Feminists: Men make better women

Let’s not beat around the bush.

Feminism is dead. At least, that’s the only rational explanation for the bizarre decision by the Daily Life to include a man in its list of Australia’s top 20 women of 2013.

For those who haven’t come across the Daily Life before, it’s a Fairfax website that styles itself as Australia’s leading source of feminist news, views and information.  As you can probably well imagine, its articles are a collection of illogical rants from the who’s who of the femo-nazi brigade.

Like Clementine Ford. Ms Ford likes complaining about the fact that some men view women as sexual objects (and I share her disdain in this regard). Unfortunately, a quick search of her ‘work’ shows that she is infatuated with reporting on women who nude up for a photographer and then upload the photos for public consumption. If darling Clementine wants to help tackle the pornography culture that appeals to men’s lowest passions, she’s, like, not doing it right. Just saying.

This probably explains why Clementine didn’t make the cut as a Daily Life selector for Australia’s top women. But then again, with a Twitter profile describing her as an “unf*ckwithable” “feminist with bared tattoos” maybe there are other reasons why she missed out on the gig.

Actually, on second thoughts, a Twitter handle like that would normally have resulted in her predictable elevation to the panel of judges. How times are changing.

The good news for Clementine Ford is that she can’t actually take any blame for the embarrassing debacle unleashed by her bosses at Fairfax and Daily Life that has effectively killed off feminism.

And that debacle is the admission that a man can not only be a good women, but can be better at it than the 12 million or so Australian sheilas out there who failed to reach his standards of womanliness. Including Clementine Ford.

If the feminists’ goal over the last 50 years was to promote women, then they have surely failed. And there can be no stronger proof than the confession by the feminist movement’s leading lights that after decades of effort men outperform the ladies at being ladylike. What an embarrassment.

I must admit that it would take some courage for a feminist to declare that Australia is so devoid of quality chicks that a bloke is needed to round out the top 20. But this isn’t what happened. A man lobbed in at number 12. That means he even outperformed almost half of our nation’s top female role models. Like I said, what an embarrassment.

So Sarah Oakes, the editor of Daily Life, should be congratulated for her role in this little fiasco. By the way, being the great feminist that she is, Sarah’s Twitter handle makes it clear that she dreams about being a stripper. My, what a wonderful example she is for our nation’s young ladies!

So good on Lieutenant Colonel ‘Cate’ McGregor for showing that men aren’t as useless as the proverbials on a bull.

And he hasn’t just got the Daily Life editors all weak-kneed. He’s pulled one over the Australian Women’s Weekly as well. In the January edition he boldly declares that he’s not a woman, just that he likes living as one. And they gave him an eight page spread, right up front. He even made the cover. Jolly good for him. I like a man that is so prepared to show up the feminists for the pack of air-headed, illogical and underperforming whiners that they are.

It’s also great for our nation’s military. Lieutenant Colonel McGregor’s article features shots of him in full dress uniform, as well as his glossy red nails and lipstick. He even shows a bit of leg. And the article references the fact that he’s still got his dangly bits, won’t change his gender on his birth certificate because it would be unfair to his parents and that if he gets a fake vagina it won’t self lubricate.

In fact, via the Australian Women’s Weekly, this Lieutenant Colonel who works directly for the Chief of Army also informs us that he may one day be able to “sit down to pee” and that he gets strange looks when he wears his female swim suit out in public. Who’d have thought?

McGregor even compares himself to a whoopee cushion!

If that doesn’t cover the Australian Army in glory, I’m not sure what will.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of eight children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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