Wooley’s thinking

After the Manchester bombing, 60 Minutes reporter Charles Wooley wrote in The Australian:

Perhaps it’s time for rational people to start knocking on doors.

This was preceded by 900 words decrying Christianity and accompanied by an image of what appears to be Margaret Court with two evil looking crosses in the place of her eyes.

Charles Wooley also likened Christian martyrs to Islamic State jihadis.

If only Wooley did a little research before launching off on his emotional and irrational rant, he might have written something a little different.

Salman Abedi was the Muslim jihadi who carried out the Manchester attack. He took the lives of 22 others with him. By all rational moral standards his actions were heinous. But they were justified by Islamic teaching.

That explains a little about where Islam fits in with the world’s great ideas.

The day Wooley’s article was published just happened to be June 2. It is the anniversary of the death of the Catholic martyrs of Lyons, executed under the reign of Marcus Aurelius in 177AD.

As far as early Christian martyrs go, this mob was fairly stock standard. They didn’t blow themselves up. They didn’t protest or coerce others into their religious beliefs. They just died because they were Christian.

And the torments suffered were nothing special either. You can read a hundred other stories with a hundred other methods of execution. The martyrs of Lyon were simply beaten to death, or tortured with red hot irons until they expired.

In all, 48 were executed for their beliefs.

If they were vegetarians, Charles Wooley would probably laud them for their courage in the face of brutal totalitarian oppression. But because they were Christian, he compares them to the Islamic State.

And that brings me back to rational people.

We need them. I’m all for rational people knocking on doors. But there’s no reason without facts and truth. Wooley lacks the latter so he’s also off on the former.

So I hope he doesn’t go door-knocking anytime soon. He’ll just embarrass himself.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of eight children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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