We are at war and it is time to act

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It is an operation that runs like clockwork.

Peaceful Muslims take in the sights of Paris, visiting restaurants, soccer matches and a concert hall. Accidentally, at the end of this peaceful demonstration of Islamic love, hundreds lie dead.

And even before the sounds of gunfire and the bomb blasts have finished echoing past the Eiffel Tower, the ABC has a counter-terrorism ‘expert’ explain to us that this violence is ‘not consistent’ with Islam.

Instead, the ABC runs a counter-narrative. If you have any LSD handy, take it now. It’s the only way this counter-narrative makes sense. It goes like this:

  • France has been unable to deal with its colonial past.
  • France has been unable to reach out to Islam.
  • France has not done enough to help Muslims integrate.
  • France has made the ‘moderates’ choose the ‘extremists’ over the Republic.
  • This is the reason for violence.

In a nutshell, it is all France’s fault and now ‘hate-speech’ on social media ‘linking’ these attacks with ‘Islam’ will just make everything worse.

There goes the ABC, already blaming us for the next massacre.

It is possible, I suppose, that in some alternative universe the latest Paris attack is not ‘consistent’ with Islam. However, we don’t live in that land of make believe.

We live in the real world.

And two things are blatantly obvious.

Firstly, violence is entirely consistent with Islam and, in fact, Islam is entirely consistent with violence. The two go together like hand and glove, like grenade and pin, like aim and fire, like allahu and akbar.

Secondly, it’s entirely consistent for the ABC and the media generally, as well as the political elites, to deny this. To do this, they bury the head in the sand and raise the backside skywards. It’s almost as if the apologists for Islam are already practicing its mindless rituals.

If this is not obvious to you by now, it never will be. And even if you find yourself in that awkward place with a few fleeting seconds between, ‘Hello, we’re from the Islamic State and we’re here to help’ and a rapidly accelerating suicide vest headed in your direction, you still won’t accept the reality of the war we are in.

I could go on all day quoting from the Koran to explain why Islam is violent. But all of that is unnecessary.

Instead, just do this. Imagine a religion started by a violent warlord who used both warfare and immigration to spread his empire and the spoils gained from his victorious battles as a claim of divine support.

Now, call this religion Islam and you have grasped its central historical facts. All of them. The rest of it, Sharia, halal, child marriage, praying five times a day and minarets on mosques are just the secondary details.

It is a set-in-stone fact of history that Mohammad was a very violent and very successful warlord. Muslims follow his example with a religious fervour. As a result, there is simply no doubt about what kind of religion Islam always has been and always will be.

Unfortunately, the events of Paris are fast becoming a routine in Western life: just another hazard of modern city living. In fact, the Premier of Victoria, Daniel Andrews, has already told Australians to suck it up and get used to it happening here as well.

They aren’t the words of a leader who is looking after his people. They are the words of a man who is simply out of his depth, as are the words of our Prime Minister, who told us recently that we all need to respect Islam.

There is no doubt that the Western world’s political leaders are floundering like fish out of water at the moment. They simply have no conviction. No strength. And no ideas.

This was exemplified perfectly today by the new Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. He gave the usual hand-wringing press conference pledging solidarity and support, carefully avoiding ‘harmful’ speculation and basically telling the world that he does not know what to do. And when he had finished saying this in French he said it in English, just to emphasise the point.

But being educated does not mean he can lead.

The very first question Trudeau was asked after his address was if the attacks meant he would reconsider his decision to withdraw Canada’s military from the fight against the Islamic State, or his plan to repeal counter-terrorism laws. He did not answer. He could not answer. His silence speaks volumes.

We are at war at the moment.

The time for appeasement has come and gone. The time to dither has passed. Now is the time to act before more people die.

The first thing that must be understood is that there is a war at home against us, and there is an intra-Islamic war raging in the Middle East.

We can win the war at home. And we can keep the war in the Middle East away from us.

The war at home is being waged by committed jihadis housed in a population of ‘moderates’. Wherever there are the latter, you will find the former. They cannot be separated, and if the moderates cannot control the jihadis, we should not pretend that we can either.

To win this war at home, the size of the moderate population cannot be allowed to grow and it must be de-Islamised. Measures must be taken immediately to effectively stop Islamic immigration. The government must also stop the funding of Islamic organisations, stop the approval of new mosques and cut off all the supplies that feed this enemy within, including anti-discrimination laws that limit ordinary people from speaking the plain truth about Islam.

Luckily for Australia, these things can be done today. They will be simple and easy to do. All it takes is willpower and the ability to wear the name calling from the rabid progressives who are intent on taking us down the path of social suicide.

If these things are done, the problem inside Australia will be contained and it will not grow. Then other measures can be taken to address those who would engage in violence in Australia. A good place to start would be to dust off the treason laws and actually start charging those people who support the Islamic State with this criminal provision. Within a very short period of time, Australia’s Islamic community would get the message: join our team and get on with your life, or go and live somewhere else if you don’t want to wind up in jail. It’s that simple.

Paris is calling us to act for the second time this year.

We did nothing after Charlie Hebdo except appease Islam. Today’s message is clear. If you do nothing, it only gets worse.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of eight children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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