DEFGLIS dinner declares war on ‘pockets of resistance’ in Defence

Marise Payne is treating Australians with contempt.

She’s failing in her duties as Defence Minister.

And she should go.

Four weeks after a petition was launched, nearly three weeks after a letter was sent and after several phone calls with her office, the Minister for Defence has failed to even provide a response to the blatant politicisation of the Australian Defence Force during the marriage postal survey.

I’ve been ‘informed’ by embarrassed staffers that Payne is busy.

I’m not sure with what.

Recent media reports show that our submarine program is a failure, our fighter jet program is a failure and even our armoured vehicle program is a failure. Multi-billion dollar duds all of them.

And that’s without any reporting of the fact that our new multi-billion dollar helicopters can’t even land on our new multi-billion dollar warships.

Yet the day I was told that Payne had too much on to explain why Defence was supporting a dinner for a lobby group that campaigns for homosexual marriage, this appeared on social media feeds:

You’ll see Payne in her bright red jacket standing there and campaigning to radically redefine laws on marriage. She’s not too busy for that.

That’s her right. But one wonders whether the Minister for Defence is busier with social justice wars than ensuring our military is able to fight real wars.

And it is a complete dereliction of duty for her to allow the Department she runs to be dragged into this as well.

The Australian Defence Force has a requirement to remain apolitical.

Yet over the weekend it supported a dinner with the leader of Australian Marriage Equality.

It supported a dinner for a lobby group that has been campaigning for homosexual marriage since at least 2011.

And it supported a dinner which attendees claim had a theme: being on the ‘right side of history’.

That all sounds political. Too make matters worse, the keynote speaker from the Australian Human Rights Commission stood up in front of a cabal of LGBT officers within the Australian Defence Force and said this:

While progress has been made, our work continues. And so does yours…

…While pockets of resistance remain in the ADF, a number of personnel now recognise diversity as ‘business as usual’.

It really is incredible. At this speech, war was declared on conservative ADF members.

They are the ‘pockets of resistance’ to the DEFGLIS agenda and they will be hunted down, interrogated and thrown out of service.

That is the clear message from this politicised dinner. It announced a political witch-hunt underway within the Australian Defence Force.

And it will only grow in strength if the laws on marriage change.


I mentioned above that Marise Payne’s staffers were embarrassed.

And they were.

They ‘informed’ me that Defence does not support DEFGLIS or the dinner. They also ‘informed’ me that Defence has never sponsored DEFGLIS.

When I pointed out that the DEFGLIS website was advertising that Defence’s LGBT ‘Defence Pride’ network was listed as an official partner, there was embarrassing silence.

And when I pointed out that Defence’s own webpage showed documents proving that Defence had sponsored DEFGLIS over $7,000 there was embarrassed muttering.

But no answers.

DEFGLIS sponsorship

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of eight children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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