feedback for fear of being hit with anti-discrimination complaints. Staff are correcting themselves, rather than the cadet, in order to avoid offence. For obvious reasons, no one is prepared to put their name to these concerns.

It would be a career-ending move.

This situation simply boggles the mind.

Instructional staff also have been ordered not to use the pronoun ‘she’ when referencing the officer cadet.

Nor are they able to use the pronoun ‘he’.

For the time being, instructors are to address the officer cadet as ‘Officer Cadet [Last Name]’. Or, in a more personable manner, they can refer to her simply as ‘The Cadet’.

It should not need pointing out that this situation is entirely farcical.

The top brass might have wrapped itself up in knots over pronouns. But the Diggers will have words for this situation. And all of them are perfectly understandable and fit for purpose, even if they are not fit for these pages.

And while everyone is stumbling around the pronouns, Defence is busy re-writing policy.

Lots of policy.

There are standards for females relating to fitness, dress and bearing.

There are standards for males as well. Even though Defence is ‘non-discriminatory’, males are still required to meet higher physical requirements.

But there are no policy standards anywhere for ‘genderless’ Defence personnel. Some boffin buried deep in a bunker at Russell Offices in Canberra is busy writing new policies that will enlighten us all as to how many push ups a ‘genderless’ soldier is required to do.

And what ‘new’ pronoun the physical training instructors can use when yelling at them to go faster (except that yelling is probably now out as well).

I’m guessing that ‘Ze’ won’t be it. No one wants an army where soldiers dress up in weird uniforms and then go about sounding like they’re imitating the SS.

But then again, I could be wrong. Stranger things have happened.

I first mentioned this circus three days ago on my Facebook page.

Since then, I’m aware that Defence has already launched an inquiry into how this weird story has made its way out of ADFA.

Cadets are ducking for cover. And so are parents. No doubt, the solution will be a ban on 17 year old trainees talking to their mothers about the LGBT induction sessions that are held in the cadets’ mess.

No one wants to lose their job. But, somehow in the midst of this ‘debate-about-how-changing-the-law-on-marriage-won’t-result-in-lost-freedoms’, no one quite feels comfortable that they’ll be able to keep it either.

To be perfectly honest, this story is so bizarre that I’m actually quite surprised it’s somehow managed to be kept under wraps for almost two years.

But it’s out now and so it should be.

The most powerful military in the world has just made a decision that transgender persons are unfit for military service.

The US came to that conclusion after some soul searching. While it was all going on, generals were briefed about how they should deal with ‘male’ soldiers who were ‘pregnant’ because they ‘forgot’ to take their hormones.

Pregnant male soldier

US Army briefing notes on ‘pregnant’ ‘male’ ‘soldiers’.

That problem is not a war stopper. The enemy will just keep rolling on, even during labour pains. But it is not a war winner either.

Hence why gestational males can no longer go to war for the United States.

Actually, according to US Army briefing notes there was not a lot of that going on anyway.

Almost every problem caused by transgender soldiers (such as a non-biological female taking up a posting for a job that required an actual female to search other actual females) resulted in the commander being given the ability to simply not deploy the transgender soldier anyway.

On average, every transgender soldier spent almost 7 months ‘transitioning’ and on leave – all funded by the taxpayer. Even after the process, one transgender soldier reported being hospitalised for swollen ankles as a result of an estrogen overdose.

Unfortunately, while the US military is getting back to its core business, the Australian Defence Force is focused on non-discriminatory ablutions, policies and pronouns. Diggers who might have been hoping for generals that would protect their lives on the battlefield are now taking cover from friendly fire.

It’s one thing to put your body on the line for the nation. It’s another thing entirely to find yourself in a job where wrongly-gendered language is likely to make your life more difficult than a stray round or a roadside bomb.

And there’s something else that needs to be mentioned as well.

Transgender persons are 20 times more likely to attempt suicide than others. They are 10 times more likely to suffer from serious depression. A staggering 80% of young transgender persons have self-harmed.

This is not a joking matter. These statistics are deadly serious. And it is morally wrong to put someone who is far more likely to suffer from suicidal thoughts than others in charge of Australian soldiers.

This practice will lower morale, not only of Defence personnel, but of their families as well.

It is difficult enough for a wife to farewell her husband to a war-zone. It is far more difficult if she knows that her husband will be placed under the command of someone who statistically is likely to be suffering from suicidal thoughts far more than others.

Those who suffer from gender dysphoria face an immense personal crisis. They need help and support so that they can accept biological reality.

However, those who pretend there is no problem are responsible for the lunacy currently gripping the Australian Defence Force. They don’t need help at all. They need to be removed from command…

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of eight children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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