If it’s time for plain speaking, let’s speak plainly

Normally The Australian’s Greg Sheridan speaks sense.

He started out so well earlier this week:

“While it is right that we should not glorify or overstate the influence of Islamic State, it is profoundly ill advised to deceive ourselves, not to speak truthfully and plainly to the public and to pretend that terrorist attacks are not terrorist attacks unless there is a signed order from Islamic State central command.”

And he finished with these words:

“You can’t treat a problem unless you diagnose it properly and speak of it honestly.

And you certainly cannot take the public with you if they can see that you are patently talking rubbish.”

Unfortunately, Greg Sheridan’s work was undone entirely with this clanger:

“Islamism describes an ideology derived from Islam. It acknowledges the connection with Islam but it does not attribute terrorism to the religion as a whole.”

It showed that Greg Sheridan, one of Australia’s leading conservative commentators, is still unable to diagnose the problem properly or to speak of it plainly and honestly.

His pretence that Islamic terrorism comes from Islamism but not Islam is patent rubbish. Sadly, he is not alone in speaking this rubbish. Our political leaders still insist on it.

Frustration is growing in Australia and across the Western world. Citizens want plain speaking but for years they’ve been told that Islam is a religion of peace.

Now, finally, our leaders are moving away from that phrase. But they’ve replaced it with yet more meaningless sophistry.

Islamism is the problem, we’re told. Not Islam.

It’s like arguing that sharks as a whole aren’t a problem, but swimmers should avoid their teeth.

So let’s have some plain speaking. Some honesty. Some proper diagnosis.

Violence is integral to Islam. The religion’s founder is one of history’s great military commanders. And he subdued political, religious and military opponents without hesitation.

That’s how Islam was born.

That’s how it spread.

That won’t change.

It does not matter if individual Muslims eschew violence. It does not even matter if the majority of Muslims are peaceful.

A bunch of Muslims does not make the ideology. It is an interesting question to ask why they don’t follow Mohammad’s example entirely, but it is not the question we need to be asking as a nation.

We need to be asking whether it is in our interests to allow Islam in and loose inside Australia.

And the answer to that is no.

And if the answer is no, then it logically follows that Islamic immigration must end. Government funding of Islamic programs, schools, mosque open days and community groups must cease. Mosques must not be approved. Individual Muslims who pose a violent threat must be locked up.

That’s all common sense.

But if you want some truly plain speaking, then here is the truth that most are unable to utter: steps must be taken to remove Islamic communities from Australia.

If it means the government pays Muslims to return to their ancestral homes, then so be it.

The problem we are facing today has nothing to do with the Islamic State. It would be a problem regardless of whether the Islamic State was ever formed.

The problem today is entirely due to the fact that a people with a foreign and totally incompatible concept of life, morality and law has been allowed lodge within our borders.

And that means the problem will only grow if that foreign community grows. It means the problem won’t be confronted and dealt with until that community goes.

In a nutshell, Muslims should live in Muslim countries. It’s as simple as that.

Of course, if this plan was enacted, it would mean that individual Muslims who may contribute to Australia and assimilate would not be able to do so. In fact, many Muslims would fall into this category.

But so what?

Australia is safer without them and the community they are part of. Plenty of others in this world can contribute and assimilate too.

And here is some plainer speaking.

The time of reckoning is coming. Anger is rising. If the government won’t take common sense steps to protect its citizens, then citizens will lose confidence in the government and protect themselves.

When that happens, there will be bloodshed. Lots of it. And on both sides.

That is bad enough, but I greatly fear that this evil will be compounded by a government that responds with totalitarianism and oppression of everything; including those things that made Western civilisation great.

We’ve already seen the rise of vigilantes and reactionary and retaliatory attacks against Muslims. This is not a lawful, legitimate or moral solution. But it is a sign that our institutions are failing.

Additional reactionary attacks are coming, just as sure as the next Islamic terrorist attack is as well.

That’s why it is in all of our interests, Australian and Muslim alike, to deal with this situation before it worsens.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of eight children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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