The Grand Mufti hath spoken (in Arabic)


If it wasn’t killing people, it really would be a laugh. Except it is killing people and the joke is on us.

Let’s take the latest shenanigans.

After the Parramatta terrorist attack, launched from the Parramatta mosque, Australia’s Grand Mufti and his posse descended upon the media today to issue a message to the Australian people. This was required because in the week since the ‘politically motivated violence’, as our new Prime Minister likes to call it, the political leadership of Islam in Australia has said very little.

True, the Australian National Imams Council did put out a statement a few days ago. But it was hardly clear about what went down, calling for an end to ‘speculation’ and instead simply extending sympathy evenly to the families of the deceased. Both the deceased.

ANIC statement

That’s nice.

The collective assembly of the nation’s imams found it a little harder to make any statement about the more important details of the deceased. For instance, there was not a peep about the fact that one of the deceased left the political establishment known as the Parramatta mosque and moseyed on down to the local police station with the intention of carrying out a brutal murder while dedicating the act publicly to the Divine Political Leader: Allah.

So I guess it’s fair to say that Australia’s Grand Mufti had a few issues to clarify today.

But that’s not what happened, despite the best efforts of the media to translate his message and his meaning.

The message had to be translated because the head honcho of Islam in Australia spoke in Arabic. And the media still had to translate the meaning because even after the Grand Mufti’s message was decoded into English, it was still nonsense.

Basically, the supreme poo-bah said that Australia, Australian security agencies and the Australian people need better dialogue and communications with the Islamic community.

As I mentioned, he called for this while speaking in Arabic.

I guess the take away is that the Grand Mufti believes the rest of us should start speaking Arabic if we don’t want to be gunned down on the way home from work.

This message does not seem to have gone down so well with Joe Public. It appears that ordinary Aussies with ordinary titles think that the Grand Mufti should learn to speak English instead.

Obviously, this is a ‘racist’ assumption to make. Who says Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohamed can’t speak English? Not he.

No, after the social media backlash at being lectured by the Grand Mufti in Arabic about the need for dialogue, the Grand Mufti made it clear: he can speak English. He just chose not to.

Ha! What a smack down. I suppose it’ll only be an hour or two before bleeding heart webpages start spewing forth columns about how the Grand Mufti has put all those racist Aussie yobbos back in their box.

See, they’ll say, he can speak English.

Instead, they’ll say, terrorism is our fault because of our inherent racism.

Unfortunately for the braindead apologists of Islam, they lack logic. And that’s putting it mildly. All this situation does is highlight that the Grand Mufti and the leaders of Australia’s Islamic community are supremely arrogant. It’s not that we are ostracising them. By its very actions, the Islamic community is demonstrating that it refuses to integrate with the rest of us.

It is an ‘us and them’ situation. But it’s all due to ‘them’.

It’s not that the Grand Mufti can’t speak English. Rather, he arrogantly won’t speak English.

Of course, this was not the most important story of the Grand Mufti’s press conference.

They ABC reported the big news this way:

ABC headline

The Daily Telegraph reported things a little differently:

Telegraph headline

Well, whaddya know? The Grand Mufti holds a press conference in Arabic and the media immediately reports two completely different stories.

As can be expected, the ABC interpreted whatever the Grand Mufti had to say with this meaning:  Islam is a religion of peace that condemns terrorism. It seems that the Daily Telegraph didn’t get this message though. Its headline was that the Head Honcho of Islam refused to condemn the Parramatta terrorist attack.

Not surprisingly, the ABC got it wrong.

True, Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohamed’s interpreter did tell us that the Grand Mufti said this:  

We refuse and reject any form of terrorist activities.”

But then Dr Mohamed’s interpreter also told us the Grand Mufti, when specifically asked about the Parramatta terrorist attack, said this:

“We are not an investigation agency, we cannot redefine or readapt what happened.”

“We are not the agency that investigates and achieves what really happened. There’s not enough information so far about that. Without enough information, and given that we are not an investigating body, I cannot comment on that.”

So, what the Grand Mufti really said was that he does not know if the events that unfolded last week were a terrorist attack.

That does not sound like a condemnation. And it’s not.

He also failed to say anything about the fact that the most recent terrorist attack was launched from the Parramatta mosque, and he was silent on the fact that Hizb ut Tahrir is preaching its political doctrine from within this ‘place of worship’.

What we have here is a sick joke.

To make all of this worse, Australia’s Prime Minister offered to meet with Islamic leaders today. Instead of rocking up to that opportunity for dialogue, Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohamed skipped it and sent along a ‘representative’ instead. He was too busy to attend because he had more important things to do, like lecturing the nation about its lack of dialogue with the Islamic community. And remember, the Grand Mufti lectured us in Arabic.

This arrogance and disdain should be well noted by Malcolm Turnbull. It comes a week after he ‘reset’ relations with Team Islam. It has responded so far by killing a police worker, refusing to condemn the attack and then giving him the flick.

The new Prime Minister has been taken for a fool.

About the only good news from today is that the duplicity of the Grand Mufti has made one of Australia’s Islamic do-gooders look stupid.

Late last year, Mariam Veiszadeh won the hearts of the Thought Police with her campaign to force Woolworths to remove singlets from its shelves because they carried a ‘bigoted’ statement underneath an Aussie flag: If you don’t love it, leave. Woolworths duly apologised and replaced the singlets with rainbows and hijabs.

But in the last couple of days, it seems every man and his dog has been repeating this statement in one form or another. I’m not convinced that any of the following people actually mean what they say, but hey, they still said it.

Firstly, it was Malcolm Turnbull’s go. He told us all in a press conference today that:

“If you find Australian values are, you know, unpalatable, then there’s a big wide world out there”.

Mind you, the new Prime Minister has also ruled out banning Hizb ut Tahrir in recent days, so it’s really open for debate about who he thinks this message might apply to.

Then it was Bill Shorten’s turn. He said in response to Prime Minister’s statement:

“If you really hate Australia well then you should go. I don’t think, though, that that advice is confined to people of one particular religious faith.”

Thanks Bill, us Catholics will take your advice on board.

Even the Grand Mufti’s got in on the act, telling someone today (but we are not sure who) to ‘stop messing with Australia’. Good for him.

Then there was chairman of the Parramatta mosque. Mr El-Kadomi said yesterday that he would state in his sermon today:

“If you don’t like Australia, you should leave.”

Who would’ve known that Woolworths was selling Islamic religious teaching on a singlet bearing the Aussie flag? Now that’s what I call multiculturalism.

Unfortunately, even in tolerant and diverse Australia there are ‘bigots’ who have to ruin the party for the rest of us. And we all know now that one of them is Mariam Veiszadeh.

Her whinging and whining last year has been made to look completely ridiculous by the Prime Minister, the opposition leader, the Grand Mufti and the head of the Parramatta mosque.

It’s called delicious irony.

Now that the fatwa has been issued that Woolworths should bring back the singlets, maybe it would be time for Ms Veiszadeh to apologise for being such a busybody. But I’ll doubt that will ever happen.

Nevertheless, it is a bright spot in a day that otherwise demonstrates the insanity in Australia will continue. As a result, more people will die. And Allah knows that best of all.

Grand Mufti

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of eight children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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