The Not-So-Diverse Council of Australia

Nareen Young ‘seems’ like a ‘nice’ enough person. She’s the el Supremo of the important sounding Diversity Council of Australia.

But like most people who sprout the banal mantra of diversity, she is actually nothing more than a face for the acceptance of evil.

The aim of diversity is not about promoting the truth, such as the dignity of man based upon his creation in the likeness and image of God. Rather, it is about destroying this truth and destroying the dignity of man by encouraging his degradation.

In a diverse world, there is no right and wrong. Except if you point this out.

And in a diverse world, people have not only lost the ability to separate right from wrong, but they have also lost the ability to reason.

Let me give you some examples about Nareen that prove this assertion.

Late last week, she got all hot under the collar over the fact that I am unimpressed by the Army’s decision to use taxpayer dollars to fund ‘sex-change’ operations for its officers.

You would think that in a diverse world like Nareen’s, I would be applauded for having an opinion that was ‘diverse’ and encouraged to share it. But that is not the case.

In fact, Nareen told me that I am wrong to refer to the leading proponent of this waste of resources, Lieutenant Colonel (LTCOL) McGregor, as a ‘him’. Nareen, as you can see in the Twitter outline below, told me that LTCOL McGregor was not a man, but rather a woman, just like her.

Nareen & McGregor

Now I take her point that LTCOL McGregor is not a man. He might be male but a man he isn’t. A man is not just a physical adult male, but someone who takes leadership, responsibility and will do the right thing.

But he’s also not a woman. And if Nareen is, as she claims, just like the good LTCOL, then she is not a woman either but a transsexual suffering from delusions. But I’ve given her benefit of the doubt and assumed she actually is female – I just reasoned that Nareen can’t help making stupid statements.

One of my relatives had his genitalia shot off in World War One. He certainly did not become a woman as a result. So it is disrespectful to him and women to pretend that because LTCOL McGregor has willingly had his genitalia removed from the rest of his masculine body that he is somehow magically transformed into the fairer sex.

There is no more validity in LTCOL McGregor’s belief than there would be if I made the statement that I am from the moon. I might believe it all I want, but it will never be true. No matter how many committees are formed to help me feel accepted for my beliefs.

So in the name of diversity, Nareen Young is promoting a lie. And we all know what we tell our children about lying: it is wrong.

Then Nareen also told me that I should leave my Catholic faith at the door of my workplace – the Australian Army.

Nareen Young - workplace

That’s a strange thing for a diversity guru to say, but there you have it. Diversity Council Australia runs around telling businesses that they should consider putting in ‘quiet rooms’ so their Muslim employees feel happy. But its head honcho tells me that I have to leave my faith at the door in a job that may well result in a premature meeting with my maker.

That’s not a risk I am willing to take.

So now, in the name of diversity, Nareen Young is promoting a religion founded by a guy who took a nine year old girl playing on a swing into his bedroom.

Just so you know, this was so Mohammad could have sex with her. And just so you know, these particulars are not made up – they are graphically recorded with all these details among the most revered and earliest of Islamic writings. This prophet also chose another of his sexual slaves while her husband waited with 700 other captured Jewish men for his appointment with the Islamic blade.

We all know what we tell our children about old men who approach them in the park: run for your lives and come home.

And, for the most part, I think it’s fairly safe to say that we teach our children that beheading the entire male populations of captured Jewish tribes is not kosher either. However, I do wonder whether Nareen is prepared to make this concession.

Finally, Nareen has gone on a twitter rampage today because someone suggested the Prime Minister shows too much cleavage. She is running around in a tizz reminding us all that women’s breasts should be kept out of the workplace and workplace discussion.

I agree. That is why I have been so vocal about the Army’s decision to march in the Mardi Gras. By doing so, the Army made the Mardi Gras a workplace. And based upon the photos that are in the same galleries that show our proud Army marching down Oxford Street, it is clear that cleavage was certainly one thing that was proudly on display at this workplace.

Funnily enough, Nareen wasn’t really all that interested when I pointed that out to her last week. Nor was she interested in the fact that I was facing disciplinary and administrative action to terminate my commission for complaining about displays of breasts in an Army workplace.

Community Standards

Instead, she said that I was out of line with community standards.

If Nareen thinks community standards allow for bras to be flung off and breasts to be exposed in the workplace, then I am happy to admit my views are out of line with community standards.

I’m proud that I actually have standards, unlike the community of which Nareen is so supportive.

This does leave Nareen with a problem. In the name of diversity, she supports the display of breasts in the workplace. But when it comes down to the Prime Minister’s breasts, Nareen wants them out of the workplace. Again, in the name of diversity.

So, in the name of diversity, Nareen has become what is commonly referred to as a hypocrite.

And we all know what we teach our children about hypocrites: don’t listen to anything they do or say and call them out on their BS (that’s a politically correct way of saying Blatant Stupidity).

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of eight children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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