Syria is Australia’s ticking time bomb

Last week I was accused of using the Boston bombings to whip up hysteria about Islam with this post (

However, you will find no mention of the Boston bombings anywhere within it.

That is because it was not about Boston. And I’m sure those ‘average American youths’ have done a good enough job of raising concerns about Islamic violence by their own hand without anyone needing to point the finger at me.

My post was about public warnings released by ASIO that hundreds of Muslims had left Australia to go and fight with jihadist groups in Syria.

This is a story that should have all Australians worried.

The Islamic community is sending its sons off to fight a war and support an enemy that has an ideology not much different than the Taliban’s. And their participation rate in this conflict is much higher, on a demographic basis, than Australia’s involvement in Afghanistan.

Australia has an Islamic population of about 476,000 people. If just 100 of them are fighting in Syria, it would be equivalent to the Australian community deploying 4,800 soldiers in Afghanistan.  But there are only about 1550 Australian Diggers in Afghanistan.

If there are 200 Australian Muslims fighting in Syria it would be equivalent to sending a third of the Australian Army overseas.

Remember, these people are not fighting in the Australian uniform or under the Australian flag. They are supporting groups that are violently opposed to Australia’s way of life. And one day they will come home, bringing with them all their military experience and ideological beliefs.

It is a ticking time-bomb to tragedy but in the 24 hour media cycle it is now almost forgotten. Just like previous warnings issued by the ASIO Director General, David Irvine, who runs Australia’s peak internal intelligence organisation.

For instance, did you know that he described the threat from radicalised, home-grown, Australian-born, Muslim terrorist wannabes as ‘ongoing, pervasive and persistent’ in September last year.

Just two weeks later, hordes of al Qaeda-linked Muslims swarmed through Australia’s largest city, leaving a swathe of destruction behind them. They also had their children hold up placards calling for all those who insult Mohammed to have their head lopped off.

You might say that it was a coincidence that this occurred so shortly after the ASIO Director General offered his warning. But it was not. It was entirely predictable and anyone who was surprised obviously has no understanding of Islam.

What was also entirely predictable was the political response. All political leaders were quick to condemn the violence. And then came the but.

The ‘but’ was that the violence could not be linked to Islam, which was also defended as peaceful religion. There must be some other reason for it: maybe it was a reaction to inherent Australian racism?

Julia Gillard got in on the act. So did the Tony Abbott. Even Bob Katter, supposedly the most fearless and politically incorrect politician in the land, refused to mention Islam.

As I was running his party at the time, I pleaded with Bob to make a statement. He declined because he did not want to upset Muslims in his electorate. I didn’t know the Kennedy electorate was on such a knife-edge that Australia’s security could be cast aside to gain votes.

With all the talk about Western Sydney as the key to the next election, I can only imagine that the major parties are prepared to go much further to foster support within the Islamic community.

It is not idle speculation.

This week, Australia’s chief law officer, Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus, came running to the rescue of a radical Aussie imam who is linked to the Boston bombers.

That’s right. Dreyfus said Sheikh Feiz Mohammed was now one of the good guys and was working with the government.

Never mind that this good, Aussie bloke had previously called on all Muslims to put the love of jihad and martyrdom into the tender, young hearts of their children. Or that one of his biggest fans now lies dead after unleashing hell in Boston.

The Labor Party must be at panic stations to think that shoring up Islamic support will get them anywhere.

The good news is that Labor is going to get belted in September. Books will be written about the shellacking that the Australian people dish out on Gillard and her cronies.

I only hope that Tony Abbott will cast aside political correctness and pay attention to this issue. Australia cannot afford another three years of inaction. The price will be blood on the streets.

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Author: Bernard Gaynor

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  1. Thanks for your article Bernard.
    Not so long ago, anyone going overseas to fight in this fashion was charged as a mercenary, & jailed.
    Has the law been repealed, or is the Government failing to act – again.

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  2. spot on. thanks for the insight

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  3. Political correctness is killing this country. This country needs courages people who fearlessly stand up for the truth. I salute you.

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  4. What is going to happen after all these mercenaries come back to Australia? Our Government should have a one strike and you’re out rule, revoke the Australian citizenship of these Muslims and return them to their parents/grandparents country.

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