Liberals & Abortion: Crawling forward & leaping backwards

I’m the first to admit that I’m not the greatest fan of the Liberal Party.

But I’m also happy to acknowledge when they get it right.

And over the weekend, the Victorian branch of the Liberal Party got it right.

At the State Council, members voted to repeal provisions of the Victorian abortion laws that prevent doctors from exercising their conscience.

These anti-choice laws were put in by the Labor party in its dying days of government in 2008.

And they are anti-choice. Make no bones about it.

How can any law be pro-choice when it prevents a doctor from doing what he believes to be right to protect life?

How can any law be pro-choice when it strips all rights to exercise freedom of conscience?

How can any law be pro-choice when doctors are hounded because they do not want to support an abortion carried out simply because the child in question is an unwanted little girl?

If ‘choice’ is the mantra used by the pro-abortion lobby, then they’d be pretty hypocritical to support anything that removed choice.

But that’s exactly what they have done.

Now the Liberal Party membership in Victoria has passed a very strong message to elected representatives that they want these laws changed. And this is not just a Liberal membership thing. Australians from all walks of life believe in freedom of conscience.

It’s now up to the politicians to act.

And it’s great to see that politicians from all parties are preparing to do just that. Even the Labor Party has given Victoria a strong and principled woman in Christine Campbell – she is most certainly to be applauded for her bravery in the face of a party stacked with militant, pro-abortion, EMILY’s List women.

And while this is just a first small step on the path to protecting life, it’s still a step in the right direction.

Because there’s still much more to be done.

Doctors require the freedom to exercise their conscience. But a child will tell you that a conscience that supports death over life is not performing as it should and cannot be followed.

That’s why murder is wrong. And because it’s wrong, it’s illegal.

It would simply be absurd to argue that the connection is the other way around. If it was the other way around, there would be no problem with legalising murder.

There is actually no choice whatsoever when it comes to protecting life. Both doctors and the state have a duty to protect it. That’s why only a conscience devoid of logic and right understanding could support abortion. And that’s why the Victorian abortion laws are so evil.

They legalise the culture of death, while criminalising medical practitioners who do what is right: preserving life.

And a child growing in its mother’s womb is most certainly alive and deserving of protection.

Which brings us to New South Wales and the recent passage of ‘Zoe’s Law’ through the Lower House. Once again, the Liberal Party has got it right.

Zoe’s law recognises that a foetus is actually a person. That got the pro-abortion crowd up in arms, but it is most certainly true that a foetus is alive and literally kicking. Just listen to any mother tell her child about her pregnancy and you’ll always hear the story about the kicks.

It’s beautiful. And children love to hear it. They know that they were alive and growing before they were born.

Of course, Zoe’s Law does have some philosophical flaws. The legal definition of life is arbitrary: 20 weeks or 400 grams.

That’s not a real definition of life in anyone’s books. If it was, it’d mean that anyone reading this will still be alive even after they’ve shuffled off from their mortal coil.

But it’s still a start. A child murdered in its mother’s womb is still murdered. Even if the law is so flawed that it does not recognise it.

Hopefully, this protection will soon be recognised by the law in New South Wales.

Finally, while elements of the Liberal Party have got it right recently, the party still has serious problems with life.

Not only did the Liberals campaign federally on a promise to allow women to continue receiving paid parental leave payments for late term abortions, but its MPs are actually voting for abortion, even though they know that they are passing laws that result in the destruction of human life.

For instance, Paul Harriss voted for Tasmania’s new laws decriminalising abortion and criminalising those who might dare speak against it.

That’s bad enough, but this politician had the gall to admit that an unborn child was actually a person.

In fact, Paul said in parliament that an unborn child “is a living, developing human being”. And then he went and voted for the law that would allow them to be ripped apart inside their mother’s womb. For economic reasons. Right up until they day they are born.

The Liberals have taken two little steps forward. But that’s been more than cancelled out by a giant leap backwards.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of eight children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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