Payne defends military boob jobs for blokes

Australia allegedly has a Minister for Defence.

I say allegedly because most people understand that a Minister for Defence does military things. Like making sure our military is up for the fight.

Our Minister for Defence cannot be accused of that.

Recent reports highlight that our new gazillion dollar Navy landing ships can’t operate when the waves get above 10cm. And our wariest helicopters can’t operate at all. The Tiger armoured reconnaissance helicopters have been grounded since August and there is no time frame at all to change that.

Despite these billion dollar problems, Marise Payne was in parliament today doing her very best to be the Minister for Cosmetic Surgery, rather than the Minister for Defence.

She was defending Defence-funded sex change operations and breast enhancements on the basis of [insert some inane and pointless feel good catch phrase here].

When pressed on why taxpayers were forking out for sex change operations for soldiers, this is what the Minister for Cosmetic Surgery had to say:

I think it’s invidious, in fact, to ahh, to try and distinguish between one health condition and one personal aaah health circumstance over another…

I’m not sure that Marise Payne really understands what she’s done.

She’s just announced that Defence won’t discriminate against a person on the grounds of their medical conditions. If you’ve been knocked back by Defence recruiting because of diabetes or the fact that you don’t have any legs, Marise Payne has just reopened the door for you.

Or she’s just making things up as she goes along on the Senate floor and actually has no idea what she’s doing at all.

And I’d hate to think that of the person in charge of our national security.

The good news about all this gender shenanigans is that blokes, who have been cut out from Defence recruiting because they are afflicted with the medical condition of being a bloke, now have a chance of getting a gig too.

All they have to do is announce that they are female. And Defence is totally cool with that, as shown from the screen shot of a Defence recruiting page below:


This is an actual screen shot of an actual Defence recruiting page. I think someone at Defence recruiting is letting blokes know how they can get in (wink, wink).

You’ll see the totally buff woman getting ready to pass the Pre-Enlistment Physical Test (PFA) of just 8 push ups. Because the woman is not a bloke, she doesn’t have to meet the more stringent requirement of 15 push ups for males and if she fails she’ll be able to spend 7 weeks getting paid at Kapooka to prepare for another test.

Men don’t get this opportunity because, well, they’re men and physically stronger which apparently is a limiting factor in combat…

…hence the reason our Defence Minister is backing boob jobs for blokes.

Meanwhile, Andrew Hastie, who is rumoured to know a tad more about the military than Marise Payne, had this to say about Defence’s sex change bill on Saturday:

“The ‘no fail’ mission of the Australian Defence Force is to win Australia’s wars,” Mr Hastie told The Weekend Australian. “I do not see how these surgeries ­enhance our war-fighting capability as a nation. It’s a bad joke. Why is the ADF now a ­vehicle for radical social engineering?”

In a speech delivered to the Defence Christians Dinner last month, Mr Hastie said he left the force because of its support for “social engineering”.

“I repudiate the aggressive ­social engineering that has been taking place in the ADF, particularly in the army,” Mr Hastie said.

“The military is no place for the latest academic fad or trendy political orthodoxy. We have lives at stake every time we send our people in the field. Commanders particularly need to be clear-eyed about the threats they face and how they can defeat them.”

And Cory Bernardi’s Australian Conservative’s has this policy statement on its website:

Similarly, the ADF must be allowed to do its job free from the constraints of political correctness and excessive social and cultural sensitivities. Australian Conservatives will guard against uniformed ADF personnel participating in political or social activism or decisions that compromise the effectiveness of front-line combat capability.

We will cease defence funding of gender re-assignment treatment or surgery and cosmetic surgery or fertility treatment unrelated to training or service injury.

Interesting times in the Liberal party room ahead…


Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of eight children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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