‘Marriage equality’ heads down Sharia Law Highway

What a pickle we’re in.

The push for homosexual marriage will necessarily hit freedom of political communication and religion very hard.

The only way to address this is to implement laws protecting religious freedom.

And the consequence of that will be legal recognition and protection of Sharia law:

Australians are being warned that a rush to legislate religious freedom could open the door to sharia law, as senior conservatives call for “cooler heads to prevail” in the growing dispute over the protections needed when parliament enacts marriage equality.

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton and Defence Personnel Minister Dan Tehan are urging colleagues to avoid sweeping amendments with unintended consequences, such as creating religious enclaves shielded by law.

It kind of brings back memories of this:

Voting yes for homosexual marriage will be voting yes to opening the door to ‘marriage equality’ for the Islamic community as well.

I wrote that back in August.

And memories of this:

Proposed changes to marriage laws will lead to the inadvertent recognition of Sharia law marriage, polygamy and divorce in Australia.

Any changes to marriage laws to please one minority group will result in calls for other minority groups to also have their views on marriage enshrined in law as well. Furthermore, proposals have already been put forward to recognise all religious marriages in order to ensure that any changes to marriage laws do not limit freedom of religion or political communication.

I wrote that back in May 2016.

And memories of this:

It might seem like an absurd situation. In fact, it is an absurd situation. But the truth is that Islam and the LGBT crowd sleep together. They are strange bedfellows, sleeping beneath a bed head emblazoned with the words “Destroy Christianity”.

On one side you have the LGBT movement: morally-bankrupt, thoroughly-corrupted and vacuous. It cannot logically articulate why anything is wrong, precisely because it does not believe in any form of objective truth or morality at all.

As such, homosexuals generally have no hesitation in joining forces with those who would stone them to death, simply because it is convenient for the moment.

And on the other side you have Islam: a deceitful religious ideology that was founded by a man who knew the importance of playing nice with his enemies until he had amassed enough power to force them into total submission.

As such, Islam is quite prepared to make an alliance with useful idiots in order to secure a bigger victory.

I wrote that way back in July 2014.

Along the way I have been ridiculed. Often by sneering journalists on the ‘Left’. That was expected.

However, it was frustrating to be told by Australians who are concerned about Islam that my concerns about homosexual marriage were a distraction in this fight.

But I was right. Australia’s national newspaper is all of a sudden linking ‘marriage equality’ with Sharia law.

Small comfort. I’d rather be wrong if it meant that we were not now confronting this nightmare scenario.

Legalising homosexual marriage without religious freedom protections will result in a state-sanctioned Christian persecution.

Legalising it while implementing religious freedom protections will necessarily entail giving legal rights and recognition to Sharia law. That will also end up leading to state-sanctioned Christian persecution too.

Of course, the simple solution to this problem is not to legalise homosexual marriage.

Failing that, it would be to recognise that Australia is built on Western Christian values and offer legal protections only to those who defend them.

And that will never happen.

Indeed, Bill Shorten and Malcolm Turnbull, both avid defenders of religious freedom while votes were still being cast are now arguing that the problem should not even be dealt with during the rush to parliament’s rainbow altar.

They tell us parliament will look at it next year.

That’s code for they have no intention of debating laws to protect Christians at all.

In any event, the ‘exceptions’ that may be passed are not there for the long haul. It only takes a Labor government and they’ll be repealed, never to be heard of again.

In the meantime, Christians will face lawfare while Islamic enclaves will not.

Practically, Islam will be protected. Islamic enclaves are just that. There’s not much call for gay wedding cakes in those areas. And the homosexual activists, so keen to try on their tricks against Christian grandmothers are not so keen to do the same with Muslims.

They’re cowards and the Islamic world knows it.

It’s one thing to lodge a complaint against a law-abiding Christian charity. It’s another thing entirely to ask Halal Certified Baklava Brothers to make you a rainbow cake. An explosive one might just turn up on your doorstep.

To make matters worse, you can bet your bottom dollar that the anti-discrimination crowd will come up with a solution that will only exacerbate problems: look out for ‘religious freedom’ laws that only protect ‘ethno-religious’ communities.

That way Muslims will be protected legally. And Christians won’t.

That’s the way the elite want it. That’s where it is headed. Australia voted for this. And as I said last week, as a nation it will get everything it deserves…

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of eight children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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