The ground is shaking

The ground is starting to shake under the anti-discrimination industry. Its foundations are crumbling and Australians are ready to rid themselves of this radical political police force.

And if Malcolm Turnbull does not act, he will fall with it.

Yesterday, three and a half years of legal hell ended for three university students from QUT. They had been fed through the mill for the crime of being kicked out of a computer lab on the basis of their race and then commenting about the discrimination they faced.

The most remarkable aspect of the judgement handed down yesterday was that it was so obvious to reach. After more than 1,000 days of facing a possible penalty of $250,000, Judge Jarrett wrote this about the case against the first student, Alex Wood:

In the absence of any evidence or the suggestion of any evidence that Mr Wood made his Facebook post because of the race, colour, nationality, or ethnicity of Ms Prior or a person in either of the groups identified by her, her claim against him has no reasonable prospects of success.

There was simply no evidence that his Facebook posts were made out of any racial hatred towards Ms Prior or Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander persons.

The judge also went on to comment in relation to the complaint against a second student that it was unlikely that his comments would offend, insult, humiliate or intimidate a person who ‘exhibits characteristics consistent with what might be expected of a member of a free and tolerant society’.

In other words, a complaint of offence could only have been made by the hyper-sensitive who lived in a bubble outside the real world of Australia’s democracy.

And here is the real tragedy: the three students were not awarded costs and numerous others have already coughed up $5,000 to Ms Prior to avoid the systemic shame and legal torture that Gillian Triggs’ human rights police impose on respondents.

Further, this is a complaint that has passed through her hands. She claims it has been fully investigated. She had the power to terminate it, but she did not.

Even though there was simply no evidence for the complaint at all. Tony Morris QC was right to point out after the ruling yesterday that if Gillian Triggs had any decency left her resignation would be on its way.

This case and the many others like it under various state and federal laws do not prove that these laws work, or that there are appropriate safeguards. Rather, it is conclusive proof that the system is a gravy train for frivolous and vexatious complaints. The anti-discrimination industry is nothing more than a taxpayer-funded bureaucracy that caters for a legal form of extortion based on trumped-up and emotional charges of offence.

Further, it is aided and abetted by a thronging media class that has largely lost all concept of rational or objective reporting. The Australian newspaper is the only outlet that provided any significant coverage to this case. Its reporting has been of immense service to all Australians. It is a sad but unfortunate reality that the same cannot be said of other outlets (particularly the ABC), which have run cover for Triggs instead of reporting the truth.

Unfortunately, the media class in general is as activist as the activists it protects in the political police force. They live in a delusional bubble world that they have created for themselves, divorced from the reality of ordinary people. It is a bubble filled with emotion but, as yesterday’s ruling shows, is entirely void of evidence.

It appears that the arrogant bubble of the radical media class and their bureaucratic and political comrades is not set for a soft landing. They refuse to accept reality.

A perfect example of this arrogance came from Latika Bourke yesterday, a prominent journalist for the esteemed and dying Fairfax empire:

It is simply delusional to think that this ruling shows S.18C works or that it will setback increasing demands for this law to be scrapped. All it does is fuel the already burning anger: how can a law that puts people through years of torture based on a complaint devoid of evidence possibly remain?

Latika Bourke and others at Fairfax and the ABC should steel themselves for a shock. Change is coming and their worldview is going.

The next step in this battle starts at the end of this month. I will be challenging the validity of the Anti-Discrimination Act (NSW) 1977. I will be seeking to have all complaints lodged against me by a single activist, Garry Burns, thrown out and I will be defending myself against potential fines of up to $1.6 million.

Yesterday’s case answered some very specific legal questions about the complaints against three university students. My case will be asking some very broad questions that will have ramifications for the entire anti-discrimination industry in Australia.

Yesterday morning, Garry Burns put up a post on a Facebook page he operates, letting all 22 of his followers know that he supports S.18C and Ms Prior’s complaints. He anticipated that his anti-discrimination gravy train would continue to grow; that it was untouchable.


A screenshot of Garry Burns’ Facebook page showing his support for the QUT/18C case.

By yesterday evening, it was clear that this view was wrong. The days of the self-appointed Thought Police are numbered.


Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of eight children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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