A Minister of the Crown tweets…

Philip Dalidakis is the Victorian Minister for Trade, Small Business and Government. He has the title ‘Honorable’.

And yesterday he took time out of his busy schedule to tweet this:

For those who don’t have Twitter, the information on my page states that I am ‘pro-freedom, pro-family & pro-Australian’. The information on Big Phil’s page states that he is member of the Andrews Labor government. So, thank you honourable minister, but I don’t think I need your advice when it comes to styling myself on Twitter.

The good news for the good minister is that after his little outburst I have now heard of him. However, a quick google search shows that Phil’s anonymity is not so widespread in Victoria; he’s copping flak for his decision to decree that Christmas Day won’t be a public holiday this year. ‘Minister Grinch’ is what they’re calling him down there.

And I’ve got even more bad news for him: I’ll be headed to Victoria just after Christmas as well, doing my bit to spread a little bit of Queensland there. I’ll be sure to send him a tweet while I laugh it up in Melbourne.

Given the Honourable Minister’s current difficulties it does seem rather strange, to say the least, that he’d be wasting his time tweeting profanities to me in Queensland. But Phil’s got his reasons.

So far as I can tell, they run in this order:

  1. Phil supports 18c.
  2. But Phil does not support a white man like me lodging an 18c complaint.
  3. So Phil has launched a twitter tirade in the name of free speech.

Now you have to give it to Phil because it all makes perfect sense in a very imperfect way. He supports a totalitarian law that exists only for special people.

It’s that simple.

And in Phil’s world everyone is special except those who holds conservative and common-sense views, especially if they are white. Or male. Or both.

Of course, the actual, specific logic of Phil’s argument is non-existent. He has no argument. He just has abuse. In fact, abuse is the entire substance of the pro-18c and anti-discrimination industry’s stance. They want to be able to abuse who they see fit and they want to silence any dissent.

This has all been exposed in recent weeks. Any pretence that 18c or the other anti-discrimination laws are ‘fair’ has gone out the window. We now know that the progressives want ‘equality before the law’ replaced with ‘what-privileged-minority-group-are-you-from-before-the-law’. Further, it’s clear that 18c and similar laws have nothing to do with stopping real hate speech, as Phil should well know given his Jewish background. 18c has been entirely impotent against Islamic leaders calling for jihad against Jews and the rest of us. But it has done a pretty good job of dragging average uni students through years of hell. Phil is strangely silent about that.

The direction of 18c is entirely predictable. Jihad ranting whackos are not white males with Christian/conservative views but they do want them exterminated. So jihad ranting whackos are allowed to flourish under 18c.

Conversely, uni students who express disdain for the concept of racially-segregated computer labs show a disturbing dose of white male conservatism. Hence they are a target for these laws.

And, horror of horrors, if a white conservative male dares to lodge a complaint against racially-charged statements about white conservative males then the entire system goes into meltdown. That is precisely not what 18c is for.

Well, I will remind poor, horrified Phil of this: with his beloved 18c in place I have three choices.

I can be silent. Given I’ve served this nation on operations to defend ‘freedom’ I’m not really prepared to do that.

I can debate the statements about white conservative males and risk the likely scenario of a complaint being lodged against me. I’m not really keen on that idea either.

Or I can lodge a complaint of my own. And that’s what I’ve done.

Predictably, someone has gone off like a pork sausage on a hot summer’s barbeque. Unpredictably, it happened to be a Victorian government minister who simultaneously insulted Queensland as being the, ahem, land of wankers.

I’m sure he’ll regret his words because they are entirely inappropriate on so many levels. After all, Victoria is the land of Safe Schools which is funded by the government that Phil is part of. And it is so ‘pro-wanker’, as Phil would put it, that it teaches primary school kids about masturbation.

Thanks for your input Mr Dalidakis. It’s highlighted your real self, your hypocrisy and your lack of substance. In fact, your words describe you very well.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of eight children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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