Revisiting gay teachers

Earlier this year, a right-royal broo-hah-ha was caused when I stated that I wouldn’t let homosexuals teach my kids.

I was commenting about proposed changes to anti-discrimination legislation. They would have removed freedoms that allow religious schools to exclusively hire teachers whose lives and values accorded with the school’s educational philosophies.

It makes no difference that these changes were never passed into law because in practice they are fully enforced.

One of the first things that happened after I made my comment was that I was contacted by any number of men gleefully claiming to be openly gay teachers at Catholic schools. One even interviewed me on radio. The bishops need to sort that little problem out.

Then Bob Katter suspended my membership with his party, my Army CO told me that “my views were offensive to the homosexual community” and the media went nuts. That’s without even mentioning the drag queens and transvestites who fell swooning about themselves on Oxford Street in a quivering mass of human outrage before taking to Twitter to vent their spleens.


For what possible reason should they all be so upset?

What right of theirs had I transgressed?

Looking back in hindsight, I guess it’s all clear now. I had poo-poohed the right of sodomites to educate my children.

And even though the law, morality and common-sense enshrines this privilege as mine, not theirs, I was expected to know that a silent revolution had stripped me of all parental license and handed these responsibilities to the “homosexual community”.

I’m still not sure when that revolution occurred, but it surely has.

Because all sorts of people in positions of power backed this revolution up.

Firstly, not a word was uttered by a Catholic bishop anywhere. In fairness, they were probably too busy hiring more gay teachers and watching their compromises collapse the Church around them to notice that a real Catholic politician was being crucified by the media for the crime of standing by Catholic teaching.

Then there was Bob Katter. He was supposedly the most courageous, outspoken man in a hat in Australia. And he cowardly backed the gays.

Enter Christopher Pyne. That attack dog on the opposition benches in Federal Parliament. He backed the gays too.

Penny Wong also had a shot. But seeing as she believes it’s hunky-dory to deliberately raise a child without its father while she’s shacked up with her lesbian lover, it’s not surprising she backed them as well.

The Army got in on the act too. It told the world my comment was inappropriate. Then my Commanding Officer signed a written statement that my views about my children’s education were offensive and not to be repeated. He also started this “counselling session” by stating that my beliefs were of “wrongful morality”.

And when I queried why the Army was casting judgment on my religious, political and sexual beliefs, despite its own policies stating that ADF members are entitled to religious, political and sexual freedom, I was told that there was no case to answer.

That’s not surprising, considering the Deputy Chief of Army also wrote to scold me that my views were offensive.

So Australia’s military has also backed the right of gays to teach children, regardless of parental consent.

That’s right. The body charged with defending Australia’s interests thinks it’s in the interests of Australia to interfere in the educational choices of Australian parents.

In fact, I’ve been told that the Australian Defence Force has over 2,500 pages of documentation floating around on its computer systems devoted to dealing with the “stink-up” that I caused by talking about my parental rights.

I can only hope that this hasn’t detracted from more important things, like trying to win the war in Afghanistan. But considering the results there and the effort put into monitoring my every move, I can only imagine that the Army actually holds the view that limiting my parental educational choice is more important than winning a war against Islamic crazies.

Sadly for Australia, the common view now is that parents have no right to object to objectionable people teaching their kids.

This sentiment was aptly expressed by Mike Stuchbery – a Twitter character of truly objectionable nature in his response to a comment of mine a little while back.

Who’d have thunk that our society has progressed to the point where you can roll those words off your tongue, down your mouse, through the keyboard and out to world, without blinking an eye or pinking up in shame.

Apparently, homosexuals have more right to determine how my children are educated than I do. And if that’s the case for me, then it’s also the case for you. Australia’s children belong to the gays.

It makes no difference that Mr Stuchbery and Australia’s political leadership listed above are wrong both in morality and in law.

Australia might be a signatory to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that clearly states that “[p]arents have a prior right to choose the kind of education that shall be given to their children.” But it counts for nothing.

Australia might also be a signatory to the UN Covenant on Civil and Political Rights that also enshrines the right of parents to ensure the “religious and moral education of their children in conformity with their own convictions.”  This, too, is conveniently ignored.

Because parental choice and responsibility has been given over to a bunch of people bereft of sexual morality and who deliberately pursue a barren life. Except when they want to pay someone else to have a kid for them.

Yes. The homosexual community views children as commodities to be traded around the planet.

And while they don’t go through the pains of pregnancy and labour, they will stamp their feet in a frenzy if mothers don’t let them teach their children.

And while they don’t work like fathers to feed them, house them, clothe them or school them, they will demand exclusive rights to educate them.

That’s because homosexuals know that teachers have a lasting influence over children. And they are desperate to indoctrinate them that homosexuality is normal, even good.

It’s not.

And while gutless and cowardly politicians and bishops continue to feed this glittering dragon, their demands will only get stronger.

Firstly, they will demand that schools include homosexual activity in sex education classes. And they will get their way. How can any state illogical enough to declare that homosexual relationships are worthy of taxpayer funded certificates deny the right to include sordid homosexual practices in compulsory sex education classes.

It’s already happening. Just see this grossly offensive document outlining various forms of homosexual behaviour that was handed out to school kids in America.

Then they will demand that any parent who refuses to expose their children to this explicit material hand their offspring over. To them.

It’s time to fight back and put homosexuals in their place. They have no right to be anywhere near our children or to educate them without our consent.

And I’m not giving mine.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of eight children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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