Vince Chong’s bling and the glitter fairy

Meet Squadron Leader Vince Chong. He’s the smiley chap on the right.

Vince has just been awarded a Gold Commendation by the Vice Chief of the Defence Force. He’s the smiley chap on the left.

Vince wasn’t rewarded because he was good at his job. This commendation was pinned on his chest for his leadership of a gay activist political organisation.

It is called the Defence Force Gay & Lesbian Information Service (DEFGLIS).

This political organisation is supported by the hierarchy of the Australian Defence Force. So much so, that if a Defence member is bold enough to publicly utter a differing view to this organisation then they will find themselves kicked out of service.

Last year, Vince Chong wrote to the Australian Senate in his capacity as the DEFGLIS Chairman:

“We recommend all Government funded services are restricted from discriminating, including religious organisations.”

What DEFGLIS really means with this politically-correct statement is that Christian schools should no longer be able to refuse employment to gay teachers because they do not live by the values of that school.  It means DEFGLIS believes that homosexuals have more right to teach values to our children than we do. And it means that DEFGLIS believes Christians should pay taxes to fund schools that support homosexuality, but that there should be no assistance for schools that believe in morality.

And it also means that DEFGLIS is of the view that Christian hospitals should no longer be able to refuse abortion.

It shows DEFGLIS is not just about supporting homosexuals and whoever else wants to join their party, but that this organisation wants to remove rights from Christians.

DEFGLIS has also campaigned for gay marriage.

And under Vince Chong’s leadership, DEFGLIS was able to secure Defence support for the participation of uniformed personnel in the Mardi Gras.

You might remember that the Mardi Gras is an event where children are exposed to explicit homosexual activity and that gay political activism is a goal written into its constitution.  It’s an event where ADF personnel marched proudly along with sexual perverts.

By the way, ‘perverts’ is not my term. It was used by participants at the Mardi Gras to describe themselves.

Subsequently, the Mardi Gras decorated the Defence entry with a gold award for its ‘show stopping’ parade down Oxford Street.

It seems Defence personnel involved in the Mardi Gras have a lot in common with junior sports teams. Everyone gets a reward. It’s like the glitter fairy has arrived on a rainbow.

The only difference is that if you exposed a junior sports team to explicit homosexual activity you’d wind up in the jail.

Defence hierarchy are supporting homosexual political activism, the gay marriage agenda and sexual perversion by awarding Vince Chong for his leadership of DEFGLIS. And they are backing a political campaign to remove rights from Christian organisations.

Furthermore, this support doesn’t just extend to providing bling for Vince. It also means that Defence will punish any member that offers a different political view to Vince.

While this Squadron Leader was campaigning to have rights removed from Christian organisations, I was campaigning to defend those rights.

While he was pushing his agenda that would see gay teachers forced upon Christian schools, I was busy opposing it.

And when I said publicly that, as a parent, I would not allow my children to be taught by a homosexual, all hell broke loose. Inside the ADF. Even though my statement had nothing to do with Defence or Defence policy.

I was called into my Commanding Officer’s office for a little chat. I was told my view, about my children, offended the homosexual community. I was told that my comment was inappropriate. And I was told that I had to take down my comment and cease political activity if I wanted a military career.

In short, I was given an ultimatum. I must accept that I am required to be silent; that I cannot publicly state my political, religious and sexual beliefs. In contrast, I must also accept that Vince Chong and his buddies, as the new golden boys of the ADF, are not required to be silent on their political, religious and sexual beliefs. Instead, they can campaign politically and denigrate my religious beliefs in uniform. Furthermore, I must accept that Defence will support their agenda and award their leadership.

Suffice to say, I ignored this order. It is an illegal order. It is an immoral order.

However, I did point out the hypocrisy of an organisation that allowed homosexual officers to conduct political activity in uniform, while I was being punished for private political activity.

But because I did so, I am now being kicked out of the Australian Defence Force.

When it comes to the brave new world of diversity, it seems that not all views are accepted. Especially if you are Catholic.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of eight children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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