Feminism: beaten by the burqa


Elise Chapman is a woman. She’s also a Councillor at the City of Greater Bendigo.

And Elise is not a fan of female genital mutilation. Nor is she enthused about the fact that a mega-mosque is on the way to the city. It would seem that Elise holds the view that when the latter is built, the former will arrive in town as well. It would also seem that Elise is not afraid of letting people know exactly what she thinks. Now that’s refreshing: a politician who ‘spins it’ by saying it how they see it.

Given this report and this report and this report and this report, Councillor Chapman might just be onto something. Unfortunately, however, the Thought Police are now onto her.

A petition has been launched to hound Councillor Elise Chapman out of office because she takes her duty of voting on town planning decisions for the greater good of Greater Bendigo seriously. On top of that, the Federal Labor Member for Bendigo, Lisa Chesters, says that Bendigo is an inclusive community and that Elise Chapman, not being welcome, should resign and presumably go somewhere else. Apparently, everyone would be much happier if the good councillor just stuffed her conscience in her purse when it comes to the issue of female genital mutilation.

And in the next few days Elise is going to be ‘counselled’ that her views on the subject are wrong. By a man. He’s also going to tell her that whatever Elise Chapman’s views on this issue are, the City of Greater Bendigo has different ones. Better ones. Non-bigoted ones.

I’m not sure that I learned about this style of totalitarian democracy in Year 10 legal studies.

Anyway, cue the feminist outrage and, err, man(?) the barricades! This is the kind of misogyny that whole university departments can feast upon for years.

I always enjoy watching feminist outrage. Invariably it tends to confirm the general truth that you can’t please feminists because they don’t know what they want, but with an added bonus: fireworks. However, in this case, a dame packing a punch would actually serve a useful purpose.

So let’s go and have a look at what the sisterhood has to say about male privilege, Elise Chapman and female genital mutilation.

We’ll start with Daily Life. It likes to think of itself as the leading feminist webpage in Australia. It is also home to Clementine Ford, Australia’s favourite feminist ninja. She’s all coiled anger, ready to spit venom at the slightest indiscretion. Or even at no indiscretion at all.

Alas, however, there’s nothing there. Not a mention of Elise’s plight is anywhere to be seen. However, some dude has written an article about why we should teach our children to be sad. Yep. That fits every feminist stereotype.

Even Ms Ford has found the topic taboo. Instead, she’s given us a list of feminist sexual positions. Apparently she thinks that a woman telling dirtier jokes than distasteful male comedians is going to raise men’s respect for women. Boy, oh boy. My darling Clementine, how little you know.

Unfortunately, while Daily Life is silent about Elise Chapman, not everyone else is. They are speaking up. But not in a good way. The Age, the ABC and, of course, news.com.au all gleefully carry stories on Elise Chapman, informing readers that she faces an angry backlash and her job is now on the line.

To find them, though, you’ll need to wade through umpteen opinion pieces about how male chauvinist pigs are ruining Gillian Triggs’ life and articles letting us know that Aussie girls are throwing off the shackles by burqa-ing it up and heading off to help swell the ranks of the Islamic State the best way that they can.


Unfortunately, if the bra-burners are all tongue-tied about Elise Chapman, the sheikhs are not so silent about the benefits of female genital mutilation.

Take Muhammad Saalih al-Munajjid for example.

He’s got a page devoted to female ‘circumcision’ and it’s very enlightening. Thankfully, we now know that female circumcision is not obligatory in Islam. It’s just highly recommended. And it comes with many benefits. Here is just one:

“Circumcision reduces excessive sensitivity of the clitoris which may cause it to increase in size to 3 centimeters when aroused, which is very annoying to the husband, especially at the time of intercourse.”


I’ve never seen a feminist self-combust, but I think that one sentence has the power to split oestrogen and make them all go up together in one giant sympathetic nuclear detonation. And it should.

But the feminists won’t. That’s because feminists come with an inbuilt safety switch called hypocrisy. They have to be hypocritical. Their whole lives are spent complaining about how lousy men are. But if they have a point about men it is entirely lost in the solution they present. Feminists want to become everything they hate.

As a concept it doesn’t do much except give credence to the most clichéd jokes about women’s logic levels. And it doesn’t help anyone either, least of all women who are out there doing great things: women like Elise Chapman.

I’ve written in the past that feminism is dead. Daily Life’s decision to put a man in its list of the top 20 Australian ‘women’ proved that.

And now we have proof that another ‘ism’ packs way more punch than feminism: Islamism.

For the next wave of Germaine Greers out there, I say good luck. You haven’t been beaten by the ‘men’. It’s far more humiliating: you’ve been bumped off by the burqa.

In fact, the new age feminists breaking through the glass barriers inside the Islamic State are probably going to have far more influence on the future of Australia than you ever will.


If you can, please sign this petition to support Cr Elise Chapman. She is under fire and she needs our help.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of eight children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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