When clowns juggle Islam

Malcolm Turnbull is a slow learner.

He announced that he would ‘reset’ relations with the Islamic community on 2 October 2015. That afternoon, Curtis Cheng lay dead outside the Parramatta police station.

In the wake of the terrorist attack, the new Prime Minister then arranged a meeting with Islamic leaders to ‘improve’ ‘dialogue’ with the Islamic community. It’s not the approach I would have taken to the third Islamic terrorist attack in Australia in twelve months, but that’s Malcolm for you.

Unfortunately for Malcolm, however, he didn’t get to meet with the most senior elected representative of Australia’s Islamic community, the Grand Mufti.

That’s because the Grand Mufti had better things to do, so Malcolm Turnbull had to content himself with hanging out with Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohammad’s delegate.

While this meeting was underway, the Grand Mufti held a press conference. In Arabic. Directed at the Australian people. And his message was clear: Australians need to do more to increase ‘dialogue’ with the Islamic community.

The symbolism spoke volumes. The Grand Mufti would decide if the PM could meet him. The Grand Mufti would speak in Arabic. The Grand Mufti would lecture us about ‘dialogue’. And the Grand Mufti made it very clear that the ‘dialogue’ would all be one way. Basically, he thumbed his nose at Malcolm Turnbull.

The Grand Mufti also stated that the Islamic community opposed terrorism but that he was not sure if the attack outside Parramatta’s police HQ was actually a terrorist attack.

No wonder most Australians have no time for dialogue with the Islamic community. There is simply no point.

However, Prime Minister Turnbull is not like the rest of the Australian community. Thanks to a mixture of his own Koranic-sized sense of importance and his equally sizeable ignorance of Islam, he simply pretended the insult away and went back for more.

Four days later the Prime Minister announced, with a bevy of smiling imams, that the ‘National Day of Unity’ would be held on October 31. This would basically consist of guilting Aussies into attending mosque open days so that they could learn to embrace the religion of peace.

It should come as completely no surprise that, the very day after gullible Australians reached out to the Islamic community at the behest of the Prime Minister, they would be rejected. Again.

As mosques were shutting down after the National Day of Unity, Hizb ut Tahrir was ramping up. The next day it held a conference rejecting Australia, Australian values, Australian laws, Australian counter-terrorism efforts and even Australia’s national anthem. This time the Islamic community did not just thumb its nose at the PM. Instead, it showed him an extended middle finger.

We know this because Hizb ut Tahrir is not the organisation that the media portrays as somehow separate from and rejected by the Islamic community.

No, this is the same Hizb ut Tahrir that the Grand Mufti and more than 100 other imams and Islamic organisations defended earlier this year. This mob couldn’t rouse themselves to sign an open letter condemning terrorism, even after three attacks inside Australia, but they will get all hot under the hijab whenever there’s talk of shutting Hizb ut Tahrir down.

That’s when the open letters start flying around and these show the where Islamic community’s priorities lie.

The Grand Mufti can’t work out if Parramatta was a terrorist attack. But he does know that Hizb ut Tahrir should stay. Just so you know, here is the deal with Hizb ut Tahrir:

  • It has told Muslims that they cannot attend Anzac Day services.
  • It has called for an Islamic army to impose Sharia law in Australia.
  • It has refused to condemn the Islamic State.
  • Uthman Badar, a Hizb ut Tahrir spokesman, was going to speak in support of the concept of honour killings in 2014, using the Sydney Opera House as a platform for his views.
  • Man Haron Monis, of Lindt Café infamy, attended a subsequent speech given by Uthman Badar after his Opera House performance was cancelled.
  • Monis also regularly attended other Hizb ut Tahrir protests and meetings.
  • Farhard Jabar, of Parramatta mosque infamy, reportedly listened to a Hizb ut Tahrir sermon the day he killed a New South Wales police worker.
  • Uthman Badar has also promoted on his Facebook page the idea of a nuclear-armed Pakistan imposing a global Islamic caliphate.

This is the Hizb ut Tahrir that the Islamic community loves and protects, despite the claims otherwise.

For instance, Scott Morrison’s tepid response to the Hizb ut Tahrir conference was to claim that they were clowns and no friends of the Islamic community.

He’s wrong on both points.

Hizb ut Tahrir is protected by the Islamic community. And its leaders are not clowns. Instead, Hizb ut Tahrir is deadly serious. It has deadly intent. And it is been linked to deadly attacks inside Australia against ordinary Australians.

This is not an organisation to joke about. But that is about as much as the government can do because it is completely out of its depth when it comes to dealing with Islam, even though it recognises that it is losing the counter-terrorism war on every front.

There is a simple reason for this.

The government allows itself to be bullied.

It allows itself to be humiliated.

It allows itself to be look foolish.

It is weak.

And it still believes that Islam is peaceful.

The truth is that Malcolm Turnbull is leading a circus when it comes to addressing what is an increasingly direct, open and forthright insurgency against this nation.

If all of the above is not enough evidence, then consider this.

The government is even funding the threat it faces.

After the Parramatta attack, the chairman of the Parramatta mosque demanded money in order to prevent more violence. That sounds like extortion to me. But the New South Wales government duly announced that $4 million was on the way.

A few days later there was another announcement for $47 million to help ‘identify’ extremists.

Meanwhile, the Federal government has allocated more than $1 billion to ‘counter’ terrorism this year. This consists of allocating large grants to the Islamic community that then goes ahead and defends Hizb ut Tahrir.

All of it could have been saved.

The ‘extremists’ the government is having so much trouble finding were all in a conference room listening to Uthman Badar denounce Australia over the weekend.

In this sense, Scott Morrison is right to use the words ‘Hizb ut Tahrir’ and ‘clowns’ in the same sentence. But he really should be describing Canberra. That’s where the clowns are.


If you have 3 minutes, please watch this short video. It explains very clearly what the ‘general’ Muslim believes.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of eight children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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