Tim’s out

Tim’s out.

That’s what his Twitter handle says.

And that’s what will be happening in August when his term as ‘Race Discrimination Commissioner’ ends.

And he’s done such a good job of being a Commissar of Race Discrimination that at the end of last year he was able to boast that racists were now freely roaming our streets.

Well done to Tim. He clearly used the first four of his five years on $346,000 to meet all his KPIs.

True, according to Tim some of the racists were merely those who want immigration cut. I guess they’d be labelled political racists. And others just don’t like Islam. They’re the religious racists.

And although he didn’t mention them specifically, there are probably others who just enjoy Western civilisation.

I guess they’re the middle-aged white-Anglo supremacists, or plain old bigots for short.

Anyway, thanks to Tim, in all these categories number are up.

As he stated so well in the Sydney Morning Herald on 29 December 2017, last year was the year ‘racism surged’, gaining new credibility and potency.

It kind of indicates that it’s not such a great idea to pay someone fistfuls of cash to go around being a Race Discrimination Commissioner.

Get rid of Tim. Then get rid of his position. And the racism will go too.

The government would be far better scrapping this Leftist rort altogether and putting the money towards something useful: like new police cars…

By the way, Tim’s not so sure we need them. This is what he had to say on 22 April this year:

The panic about African youth crime has undoubtedly done significant damage to racial harmony in Melbourne and Australian society more generally.

Obviously, according to Tim, there’s far more important issues to worry about. Like the diversity of board members at Australia’s major banks…

Tim Jong-Un

One of the late, great Bill Leak’s best cartoons.


Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of eight children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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