Eyes on Sydney: the train to Parramatta

Welcome to a new feature of this website: Eyes on Sydney.

It will contain regular updates about the state of Sydney. Don’t get too optimistic…


Eyes on Sydney was on the train from Central to Parramatta late last week.

About six rows behind the Eyes were four young Muslim men, all aged under 25. They were discussing, in a mixture of Arabic and clear English, the topic of the day: can a Muslim husband beat his wife?

One stated: ‘The sheikh said you can hit with your left hand, the weakest hand’.

Another responded: ‘What if your strongest hand is the left hand?’.

A very good question in the context of the Koranic rules, regulations and recent debate.

The dialogue continued back and forth in Arabic, before a third stated: ‘You must use the weakest hand, avoiding the face, and you mustn’t leave any marks’.

The men of this most feminist religion disembarked at Granville…


Author: Eyes On Sydney

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