Door to legal recognition of Sharia law is opening



Australia is on the verge of legally recognising Sharia law.

The Religious Freedom Review, launched after the ‘homosexual marriage’ postal survey, contains a panel member who has previously argued for legal recognition of Sharia law. This is what Professor Nicolas Aroney wrote in 2012:

From a Western point of view, the practice of Shari’a is in part a religious liberty issue and, to that extent, its conscientious practice ought to be a right enjoyed by all committed Muslims, qualified only by strictly justifiable limitations imposed by the general law.

Even if this inquiry does not directly recommend the recognition of Sharia law, it is likely to jam the door wide open for its protection anyway.

Another panel member is the President of the Australian Human Rights Commission, Rosalind Croucher. She might not carry the same baggage as Gillian Triggs but she does represent a body that has used ‘human rights’ as a cover to increase its power over all aspects of Australian life and to wage war on our culture, history and civilisation.

And it currently has a glaring vacancy: a Religious Discrimination Commissioner.

It is highly likely that this review will pave the way for another ‘Thought Police’ commissar.

Some might see this role as necessary. It I see it as helpful to this nation as a bullet to the head.

The Race Discrimination Commissioner’s job is to ensure state-sanctioned protection of racial hatred against our Anglo heritage.

The Sex Discrimination Commissioner’s job is to ensure state-sanctioned protection of sexual discrimination against men and heterosexuality.

The Children’s Commissioner’s job is to ensure state-sanctioned protection of discrimination against parents.

And there can be no surprises for guessing what job a Religious Discrimination Commissioner will have or which religion it will target most: Christianity.

It might be too difficult in the current environment to bring in direct legal recognition of Sharia law, but it is quite easy to do the same thing by appointing some trendy Muslim to the role of State Religion Commissar and setting him loose.

After all, this back door method has been working well for some time.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade is busy promoting Sharia compliant clothing under the guise of international relations:

And the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources actually oversees and certifies halal certification in Australia:

Halal certification

There is little time to act. Turnbull’s Religious Freedom Review might be a sham but we still need to make our voices heard.

You can sign my comprehensive submission to this inquiry here. It calls for the protection of our Western Christian civilisation and provides a detailed legal and philosophical explanation why the government must limit freedom for Islam in order to ensure religious freedom for Australians.

And you only have two weeks to do it, so get it done today.

Some might wonder how we managed to get into this situation following the marriage postal survey.

The answer is simple: legalising ‘homosexual marriage’ was always going to result in us stumbling down this road.

Many might find this hard to believe.

After all, Islam hates gays, right?

Well, yes. It does.

And aren’t homosexuals smart enough to recognise the danger?

Well, actually, no.

The LGBT movement is so obsessed with its unholy crusade to destroy Western civilisation that it sees Islam as a key enabler in breaking down the institutions of our society. And it may well be right about that.

The LGBT movement and Islam are on a collision course. But that’s some time off. Before we get there the common enemy, Western civilisation, must be destroyed. Both are chipping away at its fabric. And both want to see Christianity eradicated.

Whatever problems may come in the future, in the here and now, Islam and the radical LGBT movement have a lot in common and are mutual allies.

Furthermore, any ‘advance’ for one of these ideologies will necessarily advance the other.

Take ‘marriage equality’ for example. All of the arguments used to push through homosexual marriage (love is love, equality) happen to be the same arguments that will see polygamy accepted as well. We are on the threshold of the campaign for Sharia marriage equality.

Tim Wilson, the homosexual Liberal MP and former Human Rights Commissioner has already put forward ideas that will see Sharia law recognised:

The proposition is simple: we separate the civil and religious traditions of marriage, but treat them equally in law.

In practice it works along these lines. The Marriage Act would recognise civil marriages. A civil marriage is defined as a union between two people voluntarily entered into for life and can be solemnised by a licensed civil celebrant. The act will also recognise religious marriages in different religious traditions in a different section of the text.

He wrote that back in 2015. In black and white writing he is proposing laws that will recognise Islamic marriage equality.

And the day the postal survey results were announced the Greens gave up any pretence that they were concerned that laws recognising ‘homosexual marriage’ would lead to polygamy:

Those words come from the senior media advisor to Greens’ leader, Richard Di Natale. They were written less than an hour after the postal survey results were made public.

And now we have the Orwellian ‘Religious Freedom Review’.

It’s time to fight back. Sign the submission today.

Sharia Tribunal

This image shows a meeting a the Sharia Council in the UK. There are at least 30 legally recognised Sharia tribunals operating in the UK.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of eight children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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