Door to legal recognition of Sharia law is opening



Australia is on the verge of legally recognising Sharia law.

The Religious Freedom Review, launched after the ‘homosexual marriage’ postal survey, contains a panel member who has previously argued for legal recognition of Sharia law. This is what Professor Nicolas Aroney wrote in 2012:

From a Western point of view, the practice of Shari’a is in part a religious liberty issue and, to that extent, its conscientious practice ought to be a right enjoyed by all committed Muslims, qualified only by strictly justifiable limitations imposed by the general law.

Even if this inquiry does not directly recommend the recognition of Sharia law, it is likely to jam the door wide open for its protection anyway.

Another panel member is the President of the Australian Human Rights Commission, Rosalind Croucher. She might not carry the same baggage as Gillian Triggs but she does represent a body that has used ‘human rights’ as a cover to increase its power over all aspects of Australian life and to wage war on our culture, history and civilisation.

And it currently has a glaring vacancy: a Religious Discrimination Commissioner.

It is highly likely that this review will pave the way for another ‘Thought Police’ commissar.

Some might see this role as necessary. It I see it as helpful to this nation as a bullet to the head.

The Race Discrimination Commissioner’s job is to ensure state-sanctioned protection of racial hatred against our Anglo heritage.

The Sex Discrimination Commissioner’s job is to ensure state-sanctioned protection of sexual discrimination against men and heterosexuality.

The Children’s Commissioner’s job is to ensure state-sanctioned protection of discrimination against parents.

And there can be no surprises for guessing what job a Religious Discrimination Commissioner will have or which religion it will target most: Christianity.

It might be too difficult in the current environment to bring in direct legal recognition of Sharia law, but it is quite easy to do the same thing by appointing some trendy Muslim to the role of State Religion Commissar and setting him loose.

After all, this back door method has been working well for some time.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade is busy promoting Sharia compliant clothing under the guise of international relations:

And the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources actually oversees and certifies halal certification in Australia:

Halal certification

There is little time to act. Turnbull’s Religious Freedom Review might be a sham but we still need to make our voices heard.

You can sign my comprehensive submission to this inquiry here. It calls for the protection of our Western Christian civilisation and provides a detailed legal and philosophical explanation why the government must limit freedom for Islam in order to ensure religious freedom for Australians.

And you only have two weeks to do it, so get it done today.

Some might wonder how we managed to get into this situation following the marriage postal survey.

The answer is simple: legalising ‘homosexual marriage’ was always going to result in us stumbling down this road.

Many might find this hard to believe.

After all, Islam hates gays, right?

Well, yes. It does.

And aren’t homosexuals smart enough to recognise the danger?

Well, actually, no.

The LGBT movement is so obsessed with its unholy crusade to destroy Western civilisation that it sees Islam as a key enabler in breaking down the institutions of our society. And it may well be right about that.

The LGBT movement and Islam are on a collision course. But that’s some time off. Before we get there the common enemy, Western civilisation, must be destroyed. Both are chipping away at its fabric. And both want to see Christianity eradicated.

Whatever problems may come in the future, in the here and now, Islam and the radical LGBT movement have a lot in common and are mutual allies.

Furthermore, any ‘advance’ for one of these ideologies will necessarily advance the other.

Take ‘marriage equality’ for example. All of the arguments used to push through homosexual marriage (love is love, equality) happen to be the same arguments that will see polygamy accepted as well. We are on the threshold of the campaign for Sharia marriage equality.

Tim Wilson, the homosexual Liberal MP and former Human Rights Commissioner has already put forward ideas that will see Sharia law recognised:

The proposition is simple: we separate the civil and religious traditions of marriage, but treat them equally in law.

In practice it works along these lines. The Marriage Act would recognise civil marriages. A civil marriage is defined as a union between two people voluntarily entered into for life and can be solemnised by a licensed civil celebrant. The act will also recognise religious marriages in different religious traditions in a different section of the text.

He wrote that back in 2015. In black and white writing he is proposing laws that will recognise Islamic marriage equality.

And the day the postal survey results were announced the Greens gave up any pretence that they were concerned that laws recognising ‘homosexual marriage’ would lead to polygamy:

Those words come from the senior media advisor to Greens’ leader, Richard Di Natale. They were written less than an hour after the postal survey results were made public.

And now we have the Orwellian ‘Religious Freedom Review’.

It’s time to fight back. Sign the submission today.

Sharia Tribunal

This image shows a meeting a the Sharia Council in the UK. There are at least 30 legally recognised Sharia tribunals operating in the UK.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of eight children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. As has been stated in previous comments, we have our own laws. I don’t care who comes to our country to live, from the middle east, bring their food and some customs, just leave any idea of a caliphate in the west behind and part of that caliphate is Sharia Law, and the forcing of women to wear full face covering, e.g Burkas and the like. I don’t care if they wear their version of a identifies them. We are by the way, a visual society, we like to see smiley faces. The negatives they bring with them are in no way compatible to our way of life in western society.

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  2. Ok, fine, but if you are going to do that then Aboriginal Law, Catholic Church Law, Anglican Church Law, Protestant Church Law, Seven Day Adventist, Mormon, Jehovah Witness, Scientology Church Law must also become Legal as well. I’d like ta see that! I mean, Fairs Fair, Ay!

    Sort of like that Museum in America did when they were ordered by the Court to take down an Evolution Display. They invited every Major Religion & some of the smaller ones (Sth. Sea Islanders) to put up their Creation Stories so as not to be discriminatory. I mean, fairs fair, Ay!

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  3. No sharia law here….never!!!!

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  4. Deport the lot of them & the treasonous politicians that support this garbage.

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    • Here, here John. I second that motion, and the sooner it happens the better.

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  5. The Muslim religion is one that will take over unless we do something about it now. They can lie for the sake of Islam, and It is also written that will take over by invading areas that they want. It also states that they should take out the non believers. The Greens are the worst thing that has ever happened to this country, they want to let 50000 per year to enter. They have to go and go fast before It’s all oer.

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  6. …we need votes for Corey Bernadi’s party to gain the balance of power (or better) in the federal parliament.
    He doesn’t buy any of this. SPREAD THE WORD!!

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  7. This is AUSTRALIA, land of the free. We have our own laws, that have been working for many years and Sharia law is not in any way, shape or form compatible with our laws. The people wishing to force Sharia law on us illegally have no right to do so, as Islam is an Ideology, NOT A RECOGNISED RELIGION. So therefore is not Legally allowed to force itself on Western cultures, particularly Australia. These same people came under the pretense of “immigrating” but had no intention of assimilating from the start, and, by there own words, are only here to destroy our culture and kill us all. This is not a peaceful intention. They should not be tolerated and deported asap to avoid futher devastation to our once great country.
    WAKE UP NOW Politicians.

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  8. One country one law. If they want sharia law they need to return to their home country where this is accepted. This is not the Australian way.

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  9. Sharia Law should not be introduced into Australia not now not ever. If people want to practice Sharia Law they need to relocate to an Islamic country.

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  10. We live in a free country with ONLY ONE law, Australian!

    Sharia Law should NOT be allowed, it is against ALL that Australia stands for.

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  11. Sharia laws is totally uncompatible with Liberal western values. It is an oppressive and sexist system not subject to reason and self criticism.

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  12. I thought this was a democracy. How can a democracy allow the rule of another law that subjugates the very law that allows it? Thats an oxymoron.

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  13. Absolutely NO to Sharia Law I am a Proud Christian My For Fathers were Thrown to the Lions in Rome is Australia going to throw us to the Lions too

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  14. Totally against sharia law This is Australia and the overwhelming majority of people are Christians and people who come here know that it is NOT a Muslim state

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  15. Our country, our laws,don’t like it then leave

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  16. Surely our Constitution does not allow any part of Sharia Law in our country 😡

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    • Wrong. There’s no distinction between church and state in the Australian Constitution.

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  17. No bloody way not in Australia

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  18. No way should Sharia law be accepted into Australian society in any way! It’s the polar opposite of our Australian values. If Muslims are moving to Australia they need to accept our way of life and laws, just as we are expected to do if we were to move to their countries!

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  19. This is Australia 🇦🇺 & it is against our constitution to allow religious laws to conflict with commonwealth law
    As an Australian I do not agree with the sharia laws

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    • Wrong. The US Constitution makes the distinction between church and state but ours doesn’t.

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  20. While I share the very real concerns noted, I think what Prof Aroney is referring to and what we understand from that may be two different things. Aroney is a staunch supporter of religious freedom and Christian heritage. There are 4 categories of what is referred to as sharia and the first two relate to worship and rituals while the other categories relate to ethics and law. In order to maintain religious freedom for all, I think the line should be drawn between these and the first two categories be understood for what they are; religious / cultural practices. (clearly polygamy, FGM etc relate to ethics and law and are outside the realm of worship and ritual i.e. things like prayer direction etc) I believe it is necessary to distinguish between these categories in order to identify how Islam could ever effectively separate mosque from state – surely this is our only hope (slim as it may be!)

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  21. This is Australia we have our own laws everyone has to go by Australian laws if they want to live by sharia laws go back to your own countries were it is practiced stop destroying our country

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  22. Absolutely NOT !!!

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  23. Im no to keen on having this in Aus at all. Gio shara law in the middel east not here

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  24. sharia does not belong in Australia we have our own rule of law

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    • Australians are very tolerant ,but this would be a traitorous act against our Nation .

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      • This modern false virtue of tolerance is the problem

  25. Any law or rule that changes our law, like sharia law, I am totally against.

    As I was against same sex marriage, not because of 2 people loving each other but

    because this law will end up in a step up to many problems.

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  26. One law that is Australian law if they wish to practice sharia tbey can return to an Islamic state.

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    • No way, only one law, that’s Australian law.

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    • You may not like it but it’s the globalist agenda. Why do you think Australians pay a Halal tax that enables Muslims to build their mosques for free?

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