Losing the Western will to fight (Part 3): The insidious really civil war

How did the West get to a point in which it loses aimless wars waged against goat herders who hold beliefs that cannot be criticised without booking yourself a date with the closest anti-discrimination tribunal?

Is it just the misfortune of war?

Is it simply a case of bumbling presidents, sidekick prime ministers and inept generals?

If you don’t think the first question is worth asking, then please leave. You will find everything on this website offensive because it will radically challenge your illogical beliefs and inability to reason. You are the problem.

If you answered yes to the last two questions, pat yourself on the back for at least recognising that there is a problem. But understand that your reasoning is superficial. And until you can use your logic then you will also be part of that problem.

Of course, if you answered no to the last two questions, then you should be congratulated. You are part of the solution.

The West lost Iraq and Afghanistan because it has pretty much lost a much more important war: the civil war waged for its soul.

It is a war without guns. That doesn’t make it nice. It makes it sinister. The West is engaged in an insidious war that is fought with a veneer of civility. This is the important war.

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are not unimportant. But they are still a sideshow that only highlights the damage inflicted on the main front: the home front.

It is a historical fact that Western civilisation is based upon Christianity. All of the West’s institutions, from the military, to the legal system, to the structures of government and even the understanding of its basic building block, the family, are rooted in Christian beliefs, values and ethics.

There is no getting around this. Anyone who says differently is either a liar, or someone who ignorantly promotes an untruth. Which kind of makes them like a liar anyway.

It is also a fact that despite these Christian foundations, Western nations are run by relativistic secular humanists. It does not matter that the leaders of these nations may claim to be Christian. That is just an empty title; a smokescreen; a disguise.

Whether by design or otherwise, these leaders are at war with Christianity and want to see it destroyed. They will use any tool at their disposal in that task. For these people, Islam is not an enemy but an ally. Secular humanists seek to use Islam against Christianity and make the rather hopeful assumption, given all that’s happened in history, that they will be able to control the beast that they unleash.

This is important to understand. It explains the contradictions and confusion that abounds in Western nations struggling to define their values and beliefs. It also provides a reason for the absurdities of these wars. And by absurdities, I mean the following:

  • Fighting those responsible for September 11 and other Islamic attacks by building mosques and creating states based upon Sharia Law.
  • Sending soldiers overseas to fight jihadis, while allowing jihadis to immigrate and settle into Western nations.
  • Waging war against those who fight on the basis of their Islamic beliefs, while taking disciplinary action against soldiers who dare to question whether those beliefs are valid.
  • Actively seeking to recruit Muslims into Western armies.

These are just some examples of craziness. There are many more. In particular, the Australian Defence Force has even admitted in a written document that its members are allowed to vilify Christianity but that they would be severely dealt with for doing so in relation to Islam.

This also disproves the allegation that somehow Western military action in Iraq and Afghanistan is a form of Christian crusade. These wars are nothing of the sort. They are secular humanist military adventures that violate all the fundamentals of Christian teaching on the ethics of warfare.

As an aside, this is why I was ordered not to say ‘Merry Christmas’ while deployed with American forces in Iraq in 2008. It wasn’t to keep the local Muslims happy. It was a decision made in response to militant atheistic demands back in the United States. It is a dramatic example of the deceit in the modern concept of freedom.

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The first point of Christian Just War theory is that you don’t go to war if things won’t get better. And things can’t get better if you have no chance of winning. And there is no chance of winning the way the West fights because it doesn’t know why it’s at war with Islamic ideology in the first place.

So until it sorts that problem out, the West should not go to war anymore.

And the only way the West can sort that problem out is by sorting out what it actually stands for.

This ties in nicely with another aspect of Just War theory. It states that the reason for war must also be morally legitimate. It’s a bit hard to have a morally legitimate war when Western governments are eschewing the ideas of morals altogether. They have become nothing more than value free zones of despotic humanistic atheism, living off the dwindling credit of Christian civilisation while imposing ever more draconian provisions on their own citizens. Remember, the majority of these citizens are still at least nominally Christian, but they have lost all power in their own democracies.

It doesn’t seem like much to fight for and that is one reason why popular support for Western military efforts has fizzled in the wind. Add to this the fact that Osama bin Laden’s allies are busy using anti-freedom measures contained in anti-discrimination legislation to impose control and make Western countries more like the Middle East and there’s no reason to fight at all.

Yes. Islam is a problem. And yes, it has been an implacable enemy of the West since its inception. And yes, Islam is behind recent atrocities that are nothing more than the continuation of 1500 years of conflict with the West.

But it is not the main enemy. And it certainly cannot be said that the West’s response in Iraq and Afghanistan was a logical reaction to those facts. It was an illogical response based upon the new materialistic nihilism that has almost overcome the West. The purpose of these wars was not to fight the threat of Islam, but simply to do something to appease an emotionally enraged population.

We live in a world of instant gratification. And governments now see the armed services as the means by which military force can be used to achieve the collective gratification of the nation state. There is nothing just about this. Might is right, in the basest possible way.

Unfortunately, instant gratification comes with side effects. It’s called a hangover. Once the initial rush of euphoria has worn off, regret takes hold and sluggishness and lethargy sets in. Western militaries will not be exempt. They are already feeling its effects. It’s hard to recruit people when society has only one rule: live for yourself.

Who wants to sign up to put themselves in harm’s way to protect others when the very act of doing so completely violates the new religious dogma of the West?

This philosophy can only lead to the further weakening of our society.

And with this new culture, those who command the military will have a new view of their role. It won’t be to defend the laws of the land. It will be to defend their own personal interests.

This means that Western militaries will no longer be apolitical entities dedicated to defending their people. They will become political machines equipped with the power to get whatever they want, regardless of what the law says.

It won’t happen overnight. But the process is already underway.

The Australian Defence Force provides a great example. It is not apolitical anymore. For the first time in our nation’s history, it is has decided to take part in domestic political activity. It now marches in support of homosexual marriage. This is not just a breach of the law which prohibits military involvement in political debate, it is also an attack by the military on the extant law of the land.

In effect, the Australian Defence Force has joined in battle in our society’s insidious but really civil war.

And it has taken sides with those who seek to destroy its very foundations: Christianity.

This should send shivers down the spine of anyone who believes in the rule of law, freedom and limited government. These concepts are all rooted in the Christian view of the dignity of the person and objective morality. And the Australian Defence Force’s actions show that it has a complete disdain them.

True, most of the soldiers within it do not. But they are now being directed to march to a very different tune to the one that previous members of the Australian military marched to. This one has a false prelude of freedom, derived from the nihilistic vacuum of moral relativism. But already the totalitarian undercurrents can be heard. And like all totalitarian tunes, the music always becomes a little more unpleasant to face, while resistance is increasingly crushed.

The loss of Western values in the military is only one facet of this war. Every other institution is under attack. And if we don’t act soon, this war will be lost. It might sound trite to say it, but that is when the guns will come out.

And if you don’t believe this, it only shows that you have no sense of history. Not the far off history of some distant time and place. But history that has occurred within the lives of those who still live today.

Totalitarianism, communism and fascism have all gripped Western nations within the last century. And the principle problem of all these ideologies was their attack on the building block of society: the family unit, which is only truly protected by Christianity.

That is why all these concepts waged war on Christianity.

These concepts are still alive and well today but go by new names: feminism, moral relativism and radical capitalism, which is little more than privatised communism without the token nod to an idea of an equal share for all. It is might is right in a war fought with money.

And the most insidious terms of all are tolerance and diversity. Wherever they are found, there is no tolerance for Christianity and there is no freedom of thought.

And it is these concepts that truly unhinged the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. They demand the illogical: that the beliefs of the enemy be accepted as valid. And that necessarily means accepting that your own are no better.

It makes for illogical wars that end in illogical ways. Confusion is the only winner. Nothing will change until the West regains a sense of who it is and what it is based upon: Christianity.

This is the third of three posts exploring the link between the failures in Iraq and Afghanistan and the battle for Western civilisation’s soul.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of eight children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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