Despatches from the Field: Homosexuals run amok in the Vatican

It has been reported in yesterday’s edition of The Australian that police in Italy have raided a homosexual orgy at an apartment belonging to the Con­gregation for the Doctrine of the Faith:

Vatican police broke up a homosexual orgy last month in an apartment belonging to the Con­gregation for the Doctrine of the Faith — the department charged with, among other things, tackling clerical sexual abuse.

The occupant of the apartment is alleged to be the secretary of cardinal Francesco Coccopa­l­merio, head of the Pontifical Council for Legislative texts and a key adviser to the Pope.

Cardinal Coccopalmerio is said to have recommended his aide for promotion to bishop, but those plans are likely to be disrupted by news of the orgy and by a period spent recovering from a drug overdose in a Rome hospital and another in an Italian monastery.


This article highlights something that conservative Catholics well understand, which is this: homosexuality within the Church has done enormous damage to the Church.

The fact is that the vast majority of clerical sexual criminality that has come to light over the last few decades has been pederasty – that is, a variant of homosexuality where a man lusts after young boys.

There certainly has also been equally-condemnable abuse against young girls, but the rate of offence against young girls has been much less than that of pederasty.

The point is that all these criminal priests and religious completed their studies – six years, in the case of seminarians – without their homosexual tendencies being detected and addressed.

How could this occur?

Often because, throughout the early 1900s, seminaries around the world were infiltrated by a wave of active homosexuals, who abused their positions to ensure that seminarians of that persuasion were subsequently identified, encouraged and selected – which in turn led to the explosion of child abuse that occurred in the second half of the 1900s.

Pope Pius X warned of the dangers of modernism over 100 years ago.

He was right.

And all the horrors that have been revealed in recent times came to pass, as we have so sadly seen.

Countless criminal prosecutions around the world over the last 30 years have seen hundreds of deviant priests and other religious exposed for the criminals they were. They were accordingly both removed from their official positions and jailed for their appalling crimes of sexual abuse.

The vast majority of whom were homosexual.

But homosexual activity within the highest levels of the Church continues to cause scandal and great damage – such as this report of homosexual orgies occurring right inside one of the highest offices within the Vatican itself.

The Pope certainly has many pressing responsibilities that demand his attention and earliest action.

Identifying and removing active homosexual brothers, priests, bishops and cardinals who remain within the Church, including within the Vatican itself – homosexuals who continue to so gravely damage the Church and its faithful – is one of the most urgent.


Jim from Boomba will contribute to this website on occasion under the title ‘Despatches from the Field’. His focus will be to poke a little fun at the insanity unleashed by the Left…

Author: Jim From Boomba

Jim from Boomba is a grumpy, old, white man and contributes to with 'Despatches from the Field' - regular contributions that poke fun at the insanity unleashed on the world by philosophers from the Left...

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