When a win is still a loss

Safe Schools has rightly come under criticism.

Australians should thank Family Voice Australia, Saltshakers, the Australian Family Association, the Australian Christian Lobby and numerous other groups for their efforts battling this horrendous program, which Rodney Croome has now linked to the push for homosexual marriage.

They should also thank George Christenson and Senator Cory Bernardi in particular for the pressure they have brought to bear in the parliament. George Christensen has rightly used his parliamentary position to detail allegations linking the program to an advocate for paedophilia. These allegations should now be urgently investigated.


Safe Schools supporters trash Senator Bernardi’s office. Unsurprisingly, they also support Islam.

However, we should not think for a moment that victory has been achieved.

There is only one acceptable outcome in relation to Safe Schools. It should be scrapped, taxpayer funds should be recovered and those responsible for approving the program should lose their jobs.

This has not happened. In fact, the Liberal government’s ‘reforms’ only entrench Safe Schools in schools. This is not a victory. It is still a disaster.

Here we have a program that teaches boys that they can be girls. It teaches girls that they can be boys. It tells children that it’s wrong to ask the sex of a baby and rails against the ‘heteronormative’ worldview.

It linked to pornographic material.

And it asked young children to role play being gay.

Its leader has publicly declared that this program has nothing to do with countering bullying and everything to do with promoting ‘gender’ and ‘sexual’ diversity. To school children.

Along the way, the concerns of parents were arrogantly dismissed.

It’s received $8 million from the federal government.

And now the Education Minister, Liberal Senator Simon Birmingham, has announced that the program will continue with minor modifications and amendments. Federal funding won’t be cut.

Excuse me?

What world is Senator Birmingham living in?

Five years ago there was no Safe Schools program. Then it was snuk in the back door. And now, after weeks of constant bad press, the program is going to continue. It’s not a victory. It’s a smashing defeat.

In any sane world, kids in Grade 7 would not be asked to imagine that they were ‘coming out’ as a homosexual (as if children this age can have any concept of what that entails).

And we certainly do not live in a sane world.

The proof of that is in the Safe Schools review. Not only did it not recommend that the entire program be set on fire, shredded, set on fire again and then placed deep inside a nuclear waste facility capable of holding its toxic sludge.

Instead, it actually found that having children role play being gay was:

“consistent with the aims of the programme and the Australian Curriculum, educationally sound and age-appropriate”

Australian children are struggling to read and write. But our National Curriculum has space for 12 year olds to pretend that they engage in casual sodomy. It then teaches children to role play about how they should tell this to mum and dad.

In what possible universe is this educationally-sound or age appropriate?

Of course, if it’s fine and dandy for school children to role play gay, then it’s gonna be cool bananas that they also explore the concepts of gender fluidity, bisexuality and pledging allegience to the LGBTI cause.

The truth is that there is nothing safe about homosexuality. About 10% of the homosexual population suffers from HIV/AIDs. About 85% of those who suffer from this illness are homosexual. But Safe Schools doesn’t teach these facts. It promotes homosexual behaviour as if there are no consequences for it at all.

That is not safe. It is dangerous deceit.

Simon Birmingham and Malcolm Turnbull have done nothing more than protect this dangerous deceit. That’s because the Liberal Party as a whole no longer has the will, courage or determination to win these fights. Instead, the numbers clearly show that the Liberal Party has more in common with the Safe Schools activists than ordinary Australian mums and dads.

In fact, the stoush over Safe Schools has only occurred due to internal political wrangling between Tony Abbott and Malcolm Turnbull. The program, no doubt, should go. But this battle is primarily about politics rather than principle. Tony Abbott’s government funded Safe Schools and it was raised in the Liberal Party room while he was Prime Minister.

Absolutely nothing happened.

Now there can be no doubt about where this program is headed: for expansion. There will be a massive rainbow backlash supported by the fawning media. In five years time Safe Schools will be back worse than ever because Senator Birmingham has left all its key components intact.

And so this is important to understand: the reality is that the ‘gutting’ of Safe Schools is hollow. It’s nothing more than smoke and mirrors to keep mums and dads (and conservative politicians) onside with Turnbull. The bullies clothed in rainbows have kept their program, they’ve kept its content and they’ve kept the money you and I have forked out to line their pockets while they indoctrinate our children.

That is not a victory. It’s a loss.


Safe School’s material promotes cross-dressing to young school children.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of eight children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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