Still (predictably) getting the Lindt Café Terrorist Attack wrong

Next week the official inquest report into the Lindt Café terrorist attack will be handed down.

It is not expected to be complimentary of the New South Wales Police. But, in news that will surprise no one, it will determine that the terrorist attack was, ahem, a terrorist attack.

The morning after the attack I wrote that it was a terrorist attack, that it was entirely predictable and that we should expect more of it. It was not really rocket science. But hey, it needed to be said and that post has now been shared over 17,000 times. Ordinary Australians ‘get it’.

Since then a number of other Australians have lost their lives, including in Melbourne at the hands of a deranged madmen shouting ‘Allahu akbar’ while police watched as he mowed down victims in the heart of the city.

Just like the Lindt Café terrorist attack, the police and the authorities attempted to claim that the Bourke Street massacre had nothing to do with Islam. And then the killer declared his allegiance to Islam and the Koran in court.

What a joke.

The New South Wales Police hierarchy response to the Lindt Café terrorist attack was to send officers out to protect the Islamic community from a mythical violent backlash. The same commanders were not so keen on sending the brave and waiting units on the ground into the Lindt Café, even after Man Haron Monis fired shots and then ordered Tori Johnson to his knees. He died seven minutes later.

It was disgraceful and it sent a clear message to us: ordinary Australians are considered more dangerous than murderous Islamic killers.

About the only good news to come out of this sordid affair is that Catherine Burn was passed over for the post of New South Wales Police Commissioner and then dumped as the state’s top counter-terrorism cop. Her contribution to the Lindt Café terrorist attack is one of the lowlights of this sordid matter: she deleted text messages about the siege and is best remembered for the fact that she was the ‘Specialist Operations’ commander at the time, responsible for counter-terrorism operations, and that under her watch she issued no directions and key equipment was unavailable – having been out of service for over three years.

What a joke.

Unfortunately, Burn’s fall from grace does not mean that the rot has been cut from the New South Wales Police.

On 16 November last year I attended the Lismore Police Station to lodge a complaint about emails sent to Islamic organisation regarding my personal details.

Clearly, this is an important security issue.

However, I was told by a young female police officer (whose name I will withhold) that:

  • there was no reason to be concerned that Islamic organisations had been provided my residential address because Islam was peaceful,
  • I had nothing to fear,
  • the Lindt Café terrorist attack was not a terrorist attack, and
  • the police station had been sent an official memo advising that it was not a terrorist attack.

I was immensely frustrated, as you can imagine. This police officer wouldn’t know what year Mohamed was born, let alone what he taught. And yet she was lecturing me even though I had worked as an intelligence analyst focused on Islamic militants, had deployed on operations three times, was awarded by the United States President for my work and had qualified as an Arabic linguist after an intense study of Arabic language and culture.

Unfortunately, I was also not surprised. It was this kind of wilful ignorance that led to Man Haron Monis being allowed to stay in Australia in the first place. It also led to the woeful decision to grant him bail after he had been charged with murder and found guilty of using a carriage service to harass, menace and cause offence to the families of slain Australian Diggers in Afghanistan.

Sadly, it means that even after the Lindt Café terrorist attack and even after a coronial inquest set to embarrass the pants of the New South Wales Police, no lessons have actually been learnt.

The same dangerous complacency and disgusting ineptitude remains in place.

So, as I said the day after the Lindt Café terrorist attack, expect more bloodshed. It is surely coming.

And it will, primarily, be the fault of those ‘protecting’ us.


My original article on the Lindt Café terrorist attack can be found here.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of eight children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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