Why homosexual activists should applaud Senator Bernardi

Of course Senator Cory Bernardi is right.

Recognising homosexual and lesbian relationships will result in pressure to recognise other forms of sexual relationships. Like polygamy. Maybe even bestiality.

Cory Bernardi is not saying that homosexuals want polygamous relationships. Nor is he saying that they engage in bestiality.

But what he is saying is common sense.

If you have a word that means one thing and then decide it can mean something else because a minority section of society feels excluded, you are opening the doors for any other group that wants a bit of the action as well.

And polygamy is very much a sexual relationship that a growing section of society wants recognised.

I’m not talking about the 40 odd weirdos who signed a petition for recognition of their orgy-like, free-love sexual relationships. I’m talking about a much more powerful force.

Within a decade, there will be more Muslims in Australia than homosexuals. And they believe polygamy is lawful.

So who are the homosexual activists to state that they can change the meaning of a word but Muslims can’t?

And, going on the evidence and worldwide trends, how do homosexuals activists think they can stop a growing Islamic community from exerting political power to get what they want?

Now, it is continually pointed out by homosexual activists that gay marriage is not recognised in countries that allow polygamy. As if that is something to be comforted by. It’s not.

If they were smart they might realise that countries that recognise polygamy are mostly Islamic.

Now, me being ungay, I don’t really care. Islamic beliefs in this area won’t really affect me.

But any homosexual activist who can put two and two together should realise this: a growing Islamic population in a democratic society is empowered by homosexual political activism to undermine societal norms.

That is because the LGBTI community is engaging on a trail-blazing revolution to weaken the fundamentals of society.

And the goal of any good Muslim is to establish the Islamic religion as the controlling force in society.

So when homosexuals win, it is proof that Islam can win as well. Especially if you do the maths and realise that the Islamic population and the homosexual population are on two different trajectories.

If gay marriage is legalised, it is inevitable that there will also be calls for polygamy.

And, unless things change in Australia, those calls will become irresistible, thanks largely to the precedent set by homosexual activists and the political power of a much larger minority.

And, sometime after polygamy is recognised, the same sections of society that pushed it through will start advocating for a rollback of homosexual rights. Not just their marriage rights. But their right to freedom. And their right to life.

Because, unlike Christianity, Islam doesn’t play nice with homosexuality.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of eight children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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