Millstones & Macquarie Grammar School

According to St Matthew’s Gospel, Chapter 18, Jesus Christ had some very harsh words of warning for those who scandalise children.

And according to an article on the Sydney Daily Telegraph website, dated February 19, Dr Darryl Gauld stated that he was letting his students march in the Mardi Gras to promote the Macquarie Grammar School.

These are the exact words of St Matthew:

And Jesus calling unto him a little child, set him in the midst of them,

And said: Amen I say to you, unless you be converted, and become as little children, you shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.

Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, he is the greater in the kingdom of heaven.

And he that shall receive one such little child in my name, receiveth me.

But he that shall scandalize one of these little ones that believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone should be hanged about his neck, and that he should be drowned in the depth of the sea.

And this is the exact text from the Daily Telegraph website:

There is again only one school joining in Sydney’s mardi gras parade but Macquarie Grammar principal Darryl Gauld almost said no to participating this year.

He changed his mind when he heard the parade was going to be televised.

“This is Sydney’s largest parade and the biggest of its kind in the world,” Dr Gauld said. “Three million people will be watching it on television.”

The 10-year-old independent school has 120 students and has joined in the parade for four years.

Dr Gauld said he wanted more people to know about his city school.

“I am a business teacher. I make no secret about wanting to promote the school,” he said.

I guess it is safe to say that Dr Darryl Gauld and Jesus Christ have two different views about children and the promotion of scandalous behaviour to them.

Our Lord Jesus Christ says it is better for a person to be buried at the bottom of the sea than scandalise a child. That’s a pretty bleak thought. On the other hand, Dr Darryl Gauld believes that allowing children to participate in the Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras is great because it promotes his school. All publicity is good publicity, right?

Well, I guess not.

Unfortunately, one of the two wants to sue me for defamation. The good news is that it is not the founder of Christianity, although He probably has a pretty good case considering that He was crucified in an egregious breach of both Jewish and Roman law for offences that I have committed.

Obviously, the more deductive readers will have, therefore, worked out that Dr Darryl Gauld is the one who wants a legal fight. While that’s true, I’m not so sure he is in as strong a legal position as our Creator, Redeemer and Judge.

What’s this all about then?

Well, Dr Darryl Gauld and the staff at the Macquarie Grammar School are a tad upset with my comments about his school’s participation in the Mardi Gras.

You can read them here.

But to cut to the chase, I suggested that Dr Gauld should be sacked as Principal of the Macquarie Grammar School for his decision to let his school students march in the same parade as self-described sexual perverts – a parade that also promotes drug use.

As a result, I received a number of letters threatening to take me to court for defamation. You can read them here, here and here.

And my response is here.

Now, I don’t have all day, so I’m not going to dig up all the information about the self-described sexual perverts that march at the Mardi Gras. Nor am I going to delve into its promotion of drug use.

All this information is easily available for anyone that knows how to use google. However, if Dr Gauld would like me to continue writing about his decision to allow his students to participate in an event that promotes sexual perversion and drug use, then I’m more than happy to oblige.

Today, I’ll simply focus on two pieces of information.

First of all, this 2011 piece from the ABC’s The Drum describes the Mardi Gras as “perverts on parade”. The article was written by a gay man who was arguing for less corporate actors and for more real “perverts” in the parade.

He also described the massed mob that lined Oxford Street in these terms:

“Which is fine, but a bit of a cheat on the audience, who are only there to fantasise about threesomes with lesbians, wonder what anal sex really feels like, and maybe have a beer or three and give it a red hot go. Or queerbash the bastards who stirred up their suppressed lusts. Or both.”

Then there’s the Sydney Leather Pride Association. Its 2013 official parade description reads:

“an organisation for fetish or esoteric sexual practice individuals of all sexual orientations. Their float will send the message of ‘we exist and enjoy what we do’. Most people don’t understand what the SLPA do but they are ‘sane, fun loving, responsible perverts!”

This followed up the 2012 description that read:

“Sydney Leather Pride Association Proud to be a sadist? Proud to be a pervert? Proud to be a master… Whatever you are proud to be, wear leather with pride.”

For those who are interested, the 2014 descriptions were cut down in size. We just don’t know what kind of perverts were marching this year.

But we do know from the website of the Sydney Leather Pride Association that it runs courses on things like “dungeon safety” and interactive workshops on pain and smacking. It also has a page that helpfully explains how you can signal your sexual desire.

Dr Darryl Gauld and the staff at the Macquarie Grammar School might be interested to know that this page includes signals on how to have yourself urinated on, and, much more seriously, how to signal your intent to engage in pederasty.

For those who don’t know, pederasty means sex between a man and a boy.

Screen shots taken from the Sydney Leather Pride Association website

Now, just in case anyone jumps to the conclusion that the Sydney Leather Pride Association are some random bunch of no-hoper loners that every other group at the Mardi Gras avoids, I hate to burst your bubble. It’s clear that they run parties and that other groups that parade at the Mardi Gras, including Dykes on Bikes, Harbour City Bears and Femme Guild, are given discounted entry to them.

These are all groups that marched in the same parade as the Macquarie Grammar School.

Now, I’m prepared to accept that Dr Darryl Gauld and the staff at the Macquarie Grammar School did not know about the fact that the Sydney Leather Pride Association webpage explains how one can signal their interest in pederasty.

In fact, I’m even prepared to accept that Dr Darryl Gauld did not even know about the Sydney Leather Pride Association until I wrote about it today.

But I’m not prepared to accept that this is a good excuse. It would simply mean that Dr Gauld and his team did not do their homework and that, as a result, the students under his care were unwittingly exposed to immorality, rather than by deliberate design. And, if that’s the case, then I’m more than happy to print any statement that Dr Gauld and the Macquarie Grammar School might care to release, distancing themselves from the Sydney Leather Pride Association and the organisers of the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras, who welcome them into the parade every year.

If Dr Gauld does not release such a statement, I will, of course, want to know why he is not prepared to make any public comment.

However, in the interests of fairness, I will publish two extracts from one of the letters I received from the Macquarie Grammar School.

James Miller, the Director of the Macquarie Grammar School, wrote that my post was defamatory because:

“the imputations arising from your post are (for example) that Dr Gauld is a immoral person who, in his capacity as a high school principal, promotes immorality amongst MGS students and is so immoral that he encourages MGS students to associate with sexual perverts. All of these imputations are clearly defamatory, of both Dr. Gauld and MGS and the offending text should be immediately removed from your blog.”

He also wrote:

As it may assist calming your conscience (we respect your right to hold whatever views you may), I can tell you that the MGS participation in the Mardi Gras is (at all times) supervised by adults (parents of the children, teachers from the school) and the MGS students are always positioned in an age-appropriate part of the parade (sandwiched between various other youth groups and (traditional) family groups, well away from parade participants that I assume you (and many others, I accept) would think inappropriate for children to be in the proximity of.

I have three points to make in response.

Firstly, I have no idea about Dr Gauld’s private morality. Nor I am not making any suggestions about his private morality one way or the other. However, the largest religion in the world, the Catholic Church, and pretty much every other serious religion on the planet teach that homosexuality is immoral. Therefore, according to those standards, Dr Gauld’s public support of the Mardi Gras is immoral, especially because he has promoted it to children under his care. And considering that it is not yet illegal to quote from the Bible or to compare public displays of behaviour to Catholic teaching, I am more than comfortable in making that comparison. I can only suggest that if Dr Gauld does not want Christians to point out why his actions are immoral then he should not publicise them, nor he should support a parade that takes great delight in the public vilification of Christianity. Of course, he might also want to revisit his decision to associate his school with groups that attended the Gay Mardi Gras, including the Sydney Leather Pride Association and its website that advises how one can signal a desire to engage in pederasty.

Secondly, I already know that it is wrong for school-students to be placed anywhere near groups like the Sydney Leather Pride Association, or to participate in events with them. I don’t need my conscience calmed in that regard, although it seems others are in a different boat. It doesn’t really matter whether school children from the Macquarie Grammar School marched either side-by-side the Sydney Leather Pride Association or at the other end of the parade from them. They marched in a parade in which the Sydney Leather Pride Association expressed their public pride in who they are. Furthermore, the Sydney Telegraph reports that Dr Gauld’s support of the Mardi Gras was to promote diversity and inclusion. Considering there have been no statements to the contrary, one can reasonably conclude that Dr Gauld believes that the Sydney Leather Pride Association should be accepted and included for who they are. I am more than happy to publish any statement that Dr Gauld might wish to release clarifying his views on this point.

Thirdly, I will point out that there are no ‘traditional’ ‘family’ groups at the Mardi Gras. Headspace, which the students from the Macquarie Grammar School marched beside, has been causing all sorts of problems for its ‘educational’ program in Victorian public schools. Why? Because Headspace is telling school-children that they should experiment in homosexuality to find out who they really are. I would be interested to know if that is an approach that the Macquarie Grammar School and Dr Gauld also support. Nor are there any age-appropriate sections of the parade. The best that Dr Gauld and the Mardi Gras organisers could come up with was to position the Macquarie Grammar School students not far behind ‘Naughty Nurses’, (no description required) and shortly ahead of ‘Body Electric Inc’. This organisation provides ‘courses’ for men that explain how they can engage in group masturbation and bondage with their ‘sacred brothers’.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of eight children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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