Homosexuality & Islam: strange bedfellows

I often receive complaints that my objections to homosexuality distract from, or even hurt, arguments against the ongoing Islamification of Australia.

It is a simple complaint and its logic goes like this:

  1. Islam is the biggest problem in Australia.
  2. Islam decrees that homosexuals should be punished and even stoned to death.
  3. Therefore, homosexuals are allies in the fight against Islam.
  4. Consequently, opposition to homosexuality hinders that fight.

This logic kind of make sense on the surface. But it falls down when one asks a simple question: why is Islam the biggest problem in Australia?

The answer to that, of course, is simple too. And it has nothing to do with Islam, and revolves entirely around own weakness.

Islam is not a problem in Australia for any reason other than that our nation has lost its ability to defend itself, its culture and its heritage. And that necessarily means that we have bigger problems than Islam.

If we had any survival instinct at all, there would be no Islamic problem in this country because it simply would not have been allowed to take root and grow. Islam is only here because we are too weak to say no.

Or, to put it another way, a crisis in moral and political leadership and our own lack of self-belief is the problem and the growth of Islam is a mere symptom of it.

As a society, we no longer have a collective sense of values, nor do we know what we believe in.

If you are exasperated that our politicians don’t confront Islam, now you understand the reason why. Those that do have any conviction are generally members of that force of darkness known as The Greens; the vast majority of the rest don’t stand for anything. Consequently, they can provide no rational explanation as to why Islam is wrong. About the only thing they can say is ‘I don’t like it’ and none of them want to sound like Pauline Hanson, so they won’t say anything at all.

Furthermore, if ‘I don’t like it’ is your main argument against Islam, you will never defeat it. Nor will you rectify the situation that has allowed it to expand so rapidly in Australia over the last 15 years.

This whole situation is exacerbated by the generally apathetic approach taken by Australians to philosophical and ideological questions. Beer, barbeques and sport mean we are snoozing into slavery.

Given this sad state of affairs, you can be forgiven for clutching at straws. And hoping that the LGBT movement is going to ride in like a knight in shining armour to save the day is exactly that: wishful thinking. Even if the homosexuals did come to the party, opposing Islam with their ideology is fighting it with the biggest ‘I don’t like it’ of all. But that is not all. It is also a wildly risky move. The LGBT movement is one of the biggest reasons our society has become so weak, confused and emasculated. Hoping that a corrosive force on Western morality will help ward off a virulent cancer attacking its remaining strength is an activity devoid of all hope whatsoever.

And it also fails to recognise the seemingly bizarre alliance between Islam and homosexuality that is fostered by political correctness.

It might seem like an absurd situation. In fact, it is an absurd situation. But the truth is that Islam and the LGBT crowd sleep together. They are strange bedfellows, sleeping beneath a bed head emblazoned with the words “Destroy Christianity”.

On one side you have the LGBT movement: morally-bankrupt, thoroughly-corrupted and vacuous. It cannot logically articulate why anything is wrong, precisely because it does not believe in any form of objective truth or morality at all.

As such, homosexuals generally have no hesitation in joining forces with those who would stone them to death, simply because it is convenient for the moment.

And on the other side you have Islam: a deceitful religious ideology that was founded by a man who knew the importance of playing nice with his enemies until he had amassed enough power to force them into total submission.

As such, Islam is quite prepared to make an alliance with useful idiots in order to secure a bigger victory.

And if you don’t think that the Rainbow/Crescent alliance exists, try these exercises.

Can you name one prominent pro-LGBT politician who is leading the charge to prevent further Islamic immigration, or who is even prepared to express concern about the rise of Islamic jihadis from Australia?

None spring to mind. The Greens won’t say boo and Penny Wong is conspicuous for her silence. The only time the word ‘Islam’ passes their lips is shortly before they rabbit on moronically about how this ‘peaceful’ religion is misunderstood by bigots everywhere. And by bigots everywhere, they mean anyone who is prepared to argue that we should not blindly accept any old belief like they do (unless, of course, it’s Christianity which they believe must be rejected outright).

Or think about this. There are increasing numbers of Muslims with significant media profiles who are consulted for their views on all manner of topics. How many of them are vocal opponents of homosexual marriage?

Waleed Ali? Not on your nelly. Uthman Badar? He might be prepared to defend honour killings but he is certainly not the pin-up boy for efforts to preserve laws on marriage.

It is not really all that difficult to work out why. The LGBT crowd actually likes the fact that Islam is growing and eating into Australia. It weakens and dilutes the primary enemy: Christians. And Muslims aren’t going to complain that a tiny minority is poised to force through changes to marriage laws, regardless of the will of the majority of Australians. The Islamic community wants these laws and a bunch of others changed as well, and LGBT success is proof that they can do it too.

If that still has not convinced you, consider this.

When the Australian Defence Force investigated me for ‘racism’ for expressing the view that Islam can be a tad violent at times, it was not because the Diggers were unhappy. Rather, that complaint came from the Chairman of the Defence LGBTI Information Service.

Like I said, they are strange bedfellows. Their messy divorce might be just over the horizon, but for the present moment Islam and the LGBT movement have formed a loose but intuitive alliance, even if individual Muslims and gay men might think otherwise.

These ideologies even use the same tools to gain power: anti-discrimination laws.

It does not matter what the jurisdiction is. Whether it be state or federal, these laws either actively support immorality (such as laws protecting homosexuality), or equate truth with error (such as laws that provide equal protection to all belief systems).

And the end result is always the same: Christianity is attacked, degraded and weakened inside a country that was founded on and grew prosperous because of its Christian heritage and culture.

Of course, that is exactly what these laws were designed to do.

Furthermore, both the Islamic community and the LGBT activists instinctively understand this. That is why they both are fearful that these laws will be weakened or repealed. Good Muslims will stand united with promiscuous gay campaigners anytime there is a suggestion of this.

Going forward, there can be no doubt that this cosy arrangement will fracture. But that will only come after they have achieved their primary goal: the weakening of Christian influence to the point that both are confident that every last remaining trace of it will be eradicated, even after they go to war with each other.

Additionally, both Islam and the homosexual movement (which is really just the vanguard of the radically totalitarian and militant atheistic forces) believe that they can use each other to achieve their final ends.

Islam thinks that the LGBT lobby and the like will eventually weaken Western civilisation to a point that it will inevitably collapse into its saving arms. And there is a compelling logic to this belief, which is why no rational Islamic group would want to see the West confront and defeat the Rainbow Brigades. It would mean the West is also ready and willing to defend itself against Mohammad’s ideology.

Conversely, the atheists believe that Islam is the greatest asset in their argument that religion should be banned altogether. Islam is violent. It is aggressive. And it provides the emotionally fearful footage that is required to mask the advance of atheism’s totalitarian intent. As such, these anti-Christian forces in the West do not support any efforts to defend Christianity in the Middle East. Nor do they want to confront Islam with the logic and truth that could actually liberate Muslims enslaved within this ideology. After all, human rights as defined by the United Nations are actually a Christian construct and the goal of the LGBT movement and atheists is to remove Christianity altogether.

The point of all this is clear: there is no point confronting Islam for the wrong reasons, because it will only help lay the foundations for an equally offensive atheistic attack on our freedom from within. Furthermore, any attempt to defeat Islam in Australia will be futile while our society does not confront the forces that actually want to see it grow while it is useful to them. And these morally relativistic and liberal forces are running the joint.

That is the biggest problem of all.

It all sounds pretty grim. So what can we do?

It’s simple. Stand your ground and back the power of truth over error and of goodness over evil. True Christian teachings destroy the vacuum of atheism and the destructive passion of Islam. It is time to start being proud of what we are and the beliefs we hold. After all, they have been passed down to us by those who actually built this nation and fought to save it, and they come from Jesus Christ Himself.

And once we are no longer afraid of admitting our allegiance to God Himself in the public sphere, most of the rest will just fall into place.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of eight children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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