Marise Payne’s Defence Force discriminates against men

This would normally surprise.

But I’m just not sure anymore.

The world has drifted so far from the moorings of reality that crazy is the new normal.

I received a document earlier this week. It details Defence recruitment priorities over the next 12 months.

It’s pretty simple really. General enlistment jobs for soldiers, sailors and airmen are colour-coded red, orange and green. The trusty stoplight system.

Green jobs have recruiting targets now. Orange ones have targets for recruitment in 6-12 months. And red jobs are not priorities. There are no targets for these positions for at least the next 12 months.

Male infantry roles are flagged with the red stoplight.

So are male armoured cavalry roles.

So are male combat engineer roles.

And so are male artillery roles.

According to Defence’s recruiting spreadsheet, blokes will not get a look-in for these roles until late 2018.

The details on this document are backed up by what I’ve been hearing as well. In fact, the informed word is that the Army has simply halted processing new male recruit applications for combat roles. Further, those who have already applied for front line positions are being told to withdraw their applications or to apply for a job that’s a little less warlike.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Let me be very clear.

Do not mistakenly assume that the Army is simply not currently recruiting people for combat jobs. It is.

Nor are these positions ‘full’. They aren’t.

That is very clear in the document as well.

It’s just that the only people who have the green light for recruitment into warfighting roles within the Army over the next 12 months are female.

There’s just one exception.

I have also been informed, verbally, that if you happen to be hindered with the unfortunate attribute of being male but you are lucky enough to be of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent then you may apply for these jobs too.

This recruitment strategy comes after the Chief of Army’s speech on International Women’s Day spruiking the idea of doubling the number of females inside the baggy green skin. It also follows the introduction of new politically-correct indoctrination courses being run in Army brigades that focus on things like gender diversity.

Like I said, this should surprise. It seems unbelievable. But, then again, we are in 2017 and the Australian Human Rights Commission has been running amok inside the military for far too long. Even after former Chief of Army, David Morrison, broke down and started wearing high heels, this mob kept going.

It won’t stop until the rest of the ADF is in high heels too.

Along the way, our nation’s military capability will suffer. And an institution that has been cherished by millions of Australian families will turn its back on them.

Defence has declared war on white, Anglo-Australian males. It is openly discriminating against them.

The Australian Defence Force does not want people like you because of your race. That makes #yourADF (as senior generals and admirals like to hashtag about on Twitter) a racist organisation that is really only #somepeoplesADF. It’s such a shame really.

When I served there were hardworking and dedicated Australians from all backgrounds. They worked well together because they came together as a single team, with one mission and where everyone was expected to do their job and respected when they did.

It’s very different now. And it is shown very clearly in Defence’s latest recruitment campaign.

Everyone is picked due to their minority status. And everyone gets a guernsey except the poor ol’ white fella.


Defence recruiting 1Defence recruiting 2Defence recruiting 3

The New Age Defence Force doesn’t advertise with VC winners. But it does use a guy who went to Saudi Arabia on the Defence Force dime to participate in a Koran recitation contest to get recruits through the door.

I’ll let you guess, for the time being, which smiley face above did that.

But don’t take my own word for this. Read Defence’s own documents.

Two years ago, a glossy report with the Defence Force logo on it surfaced after careful consideration in the elite world of academia. And it stated this about Anglo-Australian males:

Compared to the wider community, Defence is an Anglo-Australian, male-dominated organisation.

Such a demographic profile is no longer desirable or sustainable.

Defence clearly has no desire for Anglo-Australian males at the moment. Which means they are being actively discriminated against for recruitment.

And that means the number of them in the Defence Force is most certainly unsustainable. It can hardly be otherwise if the military head honchos won’t let them in the front door.

It is abundantly apparent that this report is now being put into action in a big way. In what should give some comfort to North Korean megalomaniacs, this report also identified that the focus on battlefield courage was a barrier to the integration of minorities into our fighting forces:

It is primarily the Anglo-Australian male soldier renowned for acts of courage in battle who is iconised as the ideal identity in the organisation. Yet other values are just as meaningful for the organisation. This normative language practice excludes other values and other people.

It went on to state:

To counter this kind of inadvertent but systemic exclusivity, it is important that the organisation exemplifies more values than just those values related to tenacity, such as courage, and at the same time creates new kinds of heroes. In an inculcated culture such as Defence, values have a serious role to play in the formation of identity in military members. The effective inculcation of a potentially diverse demographic is at stake.

So it won’t be long before courage is out in order to get minorities in.

The problem the New Age Army has, however, is that the New Age plan has some problems.

From what I’ve been told, only three females have applied for jobs in the infantry in recent times across the entirety of Australia. And two of them were deemed unsuitable, even though the physical requirement for recruit candidates is the ability to eke out four push-ups.

Most likely, if you can’t do that, then you’re probably already on the way to hospital. Or the morgue.

So despite this plan, don’t expect to see battalions of females marching around anytime soon.  The Army might want ‘em but the love is only one way. The vast majority of Australian women are simply not interested. And you know what, that is actually normal and natural.

Of course, Army recruiters have been told that if there are no suitable females but a qualified male is ready to go, they still cannot enlist him.

I hate to tell it to you guys, but you’re being ignored even if you are stronger, fitter, faster. That’s how it swings in the post-Liz Broderick/David Morrison Army.

And if you think the Army has lost the plot, things are even worse in the other services.

Only one of the 18 jobs currently a recruitment target priority for the Navy is open to males. And in the Royal Australian Air Force, all seven jobs listed as a recruitment target in the next six months are for women.

The good news, blokes, is that Defence is happy to make exceptions for Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander persons. And, according to a very unhappy recruitment adviser, no one ever checks if people actually do have such an ethnic background.

And who’s to know what indigenous really means anyway? Plus it’s also rude to pry too deeply.

So if you’re born in Australia, maybe you are a native after all.

Failing that, you could also claim to be a women. That seems to work a treat these days too.

Meanwhile, spare a thought for those serving the nation in the midst of this madness.

They can see the top brass have lost the plot. They know if they speak up they will lose their job. And they are telling me that if they do their job and implement these plans, it could well lead disaster.

As I was told by one brave individual this week, the concern is that Defence’s PC madness will not change until someone dies.

And I’m hearing the same story from other men and women serving in the military as well (yes even the girls are telling me this is insanity).

The Defence Force doers who protect this nation, the soldiers, sailors and airmen, are not just prepared to face an external enemy. They are enduring the dangerous and politically-correct morale black holes behind them as well.

And they work in a department overseen by Marise Payne. Don’t expect anything to change anytime soon…

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of eight children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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