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A lounge room chat with Tom Massey

Tom Massey interviewed me for ‘Lounge Room Chats’ on Monday and got me to tell a few war stories…

Diversity makes us dumber

Apparently, Defence needs lessons explaining that a woman is not a man…

NSW Anti-Discrimination Board fights for the ‘human right’ to lodge vexatious complaints

The NSW Anti-Discrimination Board is fighting for your ‘human right’ to lodge vexatious complaints…

They’re casing the joint

The violence in America has not happened by chance. It is organised and orchestrated.

And Australia will get its chance to face the music too. They’re casing the joint…

What’s missing?

What important date doesn’t the Navy think is important?

The BS-o-meter has just exploded

Dan Andrews is now forcing people to stay at home because of the traffic…

Pinning tits on the bull

Just days after news broke that China will likely be able to beat the US in a conflict in the Pacific, the Royal Australian Navy has decided to send sailors to study feminist theory…

Support Mark Latham’s Bill to end vexatious complaints

Sign the petition to end the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board’s reign of terror.

Submissions to the parliamentary inquiry into Mark Latham’s proposed laws to end vexatious complaints close on 26 April. Act now!

The end is nigh for Burns…and now the attention turns to the ADB

The NSW Anti-Discrimination Board has suddenly decided that Burns is vexatious.

That is news to no one.

The real news is what happens next: I am coming for the ADB…

According to the SBS, being innocent is a mere ‘technicality’

The taxpayer-funded multicultural broadcaster is promoting ideas that are more at home in Stalin’s USSR.

Such as innocence being a mere ‘technicality’…

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