Powering poverty

I thought harnessing the power of ‘electricity’ was supposed to help us to prosper and live better lives.

But I am wrong.

The government has other ideas.

Firstly, companies will be paid to shut down –from The Australian:

Under the program, big energy users are paid incentives to power off or cut back energy use during summer heatwaves and large power producers are given incentives to “power up” extra generators to meet surging demand.

There go the jobs and with it prosperity.

Secondly, families will be asked to go without – also from The Australian:

Victorian families could be asked to power down airconditioners, dishwashers and lights to assist in staving off blackouts, as part of an initiative called “Help the Grid”, which asks households to help free up energy reserves to protect the grid during extreme conditions.

There goes the comfort and with it the better life.

Power prices have only doubled in Victoria and South Australia in the last year. People are paying twice as much to have the lights turned off.

The insane push for renewable energy is sending us back to the stone age. All those frothing at the mouth over Australia Day should calm down. They’re gonna get exactly what they want and it will be powered by useless windmills, as detailed by the Herald Sun’s Terry McCrann:

VICTORIANS and South Australians didn’t just swelter through two consecutive days of 40 degree heat on Thursday-Friday two weeks ago, they also had to pay an extra — and hidden — $390 million to keep their air conditioners and lights on…

…When it really mattered, in the heat of the two afternoons and into the early evenings, all the turbines which are supposed to be able to generate a massive 3200 MW of electricity — that’s equal to two of the now-closed Hazelwood coal-fired station — produced as little as 200MW or so.

Whatever the state and Commonwealth governments are doing with their power policies, they’re doing it wrong.

After two decades of growing and massive ‘investment’ in renewable energy, Australia has regressed to the point where we are solving the electricity crises by shutting down homes and businesses.

These policies are not helping Australia grow. They are only powering poverty.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of eight children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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