Why Malcolm Turnbull doesn’t have the guts to ban Hizb ut Tahrir

Hizb ut Tahrir has a distinguished record in Australia.

The Coroner’s report into the Lindt Café terrorist attack details in great detail the lengthy association between Hizb ut Tahrir and Man Haron Monis.

And this can hardly be surprising.

Hizb ut Tahrir is associated with:

Given all of this, one must wonder why this organisation has not been banned due to threat it poses to the safety of Australians.

One answer to this question lies with Duncan ‘There’s-no-link-between-refugees-and-terrorism’ Lewis. He’s the head of ASIO who has covered himself in glory recently by doing his best to hide the fact that almost every terrorist incident in recent times has drawn inspiration from the Koran.

Today, he’s advised the government not to ban Hizb ut Tahrir.

That’s one answer.

The other is this: banning Hizb ut Tahrir will take a bit of ticker. It’ll mean standing up to a large number of sympathisers within the Islamic community, including the Defence imam.

But here are some others who have publicly backed Hizb ut Tahrir, signing a petition in 2015 that stated this:

5) We strongly oppose Prime Minster Abbott’s politically convenient threats to ‘tackle’ and ‘crack down’ on Islamic groups such as Hizb ut-Tahrir who disavow and have never supported terrorist acts, and whose only ‘crime’ has been to criticise the Abbott Government’s stance towards Muslims domestically and abroad, as they are well within their rights to do. We also oppose the bullying of Sheikh Dr Ibrahim Abu Muhammad by Mr Abbott for his criticism of Mr Abbott’s attempts to silence individuals’ and organisations’ legitimate criticisms of his policies.

Signatories included:

  1. Ahlul Sunnah wal Jamah Association New South Wales
  2. Ahlul Sunnah wal Jamah Association Victoria
  3. Al Noor Islamic Association [Masijd Nur] [Sydney, NSW]
  4. Australian Muslim Advocates for the Rights of All Humanity [Brisbane, Queensland]
  5. Ansar Sisters [Youth Group]
  6. Assalam Initiative [Indonesian community organisation]
  7. Auburn Islamic Center / Arcade Mosque [Sydney, NSW]
  8. Australian Islamic Mission – Punchbowl Mosque [Sydney, NSW]
  9. Australasian Muslim Times (Muslim community newspaper)
  10. Australian Muslim Faces Portal
  11. Australian Muslim Voice
  12. Azhar Mosque [Belmore, Sydney]
  13. Baytal Hikmah Islamic Center [Melbourne, Victoria]
  14. Cumberland University Muslim Students Association [CMS] [NSW]
  15. DawahMatrix [Queensland]
  16. Fajar Islam – Indonesian Community organisation [Sydney]
  17. Federation of Australian Muslim Students and Youth (FAMSY) Queensland
  18. Fitzroy Mosque [Melbourne, Victoria]
  19. Forum on Australia’s Islamic Relations [FAIR]
  20. Forum Pengajin Jum’at – Indonesian Community organisation [Sydney]
  21. Global Islamic Youth Centre [GIYC] [Sydney, NSW]
  22. Gold Coast Mosque [Queensland]
  23. Hiraa Muslim Sisters of Canberra [Muslim Women’s Association]
  24. Hizb ut-Tahrir Australia
  25. Indonesian Islamic Association Inc. Sydney
  26. Islam in Focus Australia [Queensland]
  27. Islamic Awareness Forum of UNSW [IAFUNSW] [NSW]
  28. Islamic Council of Western Australia
  29. Islamic Da’wah Central Australia (IDCA) [Community organisation; NSW]
  30. Islamic Foundation for Education & Welfare [IFEW] [NSW]
  31. Islamic Information and Services Network of Australasia [IISNA] [Victoria]
  32. Islamic Society of Belconnen [ISB] [Australian Capital Territory]
  33. Islamic Society of Deakin University [Victoria]
  34. Islamic Society of Gold Coast [Queensland]
  35. Islamic Society of Victoria University [Victoria] Islamicate [Educational institution]
  36. Com Web Portal
  37. Keluarga Jawa Timur – East Java Community [Sydney]
  38. La Trobe University Islamic Society [Victoria]
  39. Macquarie University Muslim Students Association [MUMSA] [NSW]
  40. Monash University Islamic Society [Victoria]
  41. Multicultural Eid Festival and Fair Consortium (MEFF Consortium) [NSW]
  42. Muslim Debate Initiative Australia [MDI]
  43. Muslims in Medicine [University of New South Wales] [NSW]
  44. Muslim Legal Network Western Australia
  45. Muslim Students Association of Victoria [peak body]
  46. Muslim Women Welfare and Advocacy Association of Western Australia
  47. Noble Park Mosque [Bosnian community] [Victoria]
  48. Preston Mosque [Victoria]
  49. Raudhatul ‘Ilmi – Indonesian community organisation [Sydney]
  50. Regents Park Mosque [Sydney, NSW]
  51. RMIT University Islamic Society [Victoria]
  52. Salam Care [Muslim NGO]
  53. Sefton Mosque [Sydney, NSW]
  54. Seena Incorporated (Publishers of Australasian Muslim Times)
  55. Shepparton Mosque [Melbourne, Victoria]
  56. Sharjah Islamic Association [Queensland]
  57. Sisters’ House Services Inc Qld [Queensland]
  58. Slacks Creek Mosque [Queensland]
  59. Somali Organisation for Development Aid [SODA]
  60. Stories in the Park Initiative [Sydney]
  61. Swinburne University Islamic Society [Victoria]
  62. Sydney University Muslim Students Association [SUMSA] [NSW]
  63. Taqwah Mosque, Canberra [Australian Capital Territory]
  64. The Islam Project University of Melbourne Islamic Society [Victoria]
  65. University of Technology Sydney Muslim Students [UTSMS] [NSW]
  66. University of Western Sydney Muslim Students Association [UWSMSA Bankstown] [NSW]
  67. University of Western Sydney Muslim Students Association [UWSMSA Campbelltown] [NSW]
  68. University of Western Sydney Muslim Students Association [UWSMSA Parramatta] [NSW]
  69. Werribee Mosque [Melbourne, Victoria]
  70. Western Australia Muslim Lawyers Association

Regardless of how you look at this, there’s 70 Islamic organisations that have backed Hizb ut Tahrir. Australia, we have a problem…

And this doesn’t even take into account the ‘prominent personalities’ who also signed this petition, including the President of the Australian National Imam’s Council.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull just doesn’t have it the guts to handle this mob. He’d rather do nothing and watch this situation worsen.

And if that’s bad enough, all the indications are that Bill Shorten will be PM after next election…

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of eight children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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